Mentally Gone

I had a long weird day at work yesterday and I was hoping a good night’s sleep would set my head straight, but it didn’t. Maybe I am still jet lagged or maybe I’m still just on vacation mode. Who knows?

What I do know is that I woke up bracing to face Fran.

You know you are struggling in the warm-up when you try jumping pull-ups from a 35# plate and Coach AJ come by and adds a 45# plate under your feet. I’m vertically challenged and the struggle for pull-ups is real! #truestory

Skill: Power clean 6×3 E90s

Originally, I was gonna aim for 85# on my 6th set. Even though I was a bit tired, I figured, maybe I could go for 90#? I managed my first 2 reps beautifully with maybe a slight early elbow bend in the pull (according to Coach AJ) and I was getting tired. I didn’t dip low enough to catch the bar in the proper position and I landed it on my boobs, instead of on my collar bone. Needless to say it knocked the wind out of me and I dropped the bar then and there. I was working on catching my breath and stopping the dizziness that had begun when Coach AJ came to check up on me. I didn’t try again and got my stuff ready for Fran. I also realized that 90# used to be my 1RM and I had done 2 successfully before failing my 3rd rep… Food for thought.

WOD: Fran

I was tempted to try my pull-ups with the red band only, but then thought better and added the purple one as well. I also toyed with the idea (for a very brief time) of trying the thrusters at 65#, but then revised that down to 55#. I was already tired and dropped one bar today. No need to try to repeat that a second time around.

I’m not quite sure what happened to me, but I clocked out mentally during the WOD. I don’t go into negative self-talk, I don’t repeat my mantra (“one more rep, just one more rep”), I just zone out. I don’t care about where I’m at and how long I’m taking. I’m just not in the moment. It’s a weird place to be and I’ve felt that way on Wednesday as well. I was talking to Tracey and she said it was because of my vacation and I just need some time to get back into the rhythm of things. I was in the first heat and I was so slow, that people from the second heat were finishing their 21 thrusters before I was done with my round of 9. Oh well! I got to the pull-up bar and finished my 9 reps painfully. My time was 12:21. I had done it back in December 2014 with the same modifications, but using the box to get onto the pull-up bar and finished in 12:03. I was hoping to beat that time today, but it didn’t happen. Still, Bo thought it was pretty good to do Fran so close to my PR time not even a week after coming back from vacation.

I felt just Meh! about it all and made my way home. I showered and could feel a nice little egg on my chest where I landed the bar and it had started to bruise up nicely. Whoops! I’ll have to camouflage those bruises tonight as we are going to a birthday party for a little while before putting the girls to bed.

Bruising up nicely!

Bruising up nicely!

We went to play mini-golf with the girls this morning before going to look at patio furniture in town, but the sales are crap and we didn’t find the “perfect bench” for our front porch. Next year, maybe.

We came back home after lunch and I cleaned up our entire bedroom (ceilings, walls, mouldings, etc) as well as go through my clothes and got rid of a ton of stuff. I plan on going through every room in the house for the remainder of my vacations. I’ll go slow and hopefully, will have time to get it all done! For now, I’m very much looking forward to a weekend of rest!

Working On Technique

I’ve been lucky enough to have had a “girls’ night” on Monday with some lovely ladies from Crossfit and the good it has done on my soul is tremendous. It was so relaxing to meet with beautiful, strong women who share so many similarities with me. We had all groups represented: working moms, retired women, women with older kids and childless women as well. We talked about our families and Crossfit (and no one to tell us to shut up about it already)! Not to mention that everyone had brought and cooked Whole30 compliant  delicious food, which made the whole evening that much more relaxing. I came home and felt rejuvenated for my days at work. I’ve slept a little better since and I’m hoping things will keep improving now that we have met with the dermatologist for Béa’s eczema. Maybe her new skin-care protocol will help her (and me) sleep through the night! Fingers crossed!

I woke up this morning and was very much looking forward to another Oly class. You know you’re at the Box early when you are there to witness the sprinklers go on AND off before anyone else shows up. #truestory #keener

I think there were 8 of us who showed up for the 0600 class and it felt like it was a big class! Jeff also was in attendance in order to assist Coach Caleb. I think he’ll be with us for a few weeks. Here’s what we tackled:

Photo 2015-06-25, 6 07 53 AM (1)

Snatch grip DL with 2s pause 6×3 E2M

I felt comfortable doing these as I had done them with Coach Rachel 2 weeks ago. I knew what to work on (keep my butt down, invert my wrist on my grip and keep my shoulders over the bar). Coach Caleb wanted us to work up to our Snatch 1RM (65# for me) by the 3rd round and increase from there. I started very light and here’s what I did:


It felt good and I really worked on my grip, which, it turns out, really helps to keep my shoulders over the bar!

OHS with 5s pause 6×3 E2M

Coach Caleb wanted us to keep the weight light on these and not aim for our snatch 1RM. I figured I would aim to finish close to my 1RM on the last round, only if I could keep my glutes engaged at the bottom and not struggle too much. I paired up with Ryan (who counted my pauses for me) and go going with very light weights:


The 55# and 60# were challenging. Coach Caleb wanted me to speed up my glutes on the up. Overall, I was pretty happy with how it went, considering I really worked up to my 1RM (I have achieved a snatch at 60#, failed the 65#, but Coach Caleb wants me to use 65# to calculate all my percentages in order to, hopefully, progress).

Barbell love

Barbell love

That got me sweaty and I rushed home to shower. Although Rina has officially “graduated” from preschool yesterday, I still had Béa’s appointment early this morning, which meant I couldn’t just stay behind at the Box.

Kindergarten next year!

Kindergarten next year!

I didn’t even have time to finish breakfast before we left, but like I said, it was for a good cause! I came back home, got into my comfy clothes to clean the upstairs, turned the music up and got to work.


When it's 25C outside early in the morning, you gotta rock the booty shorts. Any tips to get rid of my inner-thigh bulge are welcome! ;)

When it’s 25C outside early in the morning and you have to clean the house, you gotta rock the booty shorts. Any tips to get rid of my inner-thigh bulge are welcome! 😉

Ben helped out by keeping up with the laundry and I was done a little earlier than usual, which gave me time to go for a walk with the girls before lunch and get some groceries.

I am very much looking forward to my nap this afternoon before my night at work and even more so, to our special Beach WOD on Sunday. Ben said he would come see us and bring the girls as cheerleaders! I don’t know what the WOD is, but I’m pretty excited to go for another WOD outdoors!

Béa, showing me her muscles and her ponytail!

Béa, showing me her muscles and her ponytail!


No Longer Afraid

I’ve been thinking a lot about my Crossfit journey lately. What it has brought to me, how it has changed me and the benefits of it all.

For the past 21 months, I have been (mostly) attending the 0600 class, which means that I have been waking up at 0500 in order to go workout. I know, right? For some people, this seems unfathomable and a little on the cray-cray side of things. It is what works for me and my family and obviously, if I’ve stuck to it for so long, it’s because I enjoy it!

I remember the first few months, how I was apprehensive about the WODs. Now, I don’t even think about checking in advance what the workout will be. Sometimes, I will, just to make sure I have everything I need in my bag or to compare the weights I used previously in order to go heavier. I no longer apprehend WODs, instead, I strategize and plan to be efficient. Proof is, I tackled Fight Gone Bad over the weekend without any prep and we just tackled Nancy this morning.

To say that I am more mellow is something only the people close to me will notice. I am still the spirited (ahem), unfiltered French girl amongst the “anglos” around me, but I no longer let the little things get to me. I tackle struggles in strides, one rep at a time, one step at a time. Don’t get me wrong, I still stand out with my personality, I have just mellowed down a bit!

Yep! Still the same, just muted down a bit!

Yep! Still the same, just muted down a bit!


I can now lift heavy things or people by myself. A few months ago, I deadlifted one of these puppies at work to help out a co-worker move the ventilator tubes from underneath the wheels. Mind you, I only deadlifted the one side so probably about half the weight of this beast, but it’s still about 140lbs! :


The Giraffe Omnibed incubator by GE

The Giraffe Omnibed incubator by GE

I can also carry both my kids upstairs on my body when bedtime comes around, even when I’m sick. Last week, Rina wanted me to pick her up while Béatrice wanted to hang onto my back to go upstairs at bedtime. I had kept Nanny around because I was nauseous and not feeling well. She was impressed when she saw the monkeys hanging off me while I made my way up the stairs. That is 60lbs of little humans to carry upstairs! I can also move furniture without my lovely other half around. The downside of this is I also assume everybody else should be able to do the same… I need to learn to lower my expectations! 😉

Today's WOD Source

Today’s WOD

Speaking of expectations, I had none for Nancy this morning. I had only ever done the 3 rounds of Nancy previously and it was terribly scaled down for the OHS weight. You can see by yourself:

Dowel only or training bar

As you can see on my results, I was using the wooden dowel only or a dowel with a 10# plate on it x 15 reps for the OHS  and only doing 3 rounds of the whole thing (running 200m on my 1st attempt and running 400m on my second). Can you say I’ve progressed tremendously since then? Lol!

Here’s how I modified it today. Still not RX, but getting closer.

5 rounds of:

  • 400m run
  • 15 OHS @ 45#

I split up my OHS mostly into sets of 8 reps, followed by 7 reps. I probably could have done 55#, but I don’t think I would have been able to split my OHS like I did today. Nancy sounds easy when you look at it on paper (or on the screen), but when you really analyze it, it’s a 2km run with 75 OHS. If you want to look into it even deeper, the way I scaled it today was 2km run and squatting overhead 3375 lbs (total)! Yeah… It was a tough one! I was happy to finish sub 25 minutes at 23:17, even though it was scaled. I added on way more weight on that bar and did way more reps too, so to me, this is REALLY, REALLY good!

Skill: Power Clean 8×2 EMOM

Since we were keeping the same weight throughout, I chose 60# for all my reps. I was really focusing on jumping (getting my feet off the ground and landing wider)the bar up, all the while maintaining contact on my thighs on the pull.

I came back home, made pancakes for the little ones, showered, did 3 loads of laundry and folded 4 (Nanny was nice enough to give me a head start on my laundry last night before she headed home), cleaned upstairs, picked up Rina from preschool and got everybody lunch. To say that I’m looking forward to sitting on the couch before I go nap (I’m working a night shift tonight) is the understatement of the year. I thought for sure I would be sore in the legs tonight around 10pm. My prediction was so wrong… It’s barely 1pm and my hips and butt are already killing me. Fun night at work tonight, I’m sure! 😉



New Year’s Eve!

I was dog tired last night. So much so that I think I fell asleep on the couch around 2000, woke up around 2200 only to drag my butt upstairs and crash into bed. On cue, I was awake, yet again, at 0400. I tried in vain to fall back asleep, but in the end, I got up and got ready for the WOD.

Another "different" wod - combine all the reps from each of the exercises to get your total score!  You may start at different stations than is listed below if the class is large. Enjoy!!

Part 1:  3 minutes of Back Squats @ 105/155 - please be safe with this, know how to escape if you need to and break the 3 minutes into sets!
Rest 3 min
Part 2:  3 minutes of 2 wall walks (controlled descent), 8 ttb
Rest 3 min
Part 3:  3 minutes of rope climbs
Rest 3 min
Part 4:  3 minutes of Taters (35/53)

TG:  2 min at each station, rest remainder of time.  Scale all weights as needed, lying rope climbs
FG:  scale bar weight to 65/95, taters to 26/44, lying rope climbs

FG2: scale bar weight to 85/115

I was happy we managed to beg for get a 0600 class coached by Caileigh. I had a ton of housecleaning to do and having to go at 0930 would have dragged on the cleaning until much later in the day (I really despise cleaning the house). For the WODs, I did a mix of FG+ with some Rx. Here’s what I did

Part 1: I did all the back squats Rx at 105#. I managed 23 reps in the 3 minutes allowed and I realized only after I was done that I should have worn my lifting shoes for this one. Oh well…

Part 2: I did this one FG since I can’t do a TTB. I did knees to elbows and managed 21 reps for this one.

Part 3: I did all my reps as lying rope climbs and managed 11 reps. Those were very unpleasant and I need to work on my rope climbs in the coming year (amongst other things).

Part 4: I did all my taters at 35# and even managed the proper swing of the KB. No more modifying swing for this Mama! I managed 28 reps of these.

Grand total score of 83. Meh! I wasn’t very pleased with my score, but it’s still much better than if I had stayed in bed this morning! 😉

I came back home, made breakfast and tackled the cleaning. I was lucky to have some tremendous helpers (Ben) and some, not so tremendous ones (Rina and Béatrice). It took us a good 3hrs to get the house completely clean and I am now waiting to fold the last load of laundry. I am pooped and will wish you all a very Happy New Year right now, because chances are, I’ll be drooling on the couch again at 2000 tonight! Be safe if you party it up!

Keep On Pushing

I knew yesterday would be brutal, but I didn’t know how brutal it would be.

Woke up early for the 0600 Crossfit class and I got dressed quickly in the quiet house. Our house! Still feels a bit weird to say out loud! 🙂

I had looked up the WOD the night before and I knew it would be hard:

Skills: My ankle is a whole lot better, but it’s still stiff and swollen, so I took it cautiously yesterday. To top it off, we did some side shuffles around the gym and it is still pailful for me to do lateral motion (pushing off my foot sideways hurts still) so I was already being cautious after that. I started at 20″ for the box jumps (easy) and managed to do 4 rounds of 3 at 24″. I think I probably could have done 25″ or even 26″, but given my ankle, I chose not to. Also, I got my foot caught on the box once. No shin skinning happened, but it was enough for me! 24″ = 39% of my height! Yay me!

WOD: That was brutal. Period. Airdyne sprints (or crawls in my case) are not my cup of tea. I was paired with two beasts Bo and Krysha, so I elected to go for last on each rounds, meaning I would have to be on the dreadful thing for 16 calories for the 1st round, 14 cals for the 2nd round, 12 cals, for the 3rd round and 10 cals for the last round. Not surprisingly, I was the last one of all the teams to finish, but I didn’t really care. I had too much on my mind. I’ve been stressed out of my brains lately with some family stuff, the move and everything else in my day-to-day life and I just wanted to get this thing done because I could feel tears bubbling up and I didn’t want to cry with every one watching. I don’t know what it is, but when I get emotionally stressed and follow-up with an intense physical workout, it’s like opening the flood gates to everything I have been suppressing and then I’m treated to the worst involuntary ugly cry show. So yeah, didn’t want that happening again. I plowed through my 4th round, got off the devil incarnated and went to the wall to catch my breath and let some tears flow free. I managed to not go into the ugly cry fest and with some deep breathing, I remained somewhat presentable before quickly leaving the premises. I hate when that happens. I hate not being in control of my emotions when I’m at Crossfit. This is supposed to be my time to myself, my escape, my little haven, the one place where I can stop thinking about everything happening in my life and just lift heavy things, move them and burn some energy. Oh well. Next time will be better, I’m sure!

My thoughts, exactly!

My thoughts, exactly!

I knew the rest of the day wasn’t gonna be any easier as I was already feeling super stiff and sore in my deltoids and trapezius muscles. That’s what happens when I get stressed out. Everything in my neck and upper back bunches up and gets into a big ball of knots. After finishing to unpack the upstairs, I sorted and folded/hung all of the girls’ clothes and did the same to our clothes too. the only thing left to unpack upstairs is our makeshift desk/office station on the landing.

Today, we got up early again and I made up a list of things to get at Walmart (food, clothes for Rina and organizers for our cutlery drawer), I then sprayed some baking soda on our carpets upstairs and in the staircase and let it sit for a long hour in order to try to get rid of the intense cat urine smell that overtook the house last night. We are not sure if the smell was coming off the carpet in the suite or the carpet in our place, but we got on it quick! After I fed the girls their lunch, I got going on the vacuuming of the previously spread baking soda (smells much better!) and started to clean the upstairs bathroom (ceiling, walls, shower, toilet, tub, floors, EVERYTHING was scrubbed and is now sparkling) while Ben added shelvings for storage in the basement and ripped up the carpet in our rental suite. Once I was done scrubbing, I went to help him out with removing the under-padding and am now sitting down for the 1st time today, frizzed and disheveled and surrounded by boxes. I am hoping to tackle the boxes in the living room tomorrow while doing laundry and getting ready for another set at work. Only 2 more sets of work before I’m on vacation for a month! But first, we will enjoy our traditional Sunday breakfast out with aunt Sandy who kindly noticed that I have a few grey strands of hair showing. I believe her subdued statement went something like this: “Holy sh** you have a lot of grey hair!” Good thing I like her! 😉

I finally decided to sit down around 1500 to take  a little quiet break while the girls were still napping and wanted to write up this post, but our internet was wonky and I’m just finally able to finish this off.

Not impressed with my grey hair or the unpacking left, but I am impressed with my trapezius! Check out my little bulge! :)

Not impressed with my grey frizzy hair, the wonky internet connection or the unpacking left, but I am impressed with my trapezius! Check out my little bulge! 🙂

Now, I will indulge in a hot water bottle on my back, some knitting and mindless TV watching! ‘Night!


Purging, Packing and WODing


What a busy week it has been! Well, it’s official! We have bought a house! All that is left to do is close the deal at the end of the month, take possession of the house and move all our belongings before June 30th! No pressure! Let’s just say that sleep deprivation has kicked into high gear and I still don’t know how I managed to get through my last night shifts at work. I was completely exhausted and managed to line up 6hrs in a row of sleep during the day yesterday.

Our new house!

Our new house!

This morning, I really wanted to go to the BOX for a stress-relieving WOD, but I felt like my hubby wanted me to stay home and help purge/pack instead, which is what I did. I had looked up the WOD last night and I figured I could do it at home with a few modifications.

We managed to pack a grand total of 4 boxes (it ain’t easy to do with two toddlers around!) and we purged 6 huge garbage bags of clothes / shoes / yarn that we dropped off to the Salvation Army. There is a box of books and DVDs that could also go to the Sally Ann (our nickname for S.A), but I have a friend who will pick through my cookbooks before I get rid of them! 🙂

I got rid of all my maternity and breastfeeding clothes (which helps solidify our decision to not have anymore kids!) as well as all the clothes I hadn’t worn in the last year. I figured, if I didn’t wear them then, they probably don’t fit me anymore (some were too big, others, too small) or are out of style anyway! It felt good to get rid of so much clutter! Tomorrow, I plan on packing all the “fancy” dishes we keep in our hutch since we don’t use them on a daily basis as well as some other little kitchen appliances.

Once the girls were in bed for their (much needed) nap, I set up shop outside and was ready to tackle the WOD.

Ready to WOD in the grass!

Ready to WOD in the grass!

SKILL: I used dumbbells we have at home since the hubby took our KB to work (he’s a squash coach and works out between lessons). I did 5×5/arm E2M using 15# and 20# dumbbells. My reps went like this:


WOD: I can’t do unassisted strict pull-ups at the Box, and we don’t have a spot for our pull-up bar at home, so I did rubber band rows instead. I did my pushups Rx and modified the Walking Lunges for reverse walking lunges with a 20# dumbbell. I managed to get through the 5 rounds, but now I know why I don’t mind getting up at 0500 to go to the Box. It is HOT out there at 1500!!!

WODing in the sun isn't fun!

WODing in the sun isn’t fun!

Now the girls are waking up from their naps and we have a double date tonight with friends of ours who are going to give us some tips on how to be awesome landlords since our place has a suite in it! All over lovely sushis and without the kiddos! 🙂

P.S. I know I haven’t posted my Progress Update this month, but I will wait for my 1 year Crossfit Anniversary for the next update! Hopefully, it will be a good one! 🙂

Cleaning out the air.

I’ve been on a cleaning out rampage lately. I like to keep my house clean. Although extremely disorderly, (it happens with 2 children when you live in a tight place) the house is dusted, vacuumed and mopped once a week. I have also tried to keep the back patio somewhat clean as I like (well, tolerate) sitting out there when the girls are napping, since it’s in the shade.

The wonderful view from our patio... :(

The wonderful view from our patio… 😦

I like putting things away and going to bed with toys and dishes and clothes out of sight. I will do more intense sorting out over the weekend when Ben is around to watch the girls so I can sort out the clothes that don’t fit them anymore and make room for new ones I just purchased for Rina. After spending $200, all I’m missing for her are 4 sweaters and a pair of winter boots (yes, I made a list of what she needed in order not to buy unnecessary items. I told you I was Type A!). I’ll make her a winter hat and scarf and she’ll be good to go! As for Béatrice, she gets to wear Rina’s old clothes and we save up that way. She’s too young to know any better anyway! 😉

The same goes for Crossfit. I know for a fact that there are many detractors of Crossfit out there (just google “why crossfit isn’t good for you” and you’ll see for yourself), but here’s the catch people. Do your own research. The coaches teaching Crossfit have no “university degree in Crossfit”. They have a certification offered by that they have paid for and attended classes for, but they are not necessarily personal trainers. Anybody can become a Crossfit certified coach. I know that. I also know that certain Boxes (crossfit gyms) are reputable for not caring about proper form when you are lifting and, again, I advise you, do your own research. If a Box isn’t willing to let you try a class for free, I would run away from it. If the coaches are not willing to answer your questions regarding form or if their advice doesn’t make sense, again, I would be skeptical. I’m a nurse and I understand how to move my body in an effective and safe way. I’ve dance for a number of years, done yoga and studied lifting on my own and with the help of my husband, a squash pro, as well as some trainers at the gym. Know your body and know your own limits. My coaches never push me beyond what I think I’m capable and I set my own limits. Our coaches are also always walking around when we work on skills, giving out tips and advice on how to better our form in order to prevent injury. Yes, you can get hurt at Crossfit, but you can also get hurt lifting a box with the improper body mechanics or sleeping in a funky way on your pillow.

I’m sick of people bashing Crossfit, when really, any kind of physical activity comes with its own set of risks, yet, you don’t hear people bashing running or speed walking for that matter. I think it’s time people stop being negative and start concentrating on the positive. I always say that I may have sucked at a WOD, but at least, I was out there and moving. Better than if I had stayed at home on the couch. Same goes for the runner, walker, hiker, surfer, you name it. Crossfit works for me. I like that it’s a competition with myself, it pushes me to get fit and move more, it’s in a group setting (which works tons better for me than the traditional gym setting) and it is fun (at least, it is to me)!

If Crossfit isn’t your thing, fine by me. I will never force you to try it.  As long as you feel comfortable in your hobby, sport, passion, who am I to judge, really? Therefore, I would appreciate you didn’t judge me on my knitting/crochet, Crossfit, parenting. Please and thank you! There is so much negativity in the world, could we not focus on the positivity instead?