Coach Always Knows Best

I had all the intention in the world to go to the box last Friday, but I had a serious summer cold and decided I would take the time off and get my body to rest. I couldn’t go on Monday either because the husband was golfing with his paternal who was visiting from Ontario. After a full week off (haven’t done that since after the Open), Here’s what I was getting myself into…

Skills: Push Press. I wanted to at least try 70# for that since my previous PR was 65#. I paired up with Madi on the rack and she was nice enough to lower the bar enough for my short frame! We started out at 50# and worked our way up by 5# increments. Madi has really good form for this lift, but her wrists are a little weak. She managed 3 reps at 70# before she called it quit. I managed all reps and that’s a new PR for me! Here’s our progression:



WOD: We had to have a few heats for this since there was 13 of us and only 6 ergs. I was in the 3rd (and last) heat with the other women. While the men started, we were warming up and coach Caleb came to see me. I was warming up my American KBS at 26# and he said something along the lines of:

You should be Rx-ing this one. Switch it up to 35# for the AKBS and you could definitely do more than 10# for the wall balls. How long have you been with us? A year? You should be able to string a few DUs by now…

Yeah… That happened… Totally busted! 😉 He’s right though, I should be able to Rx this WOD. I listened to him for part of it and switched from 26# for the AKBS to 35#. I kept it at 10# for the wall balls and I had no choice than to do 200 singles instead of 100 DUs since I still can’t string them.

I finished last and looked at the clock and was ok with a time of 27:30 until Coach Caleb came by and said:

17:30, pretty decent!

I thought, 17:30? What? I had forgotten that we did this one in heats and I had to subtract 10mins to my time! I was way happier with my time than the original one I thought I had!
Here’s how I broke the WOD:

  • 1K row: Every 250m, I would give 5-10 full effort pulls. I think I finished in around 4:24
  • 50 wallballs @10#: I broke those in sets of 10-5-5-5-5-5-8-7 (Thanks Mark for pushing me at the end!)
  • 50 American KBS @ 35#: 10-5-5-5-5-5-8-7
  • 200 single skips: I think I did these in sets of 20 when I didn’t trip over my feet. I could have done these in bigger sets, my legs were fine for it, but my forearms were burning so bad! I managed to string 30 skips for my last 2 sets. I threw the rope away as far as I could after my last skip. I was DONE! Lol!

I guess I should look into getting my own rope and start working on those DUs! 🙂

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