It’s been a busy week and I’ll try to recap quickly.

Last Monday was a Civic Holiday here and we enjoyed the day at the beach with Ben’s mom who was visiting from Kingston. We hiked to Mystic Beach and had fun in the sun and sand before we headed out for the typical lunch at Mom’s Café.

Bra's natural summer highlights! I'd kill for these!

Béa’s natural summer highlights! I’d kill for these!

Rina, swinging from the rope swing on the beach

Rina, swinging from the rope swing on the beach

Cutie pie!

Cutie pie!

Rina, wave jumping

Rina, wave jumping

I had only 2 days at work before I was officially on vacation and although I was counting the hours on Wednesday. Let’s be real though, I kind of clocked out mentally around 1500, even though I was working until 1930. Nothing fazed me on that day and I was happy and lighthearted to make my way to my car at the end of the day! Off for a full month and I was more than ready for some time off. I already had 2 overtime calls to come in to work tonight so far… Not gonna happen!

I’ve spent yesterday and today getting some last minute shopping and making packing lists, getting everything organized and packed for our Cuban vacation! I can now say we are 98% ready to go, with little adjustments left to be done for our carry-on luggages.

I went to the Oly class yesterday morning and I was stoked to see Ryan show up: I wasn’t absolutely certain if there actually was a class or not and I was starting to think I’d gotten up at 0500 for nothing! Here’s what we did:

Photo 2015-08-06, 5 54 20 AM

High hang, low hang, full squat snatch x6 E3M

Lots of rest for these and we were to work up to 75% of our 1RM. Mine was supposed to be 48.75#, but the closest I could get to was 48.5# (not enough small plates to make it a real 75%, but close enough). I was struggling on some reps and had to repeat a few, but as I warmed up, it felt smoother towards the end.

Squat Clean, Front Squat, Split jerk x6 E3M

Again, we were supposed to only go up to 75% of our 1RM so I used 67.5# for all my reps. The split jerk was unstable at times, but I managed all my reps. I was exhausted by the end! So much rest and yet, I was done for!


This morning, I woke up at 0500 again and I was still tired. I’ve been going to bed a little later than usual and I could definitely feel it this morning:

I had misread the WOD last night and thought it was only 1 round. Gulp! There was no way I could do this RX seeing as my 1RM DL is 160# and my 1RM clean is 90#. That would have been cutting it too close to exhaustion and Coach Caleb wanted us to do close to 30 reps/30 secs. Sometimes, the guy cracks me up! 😉 No way I was going to achieve that either, but I was happy that I managed some pretty stable rep scheme throughout all rounds. I did FG with the following reps:

DL @ 115#:8-8-9-8-8

Front squats @ 65#: 9-9-9-8-8


Sometimes, I look at my reps and feel a bit discouraged at how low they are. Then, I analyze them in a different way and I’m pretty happy with my work. For example, my reps are low on the DL, but if you tally it all, it comes up to 4715 lbs moved in 2:30. For the front squats, it comes up to 2797 lbs squatted in the same amount of time.  As for my DUs, I only managed to string 8 in a row (last round), but they felt smoother with each rounds. Funny how I can do those better when I’m more physically tired. Maybe it’s because I’m not as tensed up?

I’m ready to put a hot pack on my shoulders and real for the evening before yet another busy day tomorrow!

Fight Gone Bad

After my massage on Thursday, all I wanted to do was sleep the day away. I set my alarm for 0500 with the best intentions of attending the 0600 WOD on Friday, however, I woke-up at 0445, turned my alarm off on my phone and slept in until 0630. Sometimes, a BabyMama just has to choose rest.

After all that extra sleep (!), I was ready to throw down in style. I reached out to Listen Linda and asked if we could possibly get together on Saturday at Crossfit Stasis (her box) and finally throw down together. I call her Listen Linda because of this little gem of a youtube video:

Surprisingly, we were able to arrange to get together for the 0900 WOD and Listen even offered to pick me up!

All thug-like (actually enjoying 30 secs of peace in the sun)

All thug-like, waiting for my ride (actually enjoying 30 secs of peace in the sun)

We arrived at the Box and Listen introduced me to EVERYONE in the joint. Everybody was very friendly and welcoming, but nobody outdid Coach Bruno. This dude is the happiest go-lucky person I’ve met in a long time and he is super friendly. I felt welcome and confident in getting the warm-up done and Coach Bruno did a good job of going through the notions of the WOD. Little did I know, I had walked into my very first attempt at Fight Gone Bad

Photo 2015-05-02, 6 51 23 PM

For some reason, the board at Crossfit Stasis said the Rx weight for women was 45# and that’s what Listen and I ended up using. Had we known, I’m sure we would have done 55#. Listen kicked my squatting a** and I was in awe of her form during the SDHP. She looked so strong and confident! For my part, I managed ok for a 1st time attempt with a score of 173. The wallballs threw me off because the size of the ball at Stasis is different from the one I’m used to at VicCity. I had so much fun (ok, not really during the WOD, but after it was all done, I really did!) getting to be comfortable in a new environment. I had never done SDHP before, but with Coach Bruno’s instructions, I felt confident doing them (legs slightly wider than shoulder-width, keep the bar close to the body).

It really was a unique experience getting to share such a benchmark workout with this beautiful lady. We will definitely have to repeat this experience!

It really was a unique experience getting to share such a benchmark workout with this beautiful lady. We will definitely have to repeat this experience!

Listen drove me back home and the girls were pretty much ready for Ben and I to leave them with her (they love her THAT MUCH!), but we had other plans. I had a quick shower and then we headed out to the Juan de Fuca Trail and China Beach with the girls for a fun sunny day on the beach. I took a few pics, but I have now come to the conclusion that while Rina is truly at her happy place on the beach, she doesn’t stay still long enough for me to capture that happiness in a picture! Below are my favourites from today:

There is something so powerfully beautiful about a dad and his girls!

There is something so powerfully beautiful about a dad and his girls!

Béa is growing up so fast!

Béa is growing up so fast!

On the way back home, we (of course) stopped by Mom’s Café in Sooke for the traditional bowl of salmon corn chowder and some crazy big slices of pie. We came back home, everybody cleaned up and cuddled on the couch watching Beauty and the Beast before we put the girls to bed. I’m secretly hoping they will be tired from their day and drift off to sleep quietly. It’s rare that Ben and I get to enjoy a quiet evening together and if we could manage one tonight, it would top off this perfect day beautifully!

Hope your Saturday was just as awesome as mine! 🙂