Running Like A Russian Bull!

I read the WOD last night and I thought: Russian Bull, Russian Bull, Russian Bullsh** if you ask me! Here’s why:

I showed up for the 0700 class this morning and was ready to tackle this like the monster it sounded like. After all, I did 14.5 in 38 mins, I could probably go through this one as well!

WOD: I used the following modifications for the WOD:

  • Running, walking, crawling whatever got me through each rounds of 600m run
  • red and green bands for my strict pull-ups
  • HR push-ups Rx
  • Double crunches Rx
  • lunges Rx
  • 26# offset KB rack carries

It was tough, but still a lot easier than 14.5. I don’t think anything will ever be as tough as 14.5 (famous last words! šŸ˜‰ ) I really wanted to get at least one stretch of 600m without stopping, but I didn’t manage to do so. At one point, I was really struggling for the run and I saw AJ who was just floating. She wasn’t gunning it, she was using the run for recovery and was going at a slower, steadier pace. I followed her example and was actually able to do a little bit better and actually recover a bit. I still needed to take a few walking breaks, but I felt better.

I managed 4 full round + the following:

  • 600m run
  • 6 strict pull-ups
  • 8 HR push-ups Rx
  • 5 Double crunches.

That means I ran/walked a total of 3km under 40 minutes and still managed to do other “stuff” during those 40 mins. It wasn’t pretty and I probably did look like I was a Russian bull running on the street, but I made it through those 3km and for a non-runner, I am super proud of myself! šŸ™‚ The fact that I never quit, even though it was already so freakin’ hot (I even took off my tank top and did the WOD in my sports bra, that’s how much I didn’t care anymore!), but I kept going, one task at a time, kept pushing. What was even more impressive was that everybody was cheering each other on during the runs. Even more incredible, people were smiling while providing encouraging words and it made me smile back at them. Yep! That’s right. I was running AND smiling! Who would have thunk it!

For the rest of the day, I am cleaning my duvet (filled with orange juice, thanks to Rina), doing some more laundry and going hunting for a fan for our room and the girls’ room. It’s been extremely hot here lately and our upstairs gets steaming in the evening. Last night, we had the girls with us on the couch until 2130 because they just couldn’t sleep it was so hot. Needless to say, I went to bed shortly after so I had no time to myself at all coming home from work. I’m hoping the fans will help us all sleep a little better throughout the summer.

In other news, we have a couple who will come and view our suite tonight. Hopefully, they don’t get scared by the lack of carpet in it and are decent people… We’ll see!

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