PR During Rehab

*More about women’s health and pelvic floor stuff in this post. Dudes might want to skip this one too*

Let’s be honest here. I’ve been in a funk. I fairly certain that I have SAD (seasonal affective disorder) and the gloomy/rainy weather isn’t helping a ton. I was also having a little pity party regarding my sciatic pain and I was secretly afraid this would mean the end of me squatting, deadlifting, thruster-ing, clean & jerk-ing and snatching. It made me really sad that I was thinking about giving up, but the butt pain was annoying to no end. Ok, maybe I wasn’t really sad about never having to snatch ever again, but that’s a different story. I have a tendency to keep quiet when I feel this way because my Mom always said to keep your mouth shut if you have nothing nice to say…

So yeah, annoying funk. When I get in a funk, I eat. Not always good food choices. My new jeans are feeling snug and so are my scrub tops again. In order to snap myself out of the funk and emotional eating, I reached out to Kathleen and Courtney and we have embarked on a (second for me) Whole30 together. If one of us falls off the wagon, we ALL have to do 15 burpees… per cheat snack. We started last Thursday and so far, everyone has been on plan! Way to go ladies!

I have also had my 1st appointment with the pelvic floor physic. It was interesting and mildly uncomfortable at times. I mean, where else do you get little stickers (electrodes) put next to your bum hole and vagina, hooked up to an ultrasound and get to see the strength of your inner abdominal muscles and rectal muscles as well. Add to that the presence of an almost 3-year-old who was peeking under my gown and asked A LOT of questions and you have a pretty good picture of my appointment.

The findings were interesting though:

  • I have weak rectus abdominis (front abs)
  • My abdominal muscles remain contracted too tight, even at rest.
  • I can’t hold a deep abdominal contraction for 10s during kegels
  • I get better control of those contractions if I think more about contracting my anus than if I focus on my abdomen.
  • My internal obliques and transversus abdominis are working overtime in order to compensate

In terms of regular physic, here’s what’s wrong with me as well:

  • I have too much mobility and squat too low, curving my spine at the bottom of the squat, resulting in my obliques taking over and adding a toll onto my lower back
  • Too much mobility on the erg as well, resulting in the same outcome as in the squat

What I’m doing to fix this:

  • Lots of kegels (we’re talking 60 reps of 10s contractions with holding and 10s rest)
  • a weird contraction of the deep abs while lying on the floor and opening my legs sideways, then extending the leg out straight.
  • firing the small deep posterior chain before doing any squatting or any heavy lifting
  • contracting my pelvic floor muscles when lifting heavy, or even lifting the girls
  • one-legged step-ups in the stairs and focusing on not tilting my pelvis
  • Squatting down to a med ball to limit my squat depth and ensuring I don’t squat too low (still below parallel, but not ass-to-the-grass

It doesn’t sound like much and when I do my keels and pelvic floor exercises I pretty much look like I’m just standing or lying down and staring into nothing-ness, but it’s a lot of hard work. I also started these on last Thursday.

What I have noticed so far:

  • I haven’t had a flare up in my sciatic pain since Thursday.
  • The numbing I felt in my lower back has decreased tremendously. So much so that I recently sat down and was amazed to notice what it felt like to sit down and not have that low numbing pain in my back
  • I did thrusters today, PR’d my 1RM and there was no leakage
  • I sneezed twice today without crossing my legs and also without experiencing any leakage
  • I’m not feeling any discomfort in my sciatic or lower back at all after doing the thrusters today
  • The pelvic floor PT gave me the green light to start doing my ROMWOD again, now I just have to clear it with the regular PT!

This is huge people! After 5 + years of lower back pain/ butt pain/ sciatic pain, I’m walking almost pain-free and it feels awesome. It has brought back a little of positiveness in my life and it makes the world of a difference in my day-to-day life.

Ok, enough about my lady bits and let’s now focus on the WOD today:

1RM Thruster: I warmed up to 65# before the timer went off and I planned on doing those E2M with 5# increases on each rep. I was hoping to hit 90# on my last rep, which would have been a 5# PR. Here’s what I ended up doing

65#-70#-75# with the assist of a med ball behind me in order to know when to stop dropping. I almost tripped on it when I did 80#, so I decided to try without any assist on the last 2 reps. 85# went well and Coach AJ told me I had good speed. I failed 90#. I managed to squat it and get up with it, but I couldn’t press it overhead. I was slightly disappointed. I humm-ed and aww-ed for a little bit and then decided to try for a 2#-PR anyway and go for 87#. I went to get the fractional plates and added them onto my bar. I had about 20 seconds left before the 12 minutes were up and i took a deep breath and went for it! I was so happy to get it up and above my head! I didn’t have much expectations that I would PR while rehab-ing my sciatic, but this was a nice welcomed surprise! 🙂

Double Tabata Row: A Tabata is an interval workout. You do 8 rounds of 20s work / 10s rest. Because it was so intense for my sciatic, I chose to go for the Assault bike instead of the erg. I probably could have done a regular Tabata, but not a double one. I set myself up next to Marika (who was on the Airdyne) and off we went. For the 1st Tabata, I managed to keep my intervals at 4 cals for all but the 7th interval! I was disappointed, but kept going and managed to get 4 cals for the 8th round. As soon as we entered the second part of the Tabata, I was just trying my best to keep each interval at 3 cals. I surprised myself by getting 4 cals for a few rounds, but I mostly stayed at 3. I was glad when It was over and my quads were throbbing nicely and seizing up slowly. I got off the Assault bike, got on all fours and then slumped onto my belly on the floor. I caught my breath and went to write my score on the board. I was shocked when I saw that Marika’s lowest score was 6 cals! Holy crap! I thought I’d worked hard for all my rounds, but my score was a measly 3! Coach AJ told us that they don’t count calories the same way and after doing some research online, I found in some forums that people mentioned the Assault bike was scoring about 1/2 the cals and distance when compared to the Airdyne. Good to know I wasn’t so far behind then!

I’m just happy with how today’s session went. I know you can’t always have great workout days, but it sure start the day the right way when you do well on the Skill and WOD!

Modified Fitness Is Still Fitness

My sciatic has been acting up since Monday and hasn’t let up really. I was limping badly yesterday and even though I did my ROMWOD, foam rolled, LaCrosse-balled it, it is still pinching. I showed up to the Box this morning and didn’t have high hopes of being able to perform the WOD, but after I spoke with Coach France, we came up with a plan of attack on how to modify the WOD and still get a good workout in. The only warning she gave me was: “If it’s not feeling good, don’t push through, just do some push-ups instead.” With those modifications and that one rule, I was ready to go. Anxious, but ready! 😉

I started modifying during the warm-up when the air squats were a bit much for me. I could feel a pinch and therefore, dropped and did push-ups instead.

As for the WOD, here’s what I did instead:

  • 800m run x 1 (non stop, at an easy pace) followed by an AMRAP of
  • 10 x push press @55#
  • 10 burpees (no bar hop for me)

I tried my best to bounce back quickly on the turnarounds on the run, instead of taking a few walking steps, I just pushed off and bounced back into it. I managed to complete only 43 reps of this one, but I was still happy to just be moving at all!

We then had a 10-mins rest before we tackled the second part of the WOD:

  • 1200m on the Airdyne (non-stop and I never let go of the handles either, pretty proud of this new feat!) followed by AMRAP of
  • 10 pullups (blue and purple bands)
  • 10 air squats

I completed 82 reps on this one and it felt good. I know I probably didn’t spend as much energy as everyone else, but like I said, I was sweaty, I worked hard and managed to get some fitness in, even though I had a pretty bad bum bugging me. The air squats felt good on the last part of the WOD, maybe because I was warmed up a bit?

All in all, I was pretty pleased with my work today. The pull-ups were banded perfectly and I was able to string 4 and 3 of them throughout the whole workout. I was in a good place mentally and blocked out all negative self-talk during the workout. The Airdyne was sure challenging, but when it got too much, I just closed my eyes, focused on breathing and kept going. I was truly happy to be able to move and get my heart pumping for a bit!

I am now back home, showered and ready to go to a short meeting at work. When I come back, I will try to book myself a physio appointment and see if they can give me pointers to help out with my sciatic! In the meantime, I will keep up with my ROMWOD tonight, without pushing it. After all, I have my Kitty and Cougar Throwdown comp I need to be ready for with Kathleen! Look for us , we are team Beasty Belles!

This Will Be My Year

Yep, that’s right! I have officially declared it and will make the most of it. I feel so motivated this morning, it’s incredible. It all started with getting my eating under control. I’ve been eating clean for 17 days now and I feel better than ever. I still miss my morning coffee, but I now realize it was hindering my water intake as well. I just need to find the balance between the two. Also, this morning, I stepped on the scale and saw that I was below 150lbs (149.8 lbs, barely made it, but still). I cannot remember the last time I was there. Probably after I gave birth to Rina (when I was vegan). That was one early celebration because I weighed myself before heading in for my WOD.

Last night, a fellow Crossfitter posted on Facebook that she had a new DU PR and it inspired me to finally get my act together and work on them consistently. I watched a few Youtube videos and set out to work as part of my warm-up this morning. I managed to string 2 consecutive ones x3. It’s not many, but to me, it’s double what I used to be able to do! 🙂 I was so excited and Tracey witnessed it as well and she was just as excited as I was! Lol! She’s such a good cheerleader!  I tried a few more times and could only manage 2 at a time, but I was pretty stoked with that!

Then, it was time to team up for the WOD. I teamed up with Neil and because there wasn’t enough ergs, we were on the Airdyne. This WOD consisted of many of my nemeses, but I didn’t mind, I like working on my weaknesses. I had to scale down to FG with the following:

WOD: Rowsie Glow

25 min AMRAP :

  • 0.7 on the Airdyne
  • 10 burpees
  • 10 TTB (I did hanging knee raise)
  • 10 SD box jumps
  • 10 wallballs (14#)

Partner 1 worked on the Airdyne while partner 2 did the other movements. You couldn’t switch until both partners were done. I started on the Airdyne and got going. We finished with a score of 793 (I was responsible for 393 of that) which puts me at 49.5% of the total score for my team. Very close to being equal effort put out by both of us and I’m really happy with that! I never stopped once on the Airdyne and although I didn’t get any rest between the rounds, I just kept moving as much as I could. It was a hard one, but a fun one and I was still beaming from my DUs. That has put me in a really good mood for the day. I hurried over to the grocery store to get what I was missing to make these delicious egg muffins for breakfast. I got everything ready and popped them in the oven while I went to have a shower. They were the perfect celebratory breakfast for today and I got more food prep done since I have to be at work tomorrow. I am now cuddling BeZU on the couch and I have to say, this day is setting out to be a good one!


Embrace The Suck!

Not much to say this morning other than it was another cold morning heading in to the Box for my workout:



Skill: HSPU+ rope climb

I finally managed to get 1 kipping HSPU from the yoga block + 3×2.5# plates. I was so excited that I got out of my handstand and wasn’t able to get back to it afterwards since my shoulders were getting tired. I’m just glad I finally managed to do one though as it was very elusive to me before today. I credit Tracey and her wonderful advice to push towards the ceiling with my feet! 🙂 I tried a regular rope climb, but even with my long sock, I wasn’t able to tolerate the pain on the scabs remaining on my shins. I did lying down ones instead.

WOD: Triow

Kevin was back and he needed to do the Airdyne instead of the rowing since he’s still recovering from surgery. Tracey was also doing Aridyne because her shoulder was bothering her so I offered to be their 3rd partner for the WOD on the death bike Airdyne. That’s right, I actually volunteered for the Airdyne. I guess I was all about embracing the suck or something. Marika also offered to team up with us so we then split up into two teams of 2  (I was with Kevin) and made up an imaginary 3rd partner. We ended up adding an extra rest period for each round to make up for our missing partner. Here’s what we had to do distance-wise on the ‘dyne:

  • 0.35 x3 (each partner)
  • 0.75
  • 0.35 x3 (each partner)
  • 0.75

Coach Caleb had given us the wrong distance for the first interval so we all ended up doing 0.45 instead of 0.35. Bleh! My goal for today was to simply not stop and not take my hands from the handles. I just wanted to keep pushing for each interval and I managed to do so! During the struggle, I would just close my eyes, focus on the music and try to keep up the cadence to the rhythm of the music. It worked!  We had to come up with team names and the theme was Galactic Warriors. I suggested and Schwinners (Schwinn is the brand of the death bike) of the Universe and Kevin agreed. We finished in 36:42. It was a long one and I was glad it was over! I guess I’m slowly getting fitter since I didn’t stop at all during the intervals, just like I can now run (very slowly albeit, but run nonetheless) all the intervals when running is involved! Yay. Slowly getting there!

I am very much looking forward to tomorrow’s Skills Plus class and see what’s in store for us!

And Then, I Ran!!!

I was seriously considering not going to Crossfit this morning when my alarm went off at 0500. I have not been sleeping well for the past three nights, averaging 5hrs of sleep every night. I’ve been working 12hrs and coming home to super crabby baby girls who won’t go to bed before 2130 and 2230 on 2 separate nights. My usual bedtime is 2200 when I work a day shift, so that left me with no time at all to unwind coming home from work at 2000 and having to try and fight settle the girls for bed. I am beyond exhausted and I was seriously considering skipping this morning when I remembered that I’m paying for a membership, so I might as well go in order not to waste any money.

Warm-up: I did this with a 26# KB. I just couldn’t envision doing it with a 35# this morning and keeping proper body alignment. Too tired for that!

SkillNo skill today as the WOD was going to be longer.

WOD: That was a tough one.

  • Airdyne: I honestly think this machine was invented by the devil to give us a taste of hell on earth. I was teamed up with Mark (aka Coach Caleb’s dad) and Bo, 2 tall lean, mean, working machines. I decided to go first for all the rounds and I knew I was slowing them down. We also decided to do the WOD Rx so I knew I would slow us way down with the DUs, but they were ok with that. Once we were done with all 3 rounds of 0.4 on the Airdyne, it was time for the run…
  • 400m run x 3: I really wanted to take off and running, but instead, this is pretty much what happened


How I feel running uphill while being drunk


My legs felt like jelly and there was no way I could just push it, so I went out in a jog and slowly picked up the pace instead. It seemed to work as I did the first 400m without stopping for walking breaks (a first for me). I know it’s not much, but it’s the first time since I started Crossfit that I was able to run 400m non-stop. Little victories! What was even more amazing is that I managed to repeat my new PR for the other 2 rounds left! Proud as punch!

  • 40 DUs. I was lucky that Tracey decided to go to a later WOD today and although I was saddened at not being able to WOD with her, that also meant I was able to borrow her jump rope. Mine still hasn’t arrived (it is currently stuck at Customs Canada). I had to take my Nanos off as the rope kept getting stuck under my heels. I did my DUs in my socks only. It was painfully (seriously painful, whip marks all over the back of my legs) slow, but we managed to do 2 of our rounds before Bo had to leave for work. I started my 3rd round and while Mark did his 3rd, I offered to do 120 singles to make up for Bo’s missing round, but Mark was already on his way, well above the required 40 DUs and he did 80 in total so we wouldn’t forfeit the Rx. We finished in 41:20, last and well into the 0700 class.


I’m glad the boys stuck it out with me and agreed to have a slower time so I could Rx this one. Getting a little stronger every day and having the chance to challenge myself and push my limits is the only way I will improve. I came home and had some snuggles with Béa. Funny how she can be impossible to live with at bed time and the happiest baby when she wakes up!

Post shower cuddles, I'm still beet red in the face from the WOD

Post shower cuddles. I’m still beet red in the face from the WOD

The B-Monster at her best!

The B-Monster at her best!



Keep On Pushing

I knew yesterday would be brutal, but I didn’t know how brutal it would be.

Woke up early for the 0600 Crossfit class and I got dressed quickly in the quiet house. Our house! Still feels a bit weird to say out loud! 🙂

I had looked up the WOD the night before and I knew it would be hard:

Skills: My ankle is a whole lot better, but it’s still stiff and swollen, so I took it cautiously yesterday. To top it off, we did some side shuffles around the gym and it is still pailful for me to do lateral motion (pushing off my foot sideways hurts still) so I was already being cautious after that. I started at 20″ for the box jumps (easy) and managed to do 4 rounds of 3 at 24″. I think I probably could have done 25″ or even 26″, but given my ankle, I chose not to. Also, I got my foot caught on the box once. No shin skinning happened, but it was enough for me! 24″ = 39% of my height! Yay me!

WOD: That was brutal. Period. Airdyne sprints (or crawls in my case) are not my cup of tea. I was paired with two beasts Bo and Krysha, so I elected to go for last on each rounds, meaning I would have to be on the dreadful thing for 16 calories for the 1st round, 14 cals for the 2nd round, 12 cals, for the 3rd round and 10 cals for the last round. Not surprisingly, I was the last one of all the teams to finish, but I didn’t really care. I had too much on my mind. I’ve been stressed out of my brains lately with some family stuff, the move and everything else in my day-to-day life and I just wanted to get this thing done because I could feel tears bubbling up and I didn’t want to cry with every one watching. I don’t know what it is, but when I get emotionally stressed and follow-up with an intense physical workout, it’s like opening the flood gates to everything I have been suppressing and then I’m treated to the worst involuntary ugly cry show. So yeah, didn’t want that happening again. I plowed through my 4th round, got off the devil incarnated and went to the wall to catch my breath and let some tears flow free. I managed to not go into the ugly cry fest and with some deep breathing, I remained somewhat presentable before quickly leaving the premises. I hate when that happens. I hate not being in control of my emotions when I’m at Crossfit. This is supposed to be my time to myself, my escape, my little haven, the one place where I can stop thinking about everything happening in my life and just lift heavy things, move them and burn some energy. Oh well. Next time will be better, I’m sure!

My thoughts, exactly!

My thoughts, exactly!

I knew the rest of the day wasn’t gonna be any easier as I was already feeling super stiff and sore in my deltoids and trapezius muscles. That’s what happens when I get stressed out. Everything in my neck and upper back bunches up and gets into a big ball of knots. After finishing to unpack the upstairs, I sorted and folded/hung all of the girls’ clothes and did the same to our clothes too. the only thing left to unpack upstairs is our makeshift desk/office station on the landing.

Today, we got up early again and I made up a list of things to get at Walmart (food, clothes for Rina and organizers for our cutlery drawer), I then sprayed some baking soda on our carpets upstairs and in the staircase and let it sit for a long hour in order to try to get rid of the intense cat urine smell that overtook the house last night. We are not sure if the smell was coming off the carpet in the suite or the carpet in our place, but we got on it quick! After I fed the girls their lunch, I got going on the vacuuming of the previously spread baking soda (smells much better!) and started to clean the upstairs bathroom (ceiling, walls, shower, toilet, tub, floors, EVERYTHING was scrubbed and is now sparkling) while Ben added shelvings for storage in the basement and ripped up the carpet in our rental suite. Once I was done scrubbing, I went to help him out with removing the under-padding and am now sitting down for the 1st time today, frizzed and disheveled and surrounded by boxes. I am hoping to tackle the boxes in the living room tomorrow while doing laundry and getting ready for another set at work. Only 2 more sets of work before I’m on vacation for a month! But first, we will enjoy our traditional Sunday breakfast out with aunt Sandy who kindly noticed that I have a few grey strands of hair showing. I believe her subdued statement went something like this: “Holy sh** you have a lot of grey hair!” Good thing I like her! 😉

I finally decided to sit down around 1500 to take  a little quiet break while the girls were still napping and wanted to write up this post, but our internet was wonky and I’m just finally able to finish this off.

Not impressed with my grey hair or the unpacking left, but I am impressed with my trapezius! Check out my little bulge! :)

Not impressed with my grey frizzy hair, the wonky internet connection or the unpacking left, but I am impressed with my trapezius! Check out my little bulge! 🙂

Now, I will indulge in a hot water bottle on my back, some knitting and mindless TV watching! ‘Night!


Is It Nap Time Yet???

Holy Cow! That was brutal. I don’t know if it’s because I went to bed late, had crazy dreams and woke up super early (or a combination of all of the above), but the WOD today certainly makes me wish I could go and nap right now, and it’s not even 0900!

Mobility: Still enjoying those. KB pec crush are getting better at 35#, but they still hurt in a good way. My ankle is doing better, still very swollen, but I had enough mobility to do some air squats today. Much better. I wear a brace to help decrease the swelling and I still ice it a couple times / day. I have a feeling it will be a long recovery… 😦

WOD: this one was brutal. A Tabata of rowing (20s effort, 10s rest, repeat x 8). I’m short and not a good rower, so I came in last with my worst split at 76m. My best one was 79m. Rest for 6 mins, then hop on the spawn of satan Airdyne for 5 continuous minutes for total calories. That’s right, folks, 5 CONTINUOUS MINUTES!!! I did another poor score at 52 cals for the entire  5mins. It gives me room to improve. It was brutal and I kept sliding forward on the saddle, so that made it that much harder. I didn’t stop once though!

The men of the 1st heat, crushing it!

The men of the 1st heat, crushing it!


I knew this one was hard the minute I stepped off the ‘dyne. Legs weren’t working properly (I was walking like the Tin Man) and abdominal cramping was at its prime. I rolled my quads with a Lacrosse ball before leaving and managed to make it down the stairs and into my car without too much wobbling.

I came home, made a big breakfast and my plan was to go to the playground with the girls once I do some more packing and laundry, but I now just found out that we will need more money for the purchase of the house (adjusted city taxes, pain in my butt!) and will have to go to the bank to take care of that. Bleh! It feels like I’ve given away the biggest chunk of money I’ve ever saved in my entire life and now, I need to give away more… 😦 I guess that’s what being a home owner is all about!

So, there goes my day! To top it all off, I was coming along very nicely on my Twilight socks, but I had to unravel EVERYTHING because I made a silly mistake and being a novice knitter, couldn’t figure out how to fix it. I guess I’ll have to re-cast on at some point! 😦



Crossfit Makes Life Better!

I woke up this morning and this is what my ankle looked like:

Swollen and bruised

Swollen and bruised

Surprisingly enough, I can now do almost full flexions/extensions with minimal pain. Rotations are still painful. Jumping and running are still out of the question at this time, but walking with very minimal limping is possible and it gets better as my ankle is “warmed up”. I will try to go through the day without any ibuprofen / acetaminophen and see how it goes. It is still painful to wear a closed up shoe however and that’s why I wore a tensor this morning to guard and protect the ankle.

Here’s what we did at 0600:

Warm-up: I had to do single skips on my right leg only seeing as I couldn’t tolerate the impact on the left ankle, but other than that, no other modification here! 🙂

Mobility: These mobility stations make me realize I need to do more at home. The Lacrosse ball on the hamstring felt particularly bad (good) and so did the IT Band foam rolls. I have all the equipment at home to keep it up, I just have to actually DO IT! 😉 The KB pec crush were also bad (in a good way), but I did them with 35# this morning instead of the 26# I was using previously.

WOD: I had to modify quite a bit for this one because of the gimpy ankle. Here’s what I did:

  • Airdyne 700m
  • 24 strict burpees (since I can’t jump, I couldn’t do the “broad jump” part)
  • 600m KB Walk (26#, varying the carries every 50m)
  • 24 strict burpees
  • Airdyne 700m

There was no timer for this WOD and although I wasn’t the fastest, I also wasn’t the last one to finish! Yay for being gibbled! Maybe I should rethink this whole running thing… I always finish last when I run, but not so much when I’m on the Airdyne… Hmmm.

During my last round on the Airdyne, Coach Caleb came around and asked me if I was done while I was still pedalling… I guess I was going so slow, he thought I was cooling off! No siree! I was just exhausted and trying to get through the last little bit of the WOD! 😉

I’m so glad I can still show up and do the WODs even though I’m injured right now. I love that I can still do something for my fitness and sanity. Not to mention, seeing people I like hanging out with. It’s because of these people that I can still smile when the going gets tough mid-WOD and a smile across the room or a thumbs up from them often is enough to give me the boost of energy needed to finish the WOD. I also like that Crossfit has taught me to take things in stride at the Box, but also in life. With the fast approaching move, there has been a lot thrown our way and I’ve just been tackling things one-at-a-time, prioritizing and breaking things into smaller tasks, but really, just taking things as they come has been a life-saver. Packing up the apartment is coming along nicely and dealing with other stressful areas in my personal life has been easier because I don’t focus on the things I have absolutely no control over. That doesn’t mean I’m delusional and refuse to face reality, but there’s no point wasting time and energy worrying or focusing on things I absolutely cannot change. Life happens, and you have to surf through the waves with focusing on remaining afloat.

In the meantime, I focus my energy on my ankle recovery, my beautiful daughters, the lovely weather we are having, preparing for moving into our house and getting some knitting done! Life is good, focus on the positive side of things, even when it gets hard!

Smart WODing

After a rest day of R-I-C-E  (Rest-Ice-Compression-Elevation) for my ankle yesterday, I woke up and went to the 0700 class this morning, knowing I would have to modify the WOD.

Warm-up: I used a 26# KB for this one, testing out the ankle. I’m pretty sure I would have been alright with the 35# KB, but I was skittish!

Mobility: I was able to do all but the couch stretch (too much of an extension on the ankle and I have a bad hematoma (bruise) on my left knee making it impossible to kneel on that knee and a bad scrape on the right knee resulting in the same inability to kneel on that one as well. Instead, I did a standing quad stretch. Not the same depth in the stretch, but better than nothing.

Skill: I wasn’t able to do the Bulgarian split squat either for the same reasons stated above, so instead, I did Romanian deadlifts. I started at 45# and finished at 60#. It felt like I could have kept increasing the weights for a while though.

WOD: Again, because of my sprained ankle, I modified with skipping the row and replacing it with the devil’s spawn Airdyne. That’s right! That means I did 9 mins of Airdyne today and I did not die! I think I averaged about 13-14cals for each 90s on the ‘dyne! As for the push-ups, I had to do them from my knees because coach Caleb didn’t want us to have our knees touching the ground if we were doing them on our toes and I just couldn’t manage that today. I did 10 push-ups each rounds. For the ring rows, I managed to do them with my heels right under the rings (getting better at those 🙂 ) and kept my hands in a pull-ups orientation instead of parallel to my body after Coach Caleb prompted us to do it the proper way / this way.

Once we were done, I had to rush home since Rina was going to Willows Beach with her pre-school and I had decided to go with her group and take Béa with us as well. We had a potluck picnic while there and the girls had a blast. We came home after lunch and the girls fell asleep quickly for nap while I caught up on some knitting. I’m still working on my Two-at-a-Time Twilight socks. I just finished the gussets on each sock and am now about to turn the heels. I had to unravel quite a bit because of a mistake I had made by not understanding the pattern properly in the first attempt, but it all comes with learning! Now, I’m on the right track and cannot wait to see what they’ll look like when done! Here’s a sneak peek!

Photo 2014-06-17, 7 56 06 PM

I forgot to write down the information on the yarn I bought and now that we are moving, packing and cleaning, I can’t find the label for it anymore and I don’t have it on revelry either. I’m pretty sure they are from Patons Kroy Socks FX in the Cameo Colours colorway though.

After their nap, the girls wanted to go to the playground to play some more and therefore, we ended up spending most of today outside! I didn’t do much packing today, but tomorrow is another day and I got some phone calls done while they napped, so there’s always that! Back to knitting I go before going to bed early for another early WOD tomorrow! 🙂

Misery Loves Company

After a crazy day at work yesterday where I was floated off my unit to go help out on MBU, I was glad I got to go home and put my girls to bed. I then tackled the very much dreaded sorting out of their toys. It took me 2 hours to sort between “keep”, “give” and “toss” piles, but I got it done! I then finally sat down and looked up the WOD online and the little bit of energy I had left simply evaporated when I read this:

Team 36

This is a team workout, based around groups of 3 people. You’ll spend 3 minutes at a rowing station, 3 minutes at an airdyne station, and repeat that sequence 6 times. Each team member will do 1 minute of work at each station and your goal is to achieve as many calories as possible in the total of the 36 minutes.

Another leg WOD and I just started to walk normally after the Bataan on Monday 😦 Better get off to bed so I have a little energy in my tank tomorrow morning.

I got up this morning and still didn’t feel like going to the Box at all, but I got dressed and made my way over nonetheless. It had been a while since I was really not feeling a WOD or going to workout for that matter. I am just completely exhausted. I guess all the stress of the home purchase and the packing for the move has finally caught up with me. Oh well, get moving BabyMama!

I’m still enjoying the mobility part of the classes and I missed the fact that we didn’t have any Skill portion today, but the WOD was 36 mins long, so might as well get started! As predicted, it was brutal. Here were my calorie counts for each rounds:

Airdyne     Row

Round 1:             13             11

Round 2:             16             14

Round 3:             12             13

Round 4:             12             13

Round 5:             11             12

Round 6:             13             14

Total calories: 154

Yep, that’s right! All this hard work so I can consume about 3 apples today! That WOD was horrible and we all looked spent once we finished. I guess it’s true what they say, Misery does love company! I’m still a firm believer that the Airdyne was invented by the devil himself as a means to torture the worst of hell’s inhabitants. However, I did notice something today., I can start to see some definition in my quads where they attach to the knee, there is even (dare I qualify it that way) a small bulge! I guess my legs are getting stronger, so, yay for big legs! If only my belly could tone up a bit. All in due time though! It took me years to put the weight and fat on so it will probably take years to take it off!

I came back home, ready for a nap. Instead, I dusted, vacuumed the apartment and cleaned the bathroom while doing laundry. Now, the girls are down for nap and I’m waiting for Nanny to get here so I can do the same before emu night at work!

Only 17 more days before we move! 🙂