Purging, Packing and WODing


What a busy week it has been! Well, it’s official! We have bought a house! All that is left to do is close the deal at the end of the month, take possession of the house and move all our belongings before June 30th! No pressure! Let’s just say that sleep deprivation has kicked into high gear and I still don’t know how I managed to get through my last night shifts at work. I was completely exhausted and managed to line up 6hrs in a row of sleep during the day yesterday.

Our new house!

Our new house!

This morning, I really wanted to go to the BOX for a stress-relieving WOD, but I felt like my hubby wanted me to stay home and help purge/pack instead, which is what I did. I had looked up the WOD last night and I figured I could do it at home with a few modifications.

We managed to pack a grand total of 4 boxes (it ain’t easy to do with two toddlers around!) and we purged 6 huge garbage bags of clothes / shoes / yarn that we dropped off to the Salvation Army. There is a box of books and DVDs that could also go to the Sally Ann (our nickname for S.A), but I have a friend who will pick through my cookbooks before I get rid of them! šŸ™‚

I got rid of all my maternity and breastfeeding clothes (which helps solidify our decision to not have anymore kids!) as well as all the clothes I hadn’t worn in the last year. I figured, if I didn’t wear them then, they probably don’t fit me anymore (some were too big, others, too small) or are out of style anyway! It felt good to get rid of so much clutter! Tomorrow, I plan on packing all the “fancy” dishes we keep in our hutch since we don’t use them on a daily basis as well as some other little kitchen appliances.

Once the girls were in bed for their (much needed) nap, I set up shop outside and was ready to tackle the WOD.

Ready to WOD in the grass!

Ready to WOD in the grass!

SKILL: I used dumbbells we have at home since the hubby took our KB to work (he’s a squash coach and works out between lessons). I did 5×5/arm E2M using 15# and 20# dumbbells. My reps went like this:


WOD: I can’t do unassisted strict pull-ups at the Box, and we don’t have a spot for our pull-up bar at home, so I did rubber band rows instead. I did my pushups Rx and modified the Walking Lunges for reverse walking lunges with a 20# dumbbell. I managed to get through the 5 rounds, but now I know why I don’t mind getting up at 0500 to go to the Box. It is HOT out there at 1500!!!

WODing in the sun isn't fun!

WODing in the sun isn’t fun!

Now the girls are waking up from their naps and we have a double date tonight with friends of ours who are going to give us some tips on how to be awesome landlords since our place has a suite in it! All over lovely sushis and without the kiddos! šŸ™‚

P.S. I know I haven’t posted my Progress Update this month, but I will wait for my 1 year Crossfit Anniversary for the next update! Hopefully, it will be a good one! šŸ™‚

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