Béatrice-ism #567

That moment you open the washing machine to transfer the load into the dryer and spot those little gel granules… You know the ones that absorb all the pee in the pull-up diapers?

Yeah those ones, spread all over what you thought was a freshly clean load…

You then have to fish out the soaking wet, exploded, previously mentioned pull-up diaper and toss it, clean the washing machine, dry off your load and wash it all over again, because there’s no other way to get rid of those gel things. Why not do an extra load of laundry, it’s not like you had a ton of other things to do anyway, right mom?

Ugh. I love the fact that Béatrice is old enough to get undressed and put her laundry in the laundry basket at night, I’m just not a fan of her thinking it’s the appropriate spot for her dirty diaper as well… 😦

#truestory #motherhoodfail

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