Lifting Test Week

I was up at 0300 and never managed to fall back asleep after that. I had just mentioned to some co-workers that I was sleeping so much better since I had started my detox. That’ll teach me to brag! I finally got up at 0445 and got ready for the Skill Plus class. I forgot to take a picture of the board, but the warm-up was a challenge for me today. Here’s what we had to do, with an empty bar:

3 rounds of

  • 5 high snatch
  • 5 OHS
  • 5 power cleans

The high snatch were so freakin’ awkward. I had the hardest time just shrugging that bar up, without dipping. It did get me warm though, so I guess that’s good!

This week was Test/Technique week i.e. we could chose to either test ourselves on our lifts with a 5x1RM E3M (starting at 90%) on both lifts or keep working on the technique with a 5×2 E3M (starting at 85%).

I chose to test myself on my Snatch and work on technique for the Clean & Jerk. Here’s what I did:

Snatch Test 5×1 RM Test

I started on my previous PR, so I guess I just had to get comfortable from there and push forward:


I managed the one rep at 65, but it was so ugly, I kind of just pressed it up before going into the OHS, so I definitely no-repped myself on that one. It’s still a 5# PR on my hardest lift, and I only started the Skills Plus classes about a month ago, so I’m happy with that!

We then warmed up for our Clean & Jerk. My previous 1RM was 70# and I wanted to work on my technique towards that weight today.

Coach Caleb had me start at 65#, so once again, I just had to push through (I started at 92% of my 1RM):

Clean & Jerk 5×2 E3M Technique


Coach Caleb told me to maintain contact with my thighs and I went off to the side in-between rounds to practice with a dowel. Crazy what a little muscle memory can do to your lift! I was done though. I’ve been in a fog since I started my detox on Monday and today is actually the 1st day I don’t have a headache at lunchtime. Here’s hoping I’m done with the sugar and caffeine withdrawal and I’ll be able to go about my day normally. I didn’t feel weak lifting today, but I could definitely tell I needed a hearty breakfast upon returning home. I made myself an egg-white omelet and although it wasn’t very satisfying taste-wise, it did the trick. I cleaned up the upstairs, finished folding the laundry and then took the girls to play outside. Rina is getting really good at kicking the soccer ball between my legs and Béatrice is getting better at kicking the ball period. We had a good lunch and now, they are doing puzzles while I’m blogging. They will go for nap/quiet time soon and I will go for (hopefully) a good nap as well before heading in to work tonight.

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