Sis Sesh

You know how they call a bunch of guys working out together a “bro sesh”? Well, this morning, we had a “sis sesh”. Tracey and I were the only ones who showed up for the Oly lifting class this morning. It was nice to have Coach Caleb totally focused on us. Not that he normally isn’t during the classes, but today was different. Here’s what we worked on:

Power Snatch + Hang Squat Snatch x5 E3M @ 75%

Those were hard. Coach Caleb wanted me to go to 55# (which would have been 90% for me from our testing week) since I’m not really lifting heavy yet, but once we warmed up, I was struggling for the squat snatch at 50# so he then advised me to stay at that weight for the reps. I became a little more stable in the hang squat snatch as we progressed through the reps, but I was ok with staying at that weight for all reps. I still have a hard time committing to dropping below the bar and I worked hard on that today. I think I was a little less tentative and paused less doing these today. I guess you could say I somewhat improved?

Clean High Pull + Squat Clean + 2 Split Jerk E2M @ 75%

Well, I knew that my new PR for this was 90# (since I had just achieved this for 15.1A!) and that meant that my weight for today should have been 67.5#. Coach Caleb and I settled for 65#. At first, I struggled a bit with the high pull, but once I got into it, it felt a little more natural. The squat clean felt fine for all reps. Where I struggled the most was during the split jerk. For some reason that eluded me, I couldn’t find any stability in my split. Coach Caleb pinpointed my problem easily and all I had to do was widened my steps to about shoulder width. Easy enough fix and once I listened to him, I felt a lot stronger in the move.

I came home to my family slowly waking up and we all had breakfast together before Aunt Sandy came over to pick up her birthday present. I think she was happy. 😉 She had her dog Ruby with her and I was happy to see Béatrice not being as scared of Ruby as she used to be. She has been a little more comfortable around bigger dogs lately and it gives me hope for when we actually get a dog into our family. I like bigger breeds and I was a bit afraid Béatrice wouldn’t do well with a bigger dog in the house. I would totally go the rescue route if we were to adopt a dog as I don’t want to deal with puppy antics! I have enough on my plate as it is and I firmly believe that a rescue dog is the way to go for this family!

Once we were done chatting, we decided to go for a little hike to Mt. Doug with the girls and the dog in tow. Béatrice walked for a short distance before she asked to hop into the hiking back pack. I could tell she was getting tired and the terrain (slow incline, roots and rocks protruding) were getting the best of her. I strapped her into the bag, lifted her up on my shoulders and off we went! My calves were slightly screaming from yesterday’s DUs, but it was a good active recovery activity for all of us.

One of the reason I workout: Being able to carry both my girls at once!

One of the reason I workout: Being able to carry both my girls at once!

Now, I’m just waiting for the Open 15.2 announcement to decide when I’ll be going in to do the WOD tomorrow! All in all, a very fun day, spent with lovely ladies! See… Sis sesh all the way! 🙂

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