Get Your Sweat On!

After yesterday’s workout at Kathleen’s, I felt super energized and ready to take on anything this morning. I was pleased when I saw this:


Skill: Back squat 3×10 E2M

I paired up with Telsey and Jen and truly didn’t know what to tackle for weight for these. I did 85#-90#-95#. The last round felt challenging, but I think I could have done 100#. Dang! Next time!

WOD: Escape the Trap

That was a fun team WOD and I remained paired up with Telsey and Jen. Because there were so many of us we had to start the WOD with the burpee BJ. I started our trio off by doing 8 true to form, then I did step-ups. At some point, I resorted to granny-style burpees, but picked it back up again. Second round was fairly similar, except we were taking a long time and Coach Caleb told us to go to the Trap DL part of the WOD after our second round and to come back to the burpee BJ afterwards if we still had time.

We were using 75# for the trap DL and that was way too light. I was even able to trot carrying the bar across the gym, so next time, I should go up to 85-90#. Once we were done with the Trap DL, Jen had to leave to get home in time for her hubby to get to work, and Telsey was getting close to her cutoff time as well so she did her 3rd round of burpee BJ and I took it upon myself to finish the last 30 reps (my 15 and Jen’s 15). It was slow, but I tried to keep things moving as best I could and we finished with a time of 23:06. I was pouring sweat from everywhere and even my hair was dripping.

Sweaty deer stuck in headlights. "What the heck just happened to me?!?"

Sweaty deer stuck in headlights. “What the heck just happened to me?!?”

I came back home and had an interesting text exchange with Kath about where I’m at as a Crossfitter.  I feel that even though I still scale pretty much every WOD, I’m definitely out of the “newbie” category, but I’m still worlds away from the true athletes. Which makes partnering with people difficult at times. I love hanging out with new people because I was just there not so long ago, so I understand the struggle. At the same time, I think sometimes it would be worth it to challenge myself and team up with people I consider “beasts”. At the same time, I also would feel very bad if I slowed them down.

The mental struggle is real, I tell ya!

Once I had showered and refuelled with breakfast, I realized I had forgotten to clean the inside of my freezer and fridge last week, during the Deep House Cleaning, so I got right on that. Then, our tenants finally moved out and it was time to start cleaning the suite after they left. We still have a little bit to do tomorrow morning before the new tenants move in, but overall it went well. Except when I broke the telescopic mop. I was vigorously cleaning the ceilings (I was also amazed at how people can get ceilings so dirty, but I digress) and the silly thing broke in two.

I broke that thing like a twig!

I broke that thing like a twig!

I had no time to fiddle with that kind of crap, so I took my step-stool (midgets unite!) and got scrubbing with the old rag-and-cleaner method! 6hrs later, we have the bathroom left, vacuuming and mopping the kitchen floor as well as priming the holes that have been patched and painting the walls.

Yeah, not how I had anticipated my day or my last week off before heading back into work. Hopefully, I can still manage to book myself a massage. I’m pretty sure if Crossfit came out with a WOD involving having to wash walls, windows and vacuum, I would RX the crap out of that! Ugh! One last cleaning boom to do tomorrow and then I should be done for at least 24hrs!

Yeah right, one can only wish!

Slowly becoming Incredible!

Trust me, I’m far from tooting my own horn here, I’m just referring to the name of Today’s WOD! 🙂


Skill: Press, 5 sets of 5 reps, starting every 2 mins.

I started with the 35# bar only and on my 2nd set, I increased to 45# where I stayed for the remaining of the sets. It was just challenging enough for me that I was struggling by the 5th rep!

WOD: The Incredibles

I went in thinking I was gonna do the TG (Technical Group), but I decided to challenge myself. Since I can’t run due to my silly shins, I had a choice between the Erg (rower) or the Airdyne (aka Bessie as per Jake, a fellow crossfitter)! I chose to go with the Airdyne. That’s right, you read properly! As much as I despise Bessie, I figured I’m not gonna cop-out completely! After my 2nd round, I also chose to go for a 3rd one, therefore, doing the FG (Fitness Group).


Here’s how I scaled my workout:

  • Bessie: 0.5mile for each rounds
  • 15 wall ball for each rounds, using the 10# medicine ball
  • 10 box jumps using 4 X 35# plates as my box since I can’t yet do the 20″ box (the plates combined are 12.5″)
  • 5 burpees (big girl burpees, no grandma today!)

On my 2nd rep, I sort of screwed up and did only 5 box jumps and no burpees and realized my mistake once I was on Bessie, so I just added the missing reps onto my last set. I managed to finish in 15:00. Not too bad, but then again, I have nothing to compare it to!

Came back home to have a quick breakfast and got onto my cleaning chores of the day. Ben is back and it’s nice to have him home again. He was gone to Vancouver for the weekend and therefore, I was alone with the girls. We all survived, but it was a bit exhausting and I haven’t had much time to continue my knitting project. I really have to get going on it though…

In other news, Mamie has just announce that she is looking at coming to the west coast in the fall! Yay! This is great news to me! I miss my mom and it will be nice to get to spend some time with her! 🙂

I will leave you with a picture of my 2 girls, crawling around on the floor after breakfast:

Our very own zebra and cheetah!

Our very own zebra and cheetah!