Hard Snatches and Improving Thrusters!

I have a feeling I’m never going to get anywhere if I don’t sleep. Waking up at 0300 and 0400 consistently isn’t conducive to good muscle recovery. I woke up dead tired, again. Still, I made my way to the Oly lifting class (olympic lifting). On the board today, it all sounded like dirty talk and it was even more dirtier work:

Actually, Ryan, I do care about what my coach has to say about my snatch since I don't want to get injured. However, thanks for the compliment! ;)

Actually, Ryan, I do care about what my coach has to say about my snatch since I don’t want to get injured. However, thanks for the compliment! 😉

5×2 Squat Snatch from Blocks E2M 85% of Mx

Here’s what the Squat snatch is supposed to look like. Now, just imagine the plates of the barbell are resting on 2 boxes that are about mid-shin height and that’s where I started lifting from.

I did those from a low box because I’m vertically challenged and Tracey paired up with me. Starting from the blocks was supposed to help us focus on the actual pull and not waste too much energy from cleaning it from the ground. I wish it would have also helped with mental exhaustion, but alas! We were supposed to go E2M, but we screwed up somehow with changing the plates and wasted a lot of time, so we finished later than the boys. These are most definitely the hardest lift for me. I get into my head and then I psych myself out about lifting that bar and dropping underneath it with a heavy weight (for me). I (more often than not) land in a semi-squat, pause and then drop into the full squat. I just have to stop thinking about it and just do it. When I’m able to clear my head before the lift, I can actually manage a somewhat decent rep. I had to bow out of one and it scared the bejezus out of me, but I went right back to it. It scared me, not because I was afraid of hurting myself, but it spooked me to the core. I managed the following weights for each round:

45#-50#-55#-55# (bow out of 1st rep)- 55#


Then, it was on to the

Thruster 5×7 E3M

Here’s what a thruster should look like (demonstrated by Christmas Abbott):

My shoulders were sore for these. I managed to increase my weight for every set, but it was tough. How did I ever do 14.5 at 65# is beyond me (the Crossfit Open WOD 14.5 was a total of 84 thrusters at 65#)! Today’s rounds were with the following reps:


60# was my 5RM back in November, so I guess that would be a PR for my thrusters today since I did 7 @ 60#! 🙂


I came back home exhausted and Ben was very happy that I was talking about my snatch and thrusters! 😉 It took me forever to clean the main floor of our house because both girls were home this morning (no pre-school nor extra-curricular activities on Thursday) and they were messy. We were also interrupted by a nanny coming by for an interview and then, Aunt Sandy saved the day when she came by and took the girls to play upstairs while I finished vacuuming and mopping the floors. As much as I don’t enjoy cleaning, there is something that makes me proud when my house is spotless and done so just the way I like it. 🙂

We then took off to go for a play date for the girls with their favourite twins and I got to hang out with their wonderful mama! The girls missed their nap/quiet time and I was sure I would pay for this. Rina had a meltdown at bedtime because I mentioned “Daddy is going on an airplane tomorrow”. I think she felt better once she saw him on FaceTime, but she was still crying and upset when I finally put her to bed.

Now, it’s time for me to relax a bit before I head to bed myself. No Crossfit for me tomorrow as I don’t have anyone to watch the girls and I’ll be by myself to get the girls ready to leave early for preschool. Wish me luck!

I got junk in my trunk and I don't care anymore!

I got junk in my trunk and I don’t care anymore!

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