Year End Accountability: Progress Update

It’s been a while since my last Progress Update post and I wanted to do one for the end of the year. I’ve been doing Crossfit now for 17 months and although my body shape hasn’t changed all that much, my body has become so much stronger in all facets of my fitness. I lift heavier than I ever have in my life, I can now run short intervals (800m during WODs) without taking any walking breaks, I do my box jumps regularly from a 20″ box (and occasionally from a 24″) I can now do pull-ups from the red and purple bands (I used to need the black one). I have achieved  and even surpassed a goal this year: deadlifting my body weight (155#, I have since done 160#).

I still have many goals to achieve, but I feel like it will come in due time. I try to keep my eating habits as clean as possible and monitor my food intake as much as I can, but I know that working night shifts is playing a very disturbing trick on my hormonal system and that’s probably why I haven’t been able to lose as much fat as I’d like. Proof was, not too long ago, I was off work for 14 days and managed to lose albs without making any changes in my lifestyle. Again, all in due time and if it doesn’t happen, I will just be content with what my body can do in the meantime. I have learned to accept that I may never have the body shape I’d like to have, but I will celebrate every little success in the meantime! Focus on the positive, let go of the negative!

Alright! Enough talking. Here are my stats:

My numbers from Day 1 to today.

My numbers from Day 1 to today.

My biceps have gotten bigger, but I’m fairly confident it’s muscle, so I’m not at all upset about that gain. As you can see, my weight is fairly similar and that’s why I don’t focus on that number anymore, but rather, on my accomplishments!

Progress in pictures

Progress in pictures

My waist has shrunk, I finally have muscles in my legs (quads and hamstrings), my bum has lifted and perked up, I’ve lost some belly fat, my shoulders and arms are more defined. I have a little excess loose skin on my back, but there’s not much I can do about it all. If you had seen what I could do 17 months ago at the Box compared to what I can do today, you would know I have been working my little heart out day in and day out. Really, what more could I ask for? I am a work in progress, made of failures and accomplishments. I am happier, more confident and so so much stronger. My daughters talk about Crossfit on a daily basis, I am teaching them about maintaining a healthy lifestyle by example, which, in my book, is positive parenting. I am not where I want to be, but seeing these pictures puts everything in perspective. Once you’ve been heavier, it’s hard not to look in the mirror and still see the old fat self, even though, that person is not as fat as they used to be. Looking at these pictures, I am very proud of where I am today.

These pictures reflect 17 months of waking up at 0500 2-3x/week, working a full-time job of 12-hrs day and night shifts, while being a mom to a 2 and 4-year old and a wife. It could probably be better, but, like I said, I choose to focus on the positive and I’m happy with these results! I never make New Year’s resolution, but I’ll make a wish that I can keep my positive outlook on life and keep the momentum going that I have for the year to come! Here’s to celebrating many more PRs in the new year!

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