Smart WODing

After a rest day of R-I-C-E  (Rest-Ice-Compression-Elevation) for my ankle yesterday, I woke up and went to the 0700 class this morning, knowing I would have to modify the WOD.

Warm-up: I used a 26# KB for this one, testing out the ankle. I’m pretty sure I would have been alright with the 35# KB, but I was skittish!

Mobility: I was able to do all but the couch stretch (too much of an extension on the ankle and I have a bad hematoma (bruise) on my left knee making it impossible to kneel on that knee and a bad scrape on the right knee resulting in the same inability to kneel on that one as well. Instead, I did a standing quad stretch. Not the same depth in the stretch, but better than nothing.

Skill: I wasn’t able to do the Bulgarian split squat either for the same reasons stated above, so instead, I did Romanian deadlifts. I started at 45# and finished at 60#. It felt like I could have kept increasing the weights for a while though.

WOD: Again, because of my sprained ankle, I modified with skipping the row and replacing it with the devil’s spawn Airdyne. That’s right! That means I did 9 mins of Airdyne today and I did not die! I think I averaged about 13-14cals for each 90s on the ‘dyne! As for the push-ups, I had to do them from my knees because coach Caleb didn’t want us to have our knees touching the ground if we were doing them on our toes and I just couldn’t manage that today. I did 10 push-ups each rounds. For the ring rows, I managed to do them with my heels right under the rings (getting better at those 🙂 ) and kept my hands in a pull-ups orientation instead of parallel to my body after Coach Caleb prompted us to do it the proper way / this way.

Once we were done, I had to rush home since Rina was going to Willows Beach with her pre-school and I had decided to go with her group and take Béa with us as well. We had a potluck picnic while there and the girls had a blast. We came home after lunch and the girls fell asleep quickly for nap while I caught up on some knitting. I’m still working on my Two-at-a-Time Twilight socks. I just finished the gussets on each sock and am now about to turn the heels. I had to unravel quite a bit because of a mistake I had made by not understanding the pattern properly in the first attempt, but it all comes with learning! Now, I’m on the right track and cannot wait to see what they’ll look like when done! Here’s a sneak peek!

Photo 2014-06-17, 7 56 06 PM

I forgot to write down the information on the yarn I bought and now that we are moving, packing and cleaning, I can’t find the label for it anymore and I don’t have it on revelry either. I’m pretty sure they are from Patons Kroy Socks FX in the Cameo Colours colorway though.

After their nap, the girls wanted to go to the playground to play some more and therefore, we ended up spending most of today outside! I didn’t do much packing today, but tomorrow is another day and I got some phone calls done while they napped, so there’s always that! Back to knitting I go before going to bed early for another early WOD tomorrow! 🙂

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