Is It Nap Time Yet???

Holy Cow! That was brutal. I don’t know if it’s because I went to bed late, had crazy dreams and woke up super early (or a combination of all of the above), but the WOD today certainly makes me wish I could go and nap right now, and it’s not even 0900!

Mobility: Still enjoying those. KB pec crush are getting better at 35#, but they still hurt in a good way. My ankle is doing better, still very swollen, but I had enough mobility to do some air squats today. Much better. I wear a brace to help decrease the swelling and I still ice it a couple times / day. I have a feeling it will be a long recovery… 😦

WOD: this one was brutal. A Tabata of rowing (20s effort, 10s rest, repeat x 8). I’m short and not a good rower, so I came in last with my worst split at 76m. My best one was 79m. Rest for 6 mins, then hop on the spawn of satan Airdyne for 5 continuous minutes for total calories. That’s right, folks, 5 CONTINUOUS MINUTES!!! I did another poor score at 52 cals for the entire  5mins. It gives me room to improve. It was brutal and I kept sliding forward on the saddle, so that made it that much harder. I didn’t stop once though!

The men of the 1st heat, crushing it!

The men of the 1st heat, crushing it!


I knew this one was hard the minute I stepped off the ‘dyne. Legs weren’t working properly (I was walking like the Tin Man) and abdominal cramping was at its prime. I rolled my quads with a Lacrosse ball before leaving and managed to make it down the stairs and into my car without too much wobbling.

I came home, made a big breakfast and my plan was to go to the playground with the girls once I do some more packing and laundry, but I now just found out that we will need more money for the purchase of the house (adjusted city taxes, pain in my butt!) and will have to go to the bank to take care of that. Bleh! It feels like I’ve given away the biggest chunk of money I’ve ever saved in my entire life and now, I need to give away more… 😦 I guess that’s what being a home owner is all about!

So, there goes my day! To top it all off, I was coming along very nicely on my Twilight socks, but I had to unravel EVERYTHING because I made a silly mistake and being a novice knitter, couldn’t figure out how to fix it. I guess I’ll have to re-cast on at some point! 😦



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