Working Hard

Waking up this morning was a little harder. I can definitely feel my traps from yesterday’s presses and OHS. I feel like I could definitely use a little pick-me-up some mornings before heading in, but I just had to rely on myself and my body for the Oly lifting class this morning. Here’s what we did (sorry for the blurry pic, it was taken between reps!)

Photo 2015-04-23, 6 30 25 AM

Squat Snatch 6×2 E2M: My 1RM is 60#, so that meant going with 45-48# (which = 75-80% of my 1RM). I chose to go for 50 and even though it was challenging, I managed to have some very good reps in there. I just need to concentrate on slowing down the initial pull (from shin to thigh) and eliminate the catch at the top (dropping straight into the squat). Feeling better about the snatch overall!
Next was a little confusing to figure out, but fun to do once you sorted it out.
EMOM 5×2 Squat Clean & Jerk + Squat Clean + 2 front squats: Alternating EMOM 5×2 Squat Clean & jerk x2 then, next minute, squat clean + 2 front squats. Use 70% or 1RM C&J and keep same weight throughout. My C&J 1RM is 80#, so that meant 56# would be my 70%. These were tough, but fun! I tried really hard to have fast elbows on the squat clean and not to dip forward on the front squats.
Again, I love the feeling of lifting the bar and working on technique. It really appeals to my type A personality and even though my weights are not very heavy, I’m glad I get to work on technique in such a well controlled environment!
Them bruises tho!

Love my lifting shoes!

Those bruises are a mystery to me, they appeared after the Incredibles on Monday and I have no idea what they are the result of. Maybe when I squatted for the wallballs, I banged my elbows on my thighs? Who knows? Such is the plague of the Crossfitter! #Crossfitproblems 😉 The spots on my shins are actually scars from my fall on the box while doing box jumps last fall… Sexy legs!

2 thoughts on “Working Hard

    • That’s what I thought too, but then I remember we hadn’t done any bar work… Oh well, that’s what you get for being BAM! Lol!

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