No Better Way to Start My Day!

Because most of our Crossfit coaches are in Carson to watch the games (lucky!), we were told there wasn’t going to be a 0600 class this morning. However, Coach Zeke announced he would be in on the Friday class, but I missed that announcement so I showed up to the 0700 class and I was a witness to the brutal WOD.

Skills: Deadlift: My goal was to do 135#. I started at 105# and Coach Zeke came by and saw I was going slow with my increments. He suggested I go heavier for the first increases and go lighter with the last ones. We also talked about how he thought I could go to 145#. I said I wasn’t sure because I did 135# during the Crossfit Open this year, but I couldn’t get 155#. Coach Zeke then said: “Well, now, I think we should make it happen today!”

I did my reps as follows: 105#-110#-125#-135#-145#-150#-155#

See that star? Goal achieved!

See that star? Goal achieved!

That’s right! Not only did I PR on my deadlift, I achieved one of my goals: Deadlifting my body weight! I was one happy girl! I can’t remember the last time I was flying so high after a Crossfit class! I literally think it gave me wings for the WOD!

WOD: It wasn’t pretty, but I managed to do it Rx with minimal walking breaks. I did all my burpees granny-style and broke them into sets of 10. I finished in 14:09. I can still feel my shin splints when I run so I’m being careful not to push it too hard. To be honest, right now, nothing can bring me down from the high of that deadlift! 🙂

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