I’m a Master!

So… This just happened:

Screen Shot 2014-09-24 at 7.21.49 PM

That’s right! I registered for yet another Crossfit competition and I haven’t even done my 1st one yet! 😉

The competition is actually very low stress as you enter as an individual, but your score goes towards the region in which you enrol (Canada West for me). There are 8 WODs to do over 10 days (from October 16-26) and you just need to make sure to have a judge there to submit your score. I have registered in the “scaled” category and you can choose to do as many (or as little) of the 8 WODs over the 10 days. The cost for the competition is very low ($25) and we have a little team of Masters from the box getting together to try and cheer/help judge each other out.

You can find out more info by clicking on the image below:


Oh yes! Did I forget to mention? This is a Master competition. Not as in “I will kill this and therefore am a master at this”, but more like “I’m over 35 years old and am therefore a Master athlete”! So there you have it. 2 Crossfit competitions in one month! That should be it for me until the Open 2015. But before all this, I will be doing my very 1st Crossfit competition next Sunday and I’m raising funds for the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation at the same time. Please go to my fundraising page and give a little something to cheer me on. Even if it’s just a few dollars. I will be sure to bring pledging forms with me to the Box on the day of the competition as well, if you’d rather give it to me in person! Visit my page here and donate generously!

I’ve been meaning to write this post a few days ago, but I was busy with a little sick kitten at home. Béa has hand/foot/mouth disease and she hasn’t eaten anything since 5 days ago. She’s slightly better tonight and had e few bites of solid foods throughout the day, but she’s still weak and dizzy. To top it all off, she also has thrush in her mouth, earning us yet another visit to the walk-in clinic this morning. In grand total, I’ve spent 4hrs in clinics and 2 hrs in the ER over the past 3 days. I’m over it. I just want her to get better and have my little BeZU back.


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