Trust Your Body When You Have No expectations

I finished work yesterday morning and managed a little bit more sleep after that last night shift (5hrs instead of 4) and I woke up from my nap with a sore left shoulder. It felt like I pinched something in there which hurt when I did certain movements more than others. I applied a hot bag to it when the girls went to bed and was hoping it would feel better in the morning. It was still sore when I woke up, so I decided to still go to Oly lifting class, but I didn’t have much expectations as to what I would accomplish this morning.

Since our Box moved over the weekend, I made my way to the new digs and here’s what we did:

Photo 2015-06-04, 5 50 52 AM

The warm-up was challenging in itself for me. Those tall snatches did not feel natural and my head was struggling to grasp the movements required. I couldn’t really land this in the squat at all, but I kept trying.

Squat Snatch 5×2 E3M @ 87.5%

My 87.5% is 56.875# (my 1RM is 65, even though I didn’t succeed at 65#, Coach Caleb now wants me to use this as my 1RM in order to hopefully progress). Since there’s no way to accomplish that weight with the plates available to us, I went wit 55#. Throughout the rounds, I was really working on two things: my hook grip (see picture below and landing in the squat position (not hesitating at the top of the pull).

I can only wrap my index finger around my thumb (and very badly at that since my hands are small and my thumbs are ridiculously short. Source

I can only wrap my index finger around my thumb (and very badly at that since my hands are small and my thumbs are ridiculously short. Source

My 1st rep of every set was always better than the second one, but I managed ok on both my goals for most of the reps. On my 2nd round, I failed to drop into the squat completely so I reset my bar and was then successful at my 2 lifts. Overall, I’m really happy that I was able to get all 5 rounds in since, technically, these were all done at 92% of my real 1RM (60#). It felt a little more natural to drop right into the squat and I was happy I got to work on that. My shoulder was never an issue for any of the reps and I was happy about that too! 🙂

Hang Squat Clean 6×2 E3M @85%

My 1RM for these is 90# so my 85% = so I used 75#. I felt strong and confident doing these. Funny how the cleans and C&J come easy to me and the snatches are so challenging. I did 75# on all reps and didn’t fail once. Again, my shoulder wasn’t an issue and it actually feels a lot better now. It just goes to show that if you go in without any expectations, sometimes, your body will surprise you!

Once we were done, I had the luxury of sticking around and taking my time for once, chatting with people. Usually, I rush back home to help Ben get the girls ready for preschool or gymnastics, but on Thursdays, they have no preschool or activities which means it’s our “slow morning”. I got to stick around and chat to Tracey and it was nice to just take my time, for once.

I came back home to the usual laundry and a little more free time since we started using our dishwasher on a regular basis. I know, we have lived in the house for close to a year and I wasn’t using our dishwasher until about 2 weeks ago… Why? First of all, we were in the habit of washing everything by hand for the past 7 years. Second, it’s noisy as heck and we have a pretty open concept 1st floor, so it annoyed me to have it running when the girls nap or in the evening. I’m pretty sensitive to loud noises because of all the bing-bong-ing that goes on at my work place. When I get home, the last thing I want is loud noise and the house is noisy enough with 2 kids. I have, however, figured out that having the dishwasher run after breakfast is the logical thing to do and it frees me from having to do dishes after every meal. It is a bit noisy, but the house is usually noisy at that time anyway, so it gets noisier for about 1hr after breakfast! 🙂

I am slowly gearing up to my #Whole30 and trying to clean up my eating a bit and looking up recipes before I officially start on June 15. So far, the recipes I’ve tried are delicious!

I’ll leave you with this, normal life in our household and the girls love it when Daddy plays guitar:

Photo 2015-06-04, 9 49 57 AM

Music time with the girls. Yes, our house is messy, but there’s no way around it. I love the saying that goes: “Excuse the mess in our house, we’re busy making memories”!



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