Intense. It’s been used to describe me at work by a co-worker earlier this week. I believe his exact words were: “Watch out for her, she does Crossfit and she can be a little intense.”

The day before, I was giving report to a physician and she was sitting in a chair while I was standing. I didn’t feel comfortable “talking down to her” so I just squatted down so we would be eye level. People stopped and said: “OMG! You’re a freak! Only kids can get this low to the ground!” Apparently, squatting below parallel is freaky…

My response to that is, maybe I am a little intense. You know what though? Being intense about functional fitness and fitness in general isn’t such a bad thing in itself. There are worst things to be intense about, like alcohol, partying and drugs. If being able to squat below parallel and proudly wearing my Crossfit hoodies at work make me intense, then I guess I’m intense AND proud of it! 😉

Intense could also be used to describe today’s WOD:

Skill: Lying/standing rope climbs 5×3 E2M

These were actually not rope climbs. You had to either start from a standing position, lower yourself almost to the ground and pull yourself back up OR starting on the ground, pulling yourself up and then lowering yourself back down all the way to the ground.

I paired up with Linda and Karen and did 2 rounds of the 1st version until I crumpled and fell to the ground on my last rep. My last 3 rounds were done doing the 2nd version.

WOD: Runball

Our gym will be moving to a new location soon and the move has slowly begun. The rubber mats are mostly all gone and that meant an extra inch or so of height for me to push those wallballs up the wall. I was not a happy camper.

I knew this was going to be a hard one for me. Lara and Telsey were joining us from the On-Ramp class today and I tried to give them tips (i.e.: break the wallballs into sets of 10 if possible), although I did mention that I would probably do less reps myself since I can’t seem to strained more than 3-5 reps of wallballs in-a-row. My forearms were burning from the rope work. This was going to be unpleasant!

Our Box has recently bought new med balls and since I planned on doing this WOD Rx, I grabbed the only 14# ball of this kind, just to challenge myself a little bit more. Like I needed added challenge for the wallballs!:

Wall ball

Wall ball

We lined-up outside and 3-2-1-Go!

I managed the first 400m in 2:15 or about and then set out for the 40 wallballs. Those were brutal. I finished that first round in 6:51. I then had to rest for 2 minutes before setting out for my 2nd round.

300m and 30 wallballs. I went into this thinking the 2nd interval would be the hardest for me, I was wrong. I finished this one in 5:22 and then had to rest for another 2 minutes before heading out for my 3rd interval.

I was happy it was only 200m run, my legs were getting really tired.

200m and 20 wallballs. I came back in from the run and stared at the ball on the floor. I didn’t know how I would manage to do 20 more wallballs with that monster. By that time, everybody had been done for a little while and I was the last one working. Linda came by and reminded me that it was “all mental now”. Truer words had never been spoken. I no-repped myself on 2 reps out of 20 because I didn’t reach the 9′ line and the ball didn’t touch the wall. I could hear Lara and Kelsey cheering me on, telling me I was so inspirational. I didn’t really feel like an inspiration, but I also wanted them to know that it is do-able, so I kept at it. I threw up the ball one last time, turned to look at the clock and fell on all fours. My hips were so tired, I couldn’t stay up on my knees and crumpled into the frog position:


Even though I finished well after everyone else, I was pretty happy with my workout today. I know I pushed it on the runs and tried to push it as best I could on the wallballs and that’s all I can really ask of my body. 😉

Playing mind games with myself and trying to convince my brain that I love wallballs

Playing mind games with myself and trying to convince my brain that I love wallballs

After we were all done, I had Bambi legs and noodle forearms. I felt like I needed someone to push me down the stairs in order to make it to my car!


I came back home, showered and made breakfast. I just have to show you BeZU wearing my new trucker hat. I don’t know that I look as cute as she does wearing it, but it sure helps with keeping my hair tame when I don’t feel like blowdrying after a shower! 😉

Cutie in a trucker hat!

Cutie in a trucker hat!

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