Yesterday, we decided to take a break from packing up boxes and headed on out to the Juan de Fuca Trail, more specifically, China Beach for Father’s Day. It’s a fun short hike in the woods (where the girls can both walk without us picking Béa too much) and you end up on the beach for a fun walk and some splashes in the cold Pacific Ocean.

The tide was low and the girls had a blast running around, jumping in the water and exploring the small tidal pools. I even reconnected with my inner child and showed Rina cartwheels in the sand! 🙂


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After we were done playing along on the beach, we headed back to the car and decided to stop by Mom’s Café for lunch. I’ve blogged about this little café before and we were overdue for a bowl of their delicious salmon corn chowder! Yum!

While Ben paid the bill, I gathered the girls and headed back to the car to start strapping them up in their car seats. Just as I got to the car, I lost my footing, twisted my ankle and went straight to the ground… Holding Béa in my arms. Her little head hit the concrete and I heard (what seemed to be) the loudest “thump” when it did. I was in pain and I didn’t care. I just wanted to be sure my baby girl was ok. My hand took the most of the shock covering the back of her head I assume, since my hand is scratched up and her head has absolutely no bump or scratch on it. Once I knew she was fine, I could then focus on the raging pain going from my ankle up my knee. I was bleeding on my right knee, the left one was swollen, but it was nothing compared to my right ankle. Rina was freaked out  on the sidewalk and I was just trying to convince her to stay with me (she wanted to run in the street to go get her Daddy)! After I convinced her to stay with me, Ben showed up, checked up on Béa again, put the girls in the car and I finally was able to get back up. I had taken off my shoe and socks, just in case it was broken (it isn’t, phew)! We drove home and I iced and elevated my ankle all night and took some ibuprofen and acetaminophen as well. I will be going the same today. I can walk on it and I make sure to mobilize it as much as I can (circles, flexions and extensions) since I don’t want the stiffness to set in and reduce the mobility I had prior to twisting it. It is still swollen this morning, but I can bear almost full weight on it when I walk. I have wrapped it up in a tensor and will go about my day as usual!


I sent a message to Coach Caleb, asking if I could still come in and modify the WOD and he said we could definitely do some work, so I’m thrilled about that! I will take today as a rest day and will be back at the Box tomorrow. 🙂


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