Becoming That Girl

I read something on Facebook last night and it rang true to me. It was an article originally written by Wine to Weightlifting about the Crossfit girls wearing booty shorts. You can read it here. I remember clearly before I decided to join my beloved Box, I was talking to my brother and his girlfriend. They had done Crossfit and I was still on the fence about it. I was chatting with my brother’s girlfriend and I remember clearly saying something along those lines:

I don’t care if I don’t ever lose weight and if I don’t get buffed. All I want is to be healthier and stronger. I know I will never strut around the gym in my booty shorts and my sports bra and I honestly don’t care about that, I just want to be a good model for my daughters and be able to keep up with my family.

Cue this pic:

That was me Sunday... I did more of these today!

The above pic was taken last fall during my Crossfit in-house competition. That’s right… I’m in my sports bra and my running shorts! Yes, there are cellulite and muffin top galore also being displayed in this picture, but what I see when I look at that pic are strong arms, strong back and perfect form during the American Kettle Bell swing. I may not be completely comfortable in my skin yet, but I also know that, when it comes to my Box, nobody will ever shame me for having a flabby belly or cellulite. The people that surround me at the Box are supportive and make me feel like I can really be me when I’m there. It truly is a safe place to be and maybe that’s why I love Crossfit so much. I don’t know if I’ve grown more confident or maybe it’s just that I’m comfortable in this place where there are no mirrors for me to focus on my dangling skin, but I feel strong when I’m there. I feel like I belong and in this world of digitally retouched media, it’s nice to belong within a group of real people. In the pic above, I’m wearing running shorts. I also have 1 pair of true booty shorts, but I’ve never had the guts to wear them other than when I’m cleaning the house. Maybe this year will be the year, who knows?

I had the night off last night (unpaid, but I’ll take it after the crazy few weeks we’ve had!) and that meant I could go workout this morning. I had booked Nanny to watch the girls and they all came along with me.

Skill: 8 rounds of 3 power cleans + 2 thrusters E90S

I had a hard time sticking to those. I guess I could blame it on the Oly classes, but I couldn’t just do the power clean, I kept doing the squat clean. Lol! I’ve been brainwashed! Here were my screwed-up reps:


I stayed at 75# for the last two rounds. I was struggling for the power cleans and I didn’t want my form to go wonky. The thrusters felt good though, I think I could have gone heavier on those.

WOD: HAM Sandwich

Coach Cam explained that HAM meant Hard as Motherfu**er and he sure as hell wasn’t lying! OMG this WOD was tough, but fun at the same time. We were to keep the same weight on the bar that we used on our last rep of the skill so that meant 75# for me today. I felt good. The sun was finally out, the weather was getting warmer, Coach Zeke commented on how I was “melting away” (thanks for noticing all the hard work coach!) and I was in a bubbly mood. Funny how last year, at around the same period, I was questioning myself as to why I was doing Crossfit. I think I was in a slump and was not happy with my progress and therefore, debating if I should stick to it or not. Boy, am I glad I stuck with it! This year, I’m in a  completely different place and I’m pretty happy about who I am at the moment!

OK, back to the WOD. I was going for the FG seeing as I still don’t quite have my DUs. Here were my modifications:

  • 5 DUs + 15 single skips
  • 10 bar hop burpees
  • 8 deadlifts at 75#

I managed 4 full rounds and got to 7 burpees into the 5th round. I was really trying to do most of my burpees true to form, but I had to sneak a few in granny-style. It took a bit of math skills to add my score:

4 rounds of 38 reps + 27 (DUs + 7 burpees) + 75# on the bar = 254 total score!

Once I was done, Nanny came back with the girls (she took them to play at the playground inside the close-by McDonald’s) and Rina wanted to try a few hanging knee raises off the rig. She managed 2 and then Béatrice wanted to do the same. I love having my girls at the Box with me. Stretching while getting cuddles, tickles and kisses is the best!


4 thoughts on “Becoming That Girl

  1. Thanks for the blog love!

    That’s what I love so much about Crossfit; it enables you to not only get mentally and physically stronger, but also to become more confident and empowered from the inside out!

    You rock those short shorts, and really, if you’re comfortable enough with the length – go full on booty shorts this Open! 😀

    • My problem is the booty shorts I own ride up and then I get thigh chaffing. 😔 I might put them on if there’s no running involved! Thanks for stopping by and checking out my blog!

  2. I’ve just started getting comfortable with tank tops. I’d like to chalk it up to building confidence (and some of it is), but it’s mostly that Texas is hot, even when it isn’t. The tshirts and leggings are ok right now, but in about a month it’s going to be 4,000 degrees, and then they’ll actually be a safety hazard, right? The biggest problem with my leggings, though, is that I’ve worn the knees out of every pair.

    I, too, own one pair of real live booty shorts. Right now I just wear them around the house. I figure by the time I get the nerve to wear them in public I’ll need a smaller pair. I’m ok with that.

    You and your booty shorts rock on, girl.

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