No Time For Tea Time

So, after a very busy day of running around and more cooking, I find myself in the waiting room of my massage therapist and while he gets the room ready for my torture session deep tissue massage, he offers me some tea. Now, it might just be me, but whenever I drink tea, I can’t help but compare it to drinking dirty dishwater. It doesn’t matter which flavour it is, I just can’t develop an appreciation for it. Give me coffee or give me plain water, but none of that in-between crap. I don’t know if my massage therapist can read minds, but I’m sure he took a little too much delight in working out the kinks of my body. It’s all good though because it turns out that he does Crossfit as well and we ended up talking about Crossfit for pretty much the entire hour… except when I was grunting or breathing through the pain. 😉 Win-win if you ask me! Just don’t offer me tea. Like, ever. Unless you’re absolutely certain I will like it and it will change my mind on the whole tea thing!


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