I woke up to a rough start this morning. The toilet was overflowing with a nice doodoo. Great. Rina had, once again, used too much toilet paper and plugged the toilet. It took 2 different plungers to fix the damage. As I stepped out of the shower, Béa was having a meltdown because she wanted to put shoes on. At 0715. For breakfast… I know, I know, she gets her shoe obsession from me, but even I, am not that early on the shoe train.

As I was silently counting down the hours until my beloved other half comes back home (40 hrs in case you’re wondering) and making the grocery list for our weekly Costco run, here’s what I saw on the shopping list app we share:

Redemption on a grocery list

Redemption on a grocery list

See the only item currently on our list? Yeah, he’s good that way. Don’t get me wrong, I am my own individual, but this man soothes my nerves just by his simple presence. I miss him and will be whole again once he’s by my side.

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