When Fran Fights You, Fight Back!

I woke up a few minutes before my alarm and felt so groggy. Béatrice was up a few times last night as she has a cold and even though I only got up once for her (thanks Babe, you’re the best!), I was really tired. Once I finally woke up, I was happy and ready to go have another round at FRAN!

There were 20 of us for the 0600 class this morning! 20! I don’t know how we magically worked it out, but there wasn’t a bar left in the Box and yet, nobody was missing a bar to lift!


Skill: Deadlift 5×5 E90s

I went with 105# for these and decided to stick with that weight for all the reps since I wanted to work on my form. We had to do the hook grip for all reps and couldn’t drop the bar (burpee penalty if you did, but nobody did!). I also wanted to work on the hook grip with the mixed grip as I struggle with my mix grip. I know it will help me lift heavier in the long run. It was fun to see everyone just chatting in-between sets, the mood was festive and the Box felt so lively this early in the morning!

WOD: Fran

Fran is yet another 4-letter word. I was not dreading her before I started the WOD, because I’d done her a few times before. I had chosen to go with 55# (a weight approved by Coach Caleb. He said he would have recommended that weight for me had I not chosen it for myself) and I wanted to use the red and purple bands for the pull-ups since I always end up doing C2B with the red and blue ones (too much momentum). On my round of 15, Fran tried to kick me down to the ground. I had to break my thrusters so many times. I wanted to just keep going, but my shoulders wouldn’t go along with my plan. After yesterday’s Bear Complex, I had little left in me. And then, Fran got in my head. She was trying to tell me that I wouldn’t be able to finish her. I was so frustrated with her, tears welled up in my eyes and then I was annoyed at myself for tearing up. I let out a groan, bucked up and kicked that Fran right in the teeth. I kept going and went on to do the round of 9 thrusters (broke it into 5 and 4) and then really fought for my pull-ups. I finished in 12:03. My slowest time ever for Fran, but at the same time, I PR’d. I used smaller bands than previous attempts and heavier weights. I am 10# away from doing the thrusters RX and, to me, that’s a big improvement.

Fran evolution

My Fran evolution

I may never be an RX athlete for the WODs, I’m ok with that, but it won’t be for lack of trying. I will always fight for my time, fight for my rep, fight for my weight. As long as I keep up the fight, I will be content with my results. Speaking of fighting for it, here’s a picture I took of Mark O. He’s had a shoulder surgery a few months back and I was in awe, watching him do his pull-ups. That was true inspiration for me today:



I sent him the picture and we had a little chat afterwards:

Screen Shot 2014-12-05 at 10.13.53 AM

My lovely hubby was telling me last night that my body has changed in the past 2 months. According to him, my bum is more defined and firm, my legs and arms have toned up and my boobs are firmer (sorry about the TMI, that was his thoughts, not mine)! He said I was starting to look like Camille! Bwahaha! I laughed at that, but I understand he was paying me a compliment and it meant a lot coming from the love of my life!

As for us, we are slowly getting ready for the girls’ birthday on Sunday. Some of you might not know, but our daughters share a birthday, 2 years apart. BeZU will turn 2 and Rina will be 4! Looking forward to their special day! 🙂

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