Reason #23 Why I Crossfit

When my husband texts me at 1515 to ask if I have a doctor’s appointment for the girls that same day at 1530. Crap! I’m already in my pyjamas and the girls are napping! I totally forgot about the appointment! I make a quick sprint upstairs, get dressed, wake up the girls in a fury (everybody is crying from the abrupt awakening, great!), get everybody dressed and in the car. I manage to find a parking spot a little over a block away from the doctor’s office, tell Rina she will need to run and I do the same, carrying Béatrice in my arms for the entire distance while we make a mad dash to our appointment. We arrive breathless (well, at least I am and so is Rina. Béatrice is fresh as a daisy) and as I look at the clock, it says 1532! Right on time! I realize that a year ago, I wouldn’t have been able to run carrying a 25-lbs toddler for over a block and today, although I was out of breath when I arrived, I recovered quickly and we still made our appointment in time!

And that, my friends, is what functional fitness is all about! Now, if it could only do some of its magic on my memory, I’d be golden! 😉

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