Secret Surprise Revealed

Remember how I’ve been teasing you for the last few days about a secret I was keeping? Well, here’s the thing. Ever since we have moved to BC (7 years ago) I’ve been wanting to get a dog. My very pragmatic husband reasoned with me that we should at least wait until we get a house so the dog would have room to move around since I like bigger dog breeds.  I wholeheartedly agreed with him and made a point of reminding him everyday that I wouldn’t forget about this with this lovely fridge magnet that has decorated our fridge for the past 7 years:


Now, we’ve been home owners for almost a year and I still don’t have my dog. A few weeks ago, my friend posted a picture on Facebook, where she was spooning her dog and I fawned over how much I was wanting to get one. I even said to Ben that I would like a dog for my birthday (coming up 4 days). After I commented on my friend’s picture, one of her friend saw my post and asked her if I was serious about getting a dog because she had a 5 month-old puppy that she needed to re-home for various reasons that I won’t get into on here.

Enter Duke:

He already matches our decor as he's the same colour as our wooden floors! How could you not love those ears?!?

He already matches our decor as he’s the same colour as our wooden floors! How could you not love those ears?!?

All tuckered out after a walk with the girls

All tuckered out after a walk with the girls

We had our first meet and greet with him yesterday and the girls were oh-so-hyper from having him in the house. It was actually a very difficult shower/bed time last night because they were so wired and hyper about having him in the house. Rina had a meltdown when his current owner left with him for the night and she was teary until she went to bed.

After they went to bed, Ben and I talked. He’s worried about the extra work it will imply. I just keep telling him that I make do without him for multiple weekends/weeks throughout the year, caring for the girls, maintaining the house and all the chores, so, really, the extra work will mostly be on me and he’ll just have to pitch in a little more when I’m not home…

I did have some reserves though:

  1. Duke is still very much a puppy and he nips a lot, being a mix of a cattle dog (that’s how they herd), but he’s also a pretty docile dog and I’m hoping that with some training and positive re-inforcement, we can nip that in the bud (see what I did there?)
  2. I wanted to see how he would really fit into our family dynamic and was wondering if his current owner would agree to let us spend the day with him today, to which she agreed.

We went to run some errands this morning and Duke arrived home shortly after 1130 with his crate, his bed, toys, food, treats and leash. The girls got riled up all over again and once we sat them down for lunch, Duke was a lot calmer and he settled quickly. Once we were done with lunch, I took the girls and Duke for a walk in the neighbourhood and he was pretty tuckered out when we got back. He walks very well on his leash and he doesn’t pull which is nice since I hold Béatrice’s hand often or I actually carry her in my arms when she gets tired of walking. He went to his bed and lied down with his toys pretty much as soon as we came back home. The girls were itching to go pet him, but I told them he needed to rest a little bit and to leave him alone. I want them to respect him and avoid disrupting his sleep, not take his toys away, not bother him when he’s eating, etc so that we can avoid any unfortunate incidents. The girls then went for nap and Duke hasn’t budged from his bed.

Ben and I are still discussing keeping him. I know he really doesn’t want to care for a dog, but I really want one and so, he says the decision is mine and he doesn’t want to get involved. I’ll keep you posted about what I decide in the end! I can tell you that he’s pulling at my heartstrings as he reminds me very much of my previous dog in his marking (different colour, but similar features. She was smaller than he is, though), but I also want to make the best decision for my family and for Duke…

My old dog

My old dog

Puppy love = heaven!

Puppy love = heaven!


  • I’ve been wanting a dog for ages
  • I think it would be nice for the girls to grow up with a dog in the house
  • He’s fully crate-trained
  • Mostly all potty trained
  • Comes free to us, if we choose to keep him
  • His shots are up-to-date
  • Nanny has agreed to walk him and help care for him
  • Rina wants to keep him


  • it IS added work to our already busy lives
  • he IS still a puppy and I did want a grown dog. Although, soon enough, he won’t be a pup anymore
  • we will need to work with him on his nipping and jumping
  • he needs to be neutered
  • Rina wants to keep him

What do you all think about this?

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