So Many Colours!

After we departed with the largest sum of money we have ever managed to save up at the lawyer’s office this morning, it felt really real… WE BOUGHT A HOUSE!!! Also, we’re moving in 3 days! Yikes!

I came back home and all I wanted to do was peruse Design Seeds for the rest of the day. I have many Pins on my Pinterest account from their site and find it such a good inspiration for colours! For the moment, let me just share with you a few that I really have my mind set on, now I need to work on getting the husband to agree, although I just found out today that it might be easier than I originally thought so…

Yet another reason my husband is the best!

Yet another reason my husband is the best!

So… for our master bedroom, I was thinking shades of grey or charcoal with a bright canary yellow. Something along these lines:

(pics taken from here and here)

I’m thinking an accent wall in the shade of yellow with the other walls in the lighter shade of grey/charcoal, while maintaining the trims white and hopefully getting the white/beige carpet cleaned. Eventually, I’d like to keep our furniture on the darker side and get a black duvet cover. I could accent the duvet cover with a knitted yellow blanket and lighter accessories in the room. So yeah, that would be my ideal master bedroom! 🙂

For Rina’s room, I’d like to keep her duvet cover the same and therefore I was thinking something along these lines

(pics taken from here and here)

I would use the second pink from the left or the second purple from the bottom as an accent wall (again) and hopefully, we could pair it with the same grey/charcoal as our master and save up some money by doing so.

As for Béatrice’s room, she doesn’t yet have a duvet as she’s still in her crib, but we were hoping to get her in the toddler bed once the move is complete. She has this really nice knitted blanket that Mamie painstakingly made for her and it’s a dark grey and lime green in colour… Something along these lines would be awesome:

(pics taken from here and here)

Again, the lime green would be an accent wall and we could maybe pair it with the same grey/charcoal as our master bedroom and call it a day.

There you have it, my inspiration for our upstairs living quarters. As for our downstairs, I’ll keep the hallway and kitchen the same sandy/off-white colour. The dining room and living room are a bit more puzzling to me. They are big and open to one another, separated only by a small arch. I would love to have a beach-y feel to the main floor. Tones of (again) light grey, sea foam, navy and accents of coral is what I have in mind. I saw the following ad on the Pier 1 Imports website and that’s where the inspiration is coming from:

(pics taken from here and here)

That’s where the inspiration stops. I don’t know how I would paint the walls and what colour. I think I’d like to upgrade our couch to either a grey leather sectional or navy fabric sectional, although a navy leather sectional would be my ultimate dream! I would probably put accent cushions in the coral tones. The downstairs isn’t a priority right now and we’ll mainly focus our time, energy and finances on the basement suite (changing the carpets, or ultimately, getting them cleaned to their original status), the upstairs and refinishing the deck. If we could get by with just cleaning the carpets in the suite, it would free some money that we could use somewhere else! 🙂

Down the road, we’ll need new furniture for both the girls’ bedrooms, our bedrooms, the living room and a patio set would be awesome-sauce too! All in due time. We’ll get things done slowly, but this house will be our home! I can’t wait ti get the keys tomorrow. If we get them soon enough, I might take the girls with me to go have a picnic for lunch or dinner on the floor of our new house! 🙂

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