Where I’m At

Something weird happened this morning:

My alarm woke me up!

My alarm woke me up!

I got dressed, ate my snack and made my way to the Box. As I got there, I realized that in 5 days, I will celebrate my 2 years of doing Crossfit! I will do my recap post below because I have time to do so today, but for now, here’s what we did at the Box:

WOD: Pull Popper

I had done this WOD before, back in March and I knew what to expect. I teamed up with Lara and Telsey and they suggested we use 55#!!! I told them to do a few reps with an empty bar to get the feel of it and I wasn’t going any higher than 45# (I had done 40# back in March). My teammates chose to stay at 35# and it was a smart decision! I started us off on the erg and my 1st two rounds were so strong! I kept my pace anywhere between 1:50-1:59/500m and I even saw 1:49 at one point! It scared me a little because I didn’t want to gas out. The snatches were hard and I had to break them into sets of 5 and even did some 3-2 sets thrown in there. Because we didn’t have the big bumper plates on our bars, we had to do erghop burpees. I did all mine Rx, except for one rep in my third round. That 3rd round almost did me in. I was slower on my 1st row, I wanted to quit on the snatches as well as on the burpees and the last row was slow in comparison (2:06-2:10/500m). I used my rest time to reset my mindset and switch it around. Even though I was slower on the last round, I was giving it my all and once I was done, I stepped outside in the cooler air, dropped to my hands and knees, liked that the concrete felt so cool and decided to just belly flop onto it in order to catch my breath and cool off. I was breathing so heavy, my throat still hurts. It literally took me close to an hour after I was done before the nausea subsided. I came close to Pukie the clown a few times, but managed to keep everything down. We finished in 42:49 and although it took us longer than on my previous attempt, I know that my partners gave it their all! Telsey was so freakin’ strong on the erg and Lara made the snatches look easy and flawless.

I came home, went straight to bed and cuddled next to my husband. the thought of washing my hair made me want to scream (arms over head? I don’t think so) and the calluses in my hands were burning so bad. I still can’t do a hyper-extension of my fingers as it pulls too much on the calluses. I can just walk around with claw hands for today, I’m cool with that!

True story!

True story!

OK! Back to serious business: My 2-year anniversary at Crossfit! I can’t believe I have kept this up for so long! For the first time in my life, I have been consistently physically active. Not only that, I now plan my life around the times I can squeeze in a workout. Working out has become a priority in my life (Who am I? Really???) and it is now second nature to wake up before any other creature does in order to go sweat my little(r) butt out! (Who am I kidding, I don’t have a little butt, I squat for goodness’ sake!)

In order to keep the tradition alive, here’s is my comparison in numbers and pictures:

Screen Shot 2015-07-17 at 9.04.04 AM

As you can see, I haven’t lost much weight. Really, some people lose that amount of weight just thinking about it (Ahem, my husband!). 11.4lbs is nothing. I know some other people would probably have way more dramatic results, but this is me on MY journey. I have to say, I am so freakin’ proud of where I am today: I work full-time (shift work), have two young daughters, a husband whom I adore and still manage to keep up with this madness that I’ve come to love! Plus, a total of 12.5″ of fat loss isn’t anything to spit at either! Wanna see what those numbers look like in pictures?


Here it is!

I don’t really like to look at my Day 1 pictures. Not because of my physical appearance, but look at my facial expression. You can tell that I really struggled through those pics. I was not in a good place mentally (never mind physically) and I’m pretty sure depression wasn’t too far off my radar. I’m so, so glad I walked into Crossfit VicCity on the day that I did. I may not be at my best physically, but man am I stronger mentally and emotionally. I honestly cannot see the day when I won’t want to wake up at 0500 in order to go shed some blood, sweat and tears with my second family. I’m so happy with where I’m at because even though I’m still pudgy in some areas, I am comfortable in who I am because I know what my pudgy body can accomplish. And for that reason, I will strut my stuff in my bikini in a few weeks on the Cuban beaches!

Like I said, I am stronger mentally and walk taller too. I know I can carry both my kids up the stairs at the same time and that gives me confidence that I am doing the right thing in order to be the best mom and wife I can be. Realizing that, I know I have ticked the biggest goal on my Crossfit Goal list!

What will the next 2 years will have in store for me? Stick around! I know I’m excited to find out!

Scary + 14 month Progress Update

I had set up my alarm to go to the 0600 class yesterday morning, but I was still getting over my cold and coughing a lot more than I wanted to so I rolled over and slept until 0640, which was heaven to me!

Both of our smoke alarms (upstairs and downstairs) went off at 0430 this morning and I got up to do a quick survey of the house. Nothing was out of place, nothing was smoking. I even checked outside and nothing. Ben barely woke up and the girls never even budged. That’s is a bit scary to me. What if it had been a real fire? I went back to bed, feeling uneasy and managed to sleep a bit before my alarm went off. I was not feeling it, but I drug myself out of bed and made my way to the box. It had been exactly 7 days since my last WOD and I realized how easy it would be to just stop going altogether, making excuses and falling out of the rhythm. Scary! I’m glad I went and got to do this for a workout:

Skill: I managed a free handstand off the wall for about 3-4secs, unassisted, but I couldn’t repeat that get by doing it off the wall with my spotters. Also, I practiced my DUs during my warm-up and can now do 3-4 with only 1 jump in-between. Almost there! 🙂

WOD: Ariane

We all know how short I am and how much of a struggle it is for me to row. I was paired with Kirsten (who used to row) and Adrian. Kirsten and me rowed at the same time and Adrian was our “partner 2”. He kept all his splits very strong around 1:40 – 1:45. I don’t know what my splits were because I had programmed my rower in a funky way and it added up the rest time as well as Adrian’s time to my splits. I only know my first one was 2:12 which was 7secs faster than my 1st split last time I did this WOD. We finished in 20:12 whereas I had done it in 22:02 last time. I know I have to attribute most of this to Adrian’s fast splits, but I’m sure I must have done better too!

Another scary news:

1st Competition!

1st Competition!

It’s official! I have registered for the Women Novice category for the Vic City Games! Please, come out and cheer us on on October 5th! You am also raising funds for the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation and you can donate here.

Alright! Last, but not least, another progress update in numbers and pictures. I have gained weight and inches since my 12 months progress, but strangely, I think I look and feel better in my clothes. Here’s hoping it’s because of muscle gain and not fat!

Progress in numbers

Progress in numbers

Slowly starting to see definition in my abs and my back and shoulders are so much stronger!

Slowly starting to see definition in my abs and my back and shoulders are so much stronger!

Progress Update And Giving It Your All!

The WOD wasn’t out last night when I went to bed and it’s probably a good thing. After yet another sleepless night (I was up from 0100-0300, trying to settle Béa. I swear, this kid needs to sleep through the night soon. I’m tired of being sleep deprived!), I looked at it this morning and it would have been easy to make excuses not to go, but like I said yesterday, I’m trying to change my mind frame so I got dressed and got going.

There were many of us this morning and because of that, I had to pair up with 2 other girls for the skill section. My 90% was 75#. Theirs was 95#. Guess who has a new 90% of 95#! I didn’t want to fiddle with the weights, so I just went along with theirs and managed to do all 7 rounds at 95#! Not too shabby considering my sciatica has been acting up and every now and again, my left leg buckles from the sharp pain through my butt! Fun times, I tell you! 🙂

As for the WOD, I knew it would be a tough one. I tried to do a few push press at 55#, but it was challenging and I knew  I wouldn’t be able to do all 8 rounds, so I dropped it to 45#.


There was a lot of internal negative talk during this WOD, but it wasn’t negative self talk. Let’s just say I was dropping a lot of F-bombs in my head every time I was faced with the bar for the push press.I was not enjoying myself, I could barely breathe (still very stuffed up from my cold) and I was consistent in the fact that every round took me longer to finish, therefore, I had less time to recover. I barely finished the 8th round with seconds to spare and I was ready to puke. I just stood on my box (I didn’t have enough strength or breath to get down from my last box jump) and tried to breathe. Here were my splits:

1:16, 1:20, 1:22, 1:25, 1:29, 1:35, 1:36, 1:56. I got confused on the last round as Coach Caleb suddenly screamed: “Time’s up!”, but we were doing it in 2 heats and the warning was for the 1st heat (I was in the 2nd one), so I lost a few precious seconds trying to register that:

  1. Damn, I didn’t finish the round…
  2. Oh crap! The warning wasn’t for me, must keep going!

So yeah, that was brutal and a little bit awesome all at once. I will admit to being happy to be going back to work tomorrow. I’ll get a few days of rest before my next WOD and I’m very much looking forward to it. Now if I could get 1 week of decent sleep, I would feel a thousand times better. Oh wait, I have two young kids and I work shift work. Fat chance of that happening anytime soon! 😉

In keeping with the fact that I’m back to work tomorrow, I’m doing my Progress Update a few days early, because I won’t want to do it in the middle of my set at work. Here goes the progress in numbers:

Screen Shot 2014-02-19 at 8.37.35 AM

Down 9.5lbs and 11.5″ overall. I am most amazed at my inches lost around my abdomen. I have also gained 1″ around my true waist since last month (Ben says it must be abs, I highly doubt it, but I love him for saying so!), but I’m very happy with the progress I am making.

The red shorts were snug when I first got them. Now, I'll have to buy a size smaller as they are almost falling off my butt!

The red shorts were snug when I first got them. Now, I’ll have to buy a size smaller as they are almost falling off my butt!

Sorry, I know Rina and Béatrice are photobombing the first 3 of my 7 months pictures, I was too lazy to retake them! I am most happy about my back, shoulders and bum. I don’t quite have all the muscle definition I’d like to get in my arms and legs, but I’ll get there. As for my abdomen, I don’t know that I’ll ever have visible abs, but I’m a work in progress and I’ll take any improvement I can get towards my fitness.

Thanks for reading, I know it was a long one! 😉

Progress Update and A New Day

I woke up extra early this morning (of course, it being a day I could “sleep in”, Rina showed up in our room at 0500!) and when I finally decided to get out of bed (at 0700!) this is what I was privy to outside:

I had a nice hot shower and decided to take my measurements today (normally, it would be tomorrow) since we have a fun-filled family day planned for tomorrow and the last thing I’ll want to do is be in front of the computer! What a surprise it was to see all those green squares! (Remember, green = loss, red = gain and yellow = same as before).

4 months into Crossfit

4 months into Crossfit

That’s a total of 7.25″ loss on my body in the past 4 months! As Ben said so well this morning:

It only took 16 weeks of wall balls!

Love him! Well, it’s more like 16 weeks of wall balls, push-ups, thrusters, squats, pull-ups, box jumps, etc, but you know all that already! Finally, some good news! I’ve been working hard at the Box and tried to be more watchful of what I eat and I can finally see results! I’m not quite where I want to be body shape-wise, but I’m getting there! I honestly don’t care about the number on the scale anymore, but since I was tracking it from the get-go, I figured I should keep tracking it. I’m more focus on my body and how it looks like. This morning, I was even able to fit in my “not-so-fat” jeans. They are tight on the legs and fit ok-ish at the waist. They are a size 12, but I feel good in them and that’s all that matters to me right now. 🙂 Baby steps! After all, I wouldn’t want to morph overnight, that would mean I would need a whole new wardrobe and I can’t afford one right now!

Here is the visual of my Day 1 vs Month 4:


Not yet a “gun” show, but results are visible!

Excuse the messy background, it’s not an easy task to take selfies on a timer with 2 children running around! 😉

On the family front, we are interviewing a couple more nannies and hopefully, we can have someone reliable soon to start working with us! As for tomorrow, we have decided to go for a hike, even if it’s cold outside. It will require a bit more logistics, but I’m ready to be out in nature with my girls and the man of my dreams! It’s been a while since we have gone hiking and since I’ve spent some time with my hubby other than on the couch, in front of the TV. I miss him and cannot wait for some quality-time tomorrow! I’ll be sure to take some pics and post a few on here!

Accountability and Progress Update: Crossfit Day 90

So today is yet another dreadful picture progress day! I’ve been doing Crossfit for 3 months now and, as promised, I’m keeping accountable to you. You can read all about my 1st Accountability post right here.

Here are my results in numbers for this month:

Slowly progressing!

Slowly progressing!

The Difference column has been calculated with data from Day 90 vs Day 1. I’m happy about the losses and I can only progress from there! Just more proof that you can’t always trust the scale when it comes to replacing fat by muscle! I’m just happy about my progress both when it comes to my appearance, but also in the Box. I’m moving a little faster, lifting heavier and feel more confident in my abilities when it comes  down to it all! In the past month, I have added lean meats and eggs into my diet, but still no dairy and I’ve cut out grain most of the time. I guess you could say that I’m transitioning towards a more paleo style of living, but I would say that I stick to it about 80% of the time for now. Here is the visual progress:

3 months of Crossfit

3 months of Crossfit

My abdomen seems smaller, way more muscles definition in my upper back and my butt is slightly lifted! Yay! Getting there slowly! I’m liking this visual imaging of my progress (even though it is still terrifying to post) because it DOES show progress! I guess I’ll just have to see if there’s more next month!


Today, folks, I’m wearing jeans. Something that hasn’t happened since I refused to wear my pregnancy jeans with the elastic waist on them (back in March-April I think).

Yes, they are my “fat” jeans and are completely out of style and they display my muffin-top very well, but they are jeans (not leggings) and I’m wearing them dog dangit!

Have you seen my goofy smile?!? Yeah, I’m a happy Babymama right now! Progress is progress and I will take any itsy bit I can!

Accountability (Please be nice!)

Well, it’s finally here! I have hit the 60-day mark at being a Crossfitter and, as promised, here is a recap of what my non weight-loss looks like. If you have any negative comments to post on here, just rest assured they will never be published as I review all comments before they make it on the site and to be honest, I don’t need your negativism on here (or anywhere else for that matter) 🙂 My blog, my rules!

Here’s a recap in numbers:

Screen Shot 2013-09-23 at 2.55.11 PM

Obviously, the red cells are bigger numbers, therefore not so good, the yellow are neutral ones and the green ones are losses. Ideally, I’d like to see green everywhere, but it is what it is!

And now, for the part that I’m dreading the most: The Before and Now picture. It is extremely mortifying to post such pictures online. If you need a dose of humility , just give it a try and let me know how you feel afterwards! 😉

Humbling shot

Humbling shot

I tried to keep the poses and clothes similar, but I couldn’t find my black top if my life depended on it, so I went with the grey one. I can’t honestly say I see much of a difference between the 2 sets except maybe for my shoulders when I’m flexing… Oh well, maybe it’ll get better after 90 days. In any way, thanks for keeping me accountable! 🙂

Cleaning out the air.

I’ve been on a cleaning out rampage lately. I like to keep my house clean. Although extremely disorderly, (it happens with 2 children when you live in a tight place) the house is dusted, vacuumed and mopped once a week. I have also tried to keep the back patio somewhat clean as I like (well, tolerate) sitting out there when the girls are napping, since it’s in the shade.

The wonderful view from our patio... :(

The wonderful view from our patio… 😦

I like putting things away and going to bed with toys and dishes and clothes out of sight. I will do more intense sorting out over the weekend when Ben is around to watch the girls so I can sort out the clothes that don’t fit them anymore and make room for new ones I just purchased for Rina. After spending $200, all I’m missing for her are 4 sweaters and a pair of winter boots (yes, I made a list of what she needed in order not to buy unnecessary items. I told you I was Type A!). I’ll make her a winter hat and scarf and she’ll be good to go! As for Béatrice, she gets to wear Rina’s old clothes and we save up that way. She’s too young to know any better anyway! 😉

The same goes for Crossfit. I know for a fact that there are many detractors of Crossfit out there (just google “why crossfit isn’t good for you” and you’ll see for yourself), but here’s the catch people. Do your own research. The coaches teaching Crossfit have no “university degree in Crossfit”. They have a certification offered by Crossfit.com that they have paid for and attended classes for, but they are not necessarily personal trainers. Anybody can become a Crossfit certified coach. I know that. I also know that certain Boxes (crossfit gyms) are reputable for not caring about proper form when you are lifting and, again, I advise you, do your own research. If a Box isn’t willing to let you try a class for free, I would run away from it. If the coaches are not willing to answer your questions regarding form or if their advice doesn’t make sense, again, I would be skeptical. I’m a nurse and I understand how to move my body in an effective and safe way. I’ve dance for a number of years, done yoga and studied lifting on my own and with the help of my husband, a squash pro, as well as some trainers at the gym. Know your body and know your own limits. My coaches never push me beyond what I think I’m capable and I set my own limits. Our coaches are also always walking around when we work on skills, giving out tips and advice on how to better our form in order to prevent injury. Yes, you can get hurt at Crossfit, but you can also get hurt lifting a box with the improper body mechanics or sleeping in a funky way on your pillow.

I’m sick of people bashing Crossfit, when really, any kind of physical activity comes with its own set of risks, yet, you don’t hear people bashing running or speed walking for that matter. I think it’s time people stop being negative and start concentrating on the positive. I always say that I may have sucked at a WOD, but at least, I was out there and moving. Better than if I had stayed at home on the couch. Same goes for the runner, walker, hiker, surfer, you name it. Crossfit works for me. I like that it’s a competition with myself, it pushes me to get fit and move more, it’s in a group setting (which works tons better for me than the traditional gym setting) and it is fun (at least, it is to me)!

If Crossfit isn’t your thing, fine by me. I will never force you to try it.  As long as you feel comfortable in your hobby, sport, passion, who am I to judge, really? Therefore, I would appreciate you didn’t judge me on my knitting/crochet, Crossfit, parenting. Please and thank you! There is so much negativity in the world, could we not focus on the positivity instead?