Earning My Stripes!

So, this happened this morning:


BAM! Earning my stripes, one failed DU at-a-time! 🙂

50 shades of whip!

My lovely husband has finally come home from his long trip away and I was very much looking forward to spending the night snuggled up to him in bed… until he started snoring at 0230. He kept it up with me nudging and poking him for another hour before I headed downstairs to sleep on the couch. The heat was down in the living room and I was freezing. I think I fell asleep 15 mins before my 0500 wake-up call to go to the Box. Ugh. I was slowly regretting those two glasses of wine I had at dinner with my lovely Krista last night. She had asked me if I wanted to go out to dinner after my last night shift and I was very much looking forward. We tried a new-to-us restaurant/pub called Little Jumbo where the vibe was really nice and the food was excellent! I enjoyed the dinner, the company and the wine, but this morning, I was slightly regretting the second glass of wine I had last night! Oh well, I would sweat it out at Crossfit, right?!?

Skill: Pull-ups practice

We did a bit of swinging from the rig, getting out shoulders relaxed then engaged, then we practiced the swing and then we practiced a few reps E90S. I had to use the red and purple bands for my reps. I’m really trying to make a conscious effort of hooking my thumb over the bar for pull-ups, but it still doesn’t come naturally. That’s ok, practice makes perfect, right?!?


I was excited about attempting this one Rx. It took me a long time to row the 40 cals (about 2:35-2:40, can’t remember) and then, I was really winded for the DUs. I was struggling through the 1st round, but managed a few 3 and 4 in-a-row. I moved on to the AKBS (I used the Rx weight of 35#) and split them into 9-4-2. Not effective and I was going to switch my strategy on the second round. Coach Caleb came by and told me to keep loose during my DUs and keep jumping on my toes. I managed 6 in-a-row (a new PR!) on that round and finished my 30 reps before going back to the AKBS. I decided to split them into 8 and 7 and that worked out way better. Back to the DUs for my 3rd round. I was pooped and kept missing. There were a lot of single reps, but then, I managed another 6 in-a-row and I just kept chipping at them. People around me were finished or finishing up, but I just kept working. I did the AKBS in 8 and 7 again. Everybody else was now done and Coach Caleb was cheering me on, telling me I could finish in under 20 minutes if I worked really hard. I stayed loose, on my toes and got my DUs done, before moving to the AKBS. I split them again in 8 and 7 and I could hear Tracey and Marika, cheering me on. I put the KB down and looked at the clock: 19:22! I was dead last by a huge margin, but I did it Rx! I felt so proud and I was so thankful for Coach Caleb to let me attempt it Rx. I knew it would take me a long time, but I also knew I could get it done! Yay! New PR and a rare Rx next to my WOD today! Not too bad for a tired, hungover BabyMama! 🙂


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