What A Beautiful Day!


To say that I’m exhausted is the understatement of the year. I am absolutely spent, but I am also overjoyed with happiness!  Here’s why:

I came back home from my night shift yesterday morning and was really looking forward to a few hours of sleep. I put my head on the pillow at 0930 and was hoping for at least a solid 5hrs of sleep. It didn’t happen. My phone woke me up at 1230. It was Ben. He was with our real estate agent, viewing a house and he really liked it and was wondering if I could come meet them to see it too. 15 minutes later, I was groggy, dressed up and in my car, on my way to see the house. The house is a beautiful 1913 character house that has been updated.

I walked in and was instantly overtaken by an Ahhh feeling. I can’t explain it otherwise. I don’t know if it is the original fir floors, the beautiful banister on the staircase, the very modern and updated kitchen or the open feeling of the main floor living/dining/kitchen plan, but it felt comfortable. It felt like home. Upstairs, the feeling only became more prevalent. The plush carpet in the bedrooms, the multiple sky lights in the master and bathroom, the claw foot tub and massive shower. It still felt lovely. The only downsides: no fireplace and a small lot (not to disappointing to me as I’m no gardener at all 😉 ).

After much back and forth, we decided to put in an offer on the house, knowing there already was another one in place. After scrambling to sign all the paperwork, we found out the first offer had pulled out and we were the only potential buyers for the property. We revised our offer and waited. Ben went back to work and I came back home, completely wired and unable to sleep. I got ready to go to Rina’s dance recital. She was so freakin’ cute in her little penguin outfit and she even moved a bit onstage, which was more than I was expecting from her! I was a proud Mama!

The deadline for our offer came and went and I still hadn’t heard back from our agent. A quick text and 30 minutes later, we had a counter-offer to go through. I came back home, put Rina to bed and got on the phone with the agent and Ben. Our counter-offer went in at 2130 and they had until 2300 to get back to us. Ben came home from work and I called it a day at 2200, absolutely done! I fell asleep quickly only to wake up at 0400. I turned over to Ben and asked him sleepily if he had heard back from the agent. He replied just as sleepily that he had and our offer had been accepted! The only thing left to be done is the home inspection and unless something terribly wrong comes out of this, we are now home owners! Things should all be wrapped up next week and until then, I won’t get my hopes up until everything is final, but I can’t stop smiling!

Since I was already up and awake, I went to the 0600 WOD:

Skill: Hang Power Snatch + OHS 5×2 E2M

I wasn’t sure what to try on for weight for this sequence, so I tackled it with the following reps:

40#, 45#, 50#, 50#, 50#.

I think I could have gone up to 55#, but I felt like my 2nd rep was always wonkier than the 1st one so I stayed at 50# and worked on technique instead.

WOD: #1: Max Kipping Pull-ups

I did these with the red and blue bands and I was glad to finally be able to go back to kipping pull-ups! It had been a while. I managed to string 18 before getting off the rig!

#2: 500m Row

Rowing. I knew I would struggle, but I was ready to push it. I still can’t breathe and had to cough during my row, but I wasn’t going to let that stop me! I finished in 2:07.3. I know it’s far from a good time, but for me, it’s a great time! I’m usually between 2:15-2:30 for my row and to finish in under 2:10, I was ecstatic! Yes, I finished dead last out of everyone, but I was ecstatic! That’s what I love about Crossfit, always pushing yourself to go further and stronger, getting a little better and a little faster everyday! 🙂

To top up this wonderful day, Ben and I are taking a night sans kids  (thanks to aunt Sandy for volunteering to spend the night with the girls!) and are spending the night at a resort nearby, enjoying their pool and a nice dinner out to celebrate our anniversary.

Fireplace and wine!

Fireplace and wine!

It was on the 25th and we didn’t do anything since I was working. I treated myself to a nice pedicure while Ben tried to relax in the hot tub (too many kids running around and screaming), we had a nice dinner with uninterrupted conversations and are now relaxing in our room, making lists of things we need to get done in the house. 😉

Where I'm hoping to catch some well deserved Zzzs

Where I’m hoping to catch some well deserved Zzzs

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