Fogtober Dreams and Ocean Breeze

After I was granted a LOA (Leave of Absence = an unpaid day off) for my night shift yesterday, I had a peaceful night in my bed. When my alarm went off this morning, I was right in the middle of a dream where I was hanging out with my girl (Camille Leblanc-Bazinet), just enjoying a beach day.


Beach day with my girl crush… In my dreams! Source

I took it as a sign and got myself ready for the Box. I remember when I would wake up in the morning and dread getting ready for the workout. Now, I do it automatically. It’s become part of my routine and I don’t even question it anymore. It’s just something I do, without any doubt or question. Even if I know what the WOD is in advance, I rarely dread it anymore. I just show up and give it my all. No more questioning why I’m doing this to myself, but instead, I look at it at my chance to better myself. It’s something I am now looking forward to and it’s become easy to make it a priority in my schedule!

Skill:Ā I’m still struggling with the snatch and OHS. Never mind combining the two together! šŸ˜‰ I warmed up with 35# and ended up with only 40# before my bar. Form before weight.

WOD: IntervOHS 2

Pretty straightforward. Ā 6 rounds of 4 x Hang Squat Snatch (40# for me) + 8 Box jumps (20″) on a 2-min timer. Your score is total of your fastest and slowest times together. Here were my rounds:

  1. 1:03
  2. 1:04
  3. 0:58
  4. 0:57
  5. 0:54
  6. 0:55

Total score = 1:57

I struggled with my 1st two rounds. Getting the bar stabilized overhead was eluding me and therefore, I was doing hang power snatch + OHS for those rounds. Then, it sort of clicked that I had to get under the bar all while pressing the bar overhead. It got a little easier, but it was still challenging at 40#.

I have to say, I’m looking forward to 2 days of rest. My legs are simply beat this week. From my glutes to my hamstrings and quads. Ā I’m very much looking forward to stretching and mobilizing throughout the weekend, whiteout doing a WOD. On the plus side, I guess all this soreness means I’m using my legs properly when squatting and lunging! šŸ™‚

As I walked out of the Box after the WOD, the fog had rolled in, bringing with it the lovely sea breeze from the ocean, very much typical of October on the island. The parking lot smelled like the ocean. One perk to coastal / island living in Canada! šŸ˜‰ Here was the view when I parked back home:

Fogtober at its best!

Fogtober at its best!

Also, I made a little u-turn to snap this picture on my way home. I drove past that scene and thought it was too cute to pass by without taking a picture:

Biker Chick!

Biker Chick!

Hope you all enjoy your long weekend and Happy (Canadian) Thanksgiving!

4 thoughts on “Fogtober Dreams and Ocean Breeze

  1. For the last pic, Like we are playing.. pick the odd one out.. šŸ˜€
    A kid would be proud to park it that way and feel that his/her bicycle is the best among all. šŸ™‚

    • It was way too good of a photo op to pass. Even more so when I first drive past it at 5:30am. I just thought this little girl didn’t see her Russ as any different than the grown up ones!

  2. I love that your box has a competition prep area for people. That’s smart!! And the 40# is what I was doing when I struggled with my snatch and hurt myself, so I understand how challenging it is.

    Also with my busy life I have started to ponder the 5:15am class but part of me just doesn’t know if I can get up that early. It’s a mental thing, right? What time do you go to bed to get up that early?

    • I’m usually in bed by 10pm at the latest, wake up at 5am get ready slowly and leave at 5:30 for the 6am class. Sometimes, I wake up before my alarm, but I have young kids so, I wake up easily no matter what…

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