Christmas Cold

I haven’t posted in a bit. My last night shift, Rina got sick with a fever and a sore ear and Ben brought her to the ER to get checked out. It turns out she is fine and we have been managing her symptoms with Tylenol and Advil, but I finished my night with a sore throat and when I woke up from my nap, I had a full blown cold. So, to recap, Rina is sick, Béa is sick and I’m now sick as well. To top it all off, Ben has finally caught it as well and we are a couching/sniffling/sneezing mess of a family.

A little head cold didn’t stop me from making my way to the Box on Saturday and this morning as well. I probably could have gone lifting on Thursday morning, but Ben was able to come home early and we spent the evening together, just chatting about life and things. It was nice and by the time he reminded me about lifting in the morning, I had missed my bedtime by about 2 hrs in order to get up at 0500, so I chose not to go.

This morning though, the girls didn’t have school so I took the opportunity to go back to the 0600 class and that meant waking up at 0500. It was nice to see the old crew again! Here’s what we did:

Skill: Back Squat 5×3 (Tempo 3-2-1) E2M

I had done these 2 weeks ago and had finished at 100#, with a 10# PR. I remembered I was struggling with these and I wanted to try 105# for a new PR. I paired up with Gail and we got working. Here were my sets:


I was pretty pumped about this new PR!

WOD: Thriller

We had tackled this one last June and I had done FG1 @55# on the 20″ box. Today, I was really wanting to try 65#, but with my cold and being back on the 20″ box for the first time since my rehab, I chose to stick to 55#. Good thing I did too because I kept gripping the bar unbalanced and that screwed up some of my reps. I had to re-adjust my grip at the top of the thruster and it made for some lost time.

The first round went well and I was really focusing on trying to be explosive from the hips on the BJ instead of just pulling my feet up onto the box. It was hard since I also had to focus on bracing my inner abs while stepping down from the box in order not to jut my butt to the side (which aggravates my sciatic pain). Sometimes when I think too much about a movement, it’s almost like it’s too much for my little head and then my body is all wonky. That’s what happened today.

My third round was horrible for my grip on the thrusters and I had to put the bar down after 6 reps. I was also really cramping out at the bottom of the squat on the BJ and Coach Caleb came by to remind me to use my hips. I was tired and not sure I could do just that, but I made a mental note to try it on the next round.

My 4th round was better. I didn’t have to put the bar down, I just rested at the top of the thrusters and kept going and was trying to be more explosive on the BJ. I’m not sure I managed, but Coach Caleb told me he could tell I was at least trying. I guess, that’s “A” for effort! Lol! 😉

Here were my reps today vs. back in June:

  • 1:29 today  vs. 1:29 in June
  • 1:34 today vs. 1:35 in June
  • 2:03 today vs. 1:36 in June
  • 1:41 today vs 1:48 in June

Had it not been for me dropping the bar on my 3rd set, I think I could have PR’d this WOD, but I didn’t do so bad considering I’m stuffed up and coughing a bit. My time for today was 3:32 vs. 3:17 back in June, which is only 15s slower. I’m not too upset about that one and so far, no sciatic pain from the BJ step down! I’ll take it!

The girls are home with me today and surprisingly enough, I don’t have any cooking, cleaning or laundry to do. I had planned on taking them on a short hike, but it’s raining outside so we are doing collages and playing with Play-Doh. I’m hoping to get to wrap some Christmas presents today and tonight and be done with that before I head back to work tomorrow.

I’m Losing This War!

I took the night off last night and I’m glad I did. I must have lost about 2lbs of snot and my ear are completely blocked from my sinuses being so stuffed up. Yesterday, I managed to get through the day with an indoor fort in the living room to keep the girls busy (as well as some Netflix, let’s be honest here)! To top it all up, I woke up with a lovely cold sore this morning… 😦

Béatrice is a snotty as I am, everybody in this house is coughing and run down. It’s not pretty, folks! I feel like posting a biohazard sign on our front door!

Enter at your own health risks!

Enter at your own health risks!

I feel and look like crap and of course, today is the day I get some pictures taken for a special project I’m working on. I’m not gonna say more about it until it is out in the open, but let’s just say I could have done without this mucus-induced cough and the cold sore today! I’ll need my lungs and need to be on my A-game! I was also planning on going to Crossfit tomorrow, but I guess we’ll see how we all feel in the morning. It’s been a week since my last WOD and I’m jonesing from withdrawal! 😉

I will finish cleaning my kitchen this morning and get some groceries to plan for these delicious-looking recipes:


Meatball Bake

Pizza Spaghetti Pie

Pizza Spaghetti Pie


Paleo Buffalo Chicken Pasta

Paleo Buffalo Chicken Pasta

I’ll be adding vegetables to all of the above to make them a complete meal and, hopefully, I’ll be in the mend with these lovely meals! Click on the pics to be re-directed to the recipes!

“No Rep”-Day

Last night, I could tell I was catching the girls’ cold, but I still laid out my workout clothes in the bathroom with all the best intentions of making it to the 0600 Crossfit class this morning. Béatrice, however, had other plans. She woke up at 2300 and pretty much cried on straight through until 0230. I stayed up with her because Ben had to work today and I only go back to work tonight. I will take a nap in an hour or so, when the Nanny gets here.

It was a brutal night. After I finally managed to get BeZU down and sleeping, I was on edge, half expecting her to wake right back up and, therefore, I didn’t get back to sleep until 0330. We all woke up a bit later this morning and Béatrice was in the cranky-est of moods. I’m just happy she is finally napping and sound asleep for her afternoon nap. I am exhausted and stuffed up and not looking forward to a (nother) full night of being up, but I’ll manage somehow.

Béatrice, cranky and exhausted. Might as well laugh about it because there's nothing I can do about the bags under my eyes! ;)

Béatrice, cranky and exhausted. Might as well laugh about it because there’s nothing I can do about the bags under my eyes! 😉

I’m just glad the cleaning and laundry is done and I won’t have to deal with that on my days off as Ben will be working and I have a hunch I’ll be sick with a cold and the girls to deal with… Fun times ahead!

I hate missing Crossfit, but there was no way I was gonna make it in today. I just need to rest a bit before my night at work and  going to Crossfit would have been counter-productive. You gotta know your limits and know when to say “No rep”! I just hope the girls sleep through the night tonight so at least, Ben will be able to recoup a bit…

Not Feeling It

I went to bed last night with a mild cough, a sore throat and sneezing. Great! After the stomach flu earlier this week, now I’m starting a cold. Bleh! I still made up my mind to go to Crossfit this morning, even though Rina woke up at 0300 saying: “Mama, my teeth hurt, my ear hurts”. She came back to bed with us and it took her forever to fall back asleep. It’s ok because the “early class” at Crossfit on Thursday is at 0700 so I still felt like we all “slept in”.

I absolutely sucked at the snatch. I couldn’t do them with the 35# bar empty so I reverted to the training bar (15#?, not sure) for all my reps and even at that, my form was all wonky and I felt out of it.

As for the WOD, I did FG with a 26#KB. I did 12 full rounds + 11 burpees out of the 13th round. Felt completely defeated, but it was good to get my sweat going. I felt like I’m losing my fitness. Ben says that it’s because I have a cold. I sure hope he’s right. I had planned on going to Crossfit last Monday, but never ended up going because of my stomach flu, so I’ll go today and tomorrow. I expect to be sore, but I really want to keep going twice/week even though I’m back to work. The new schedule at work isn’t fun. 4 days off (more like 3 because the 1st one off is always after a night shift and I NEED to sleep some of it) doesn’t feel like it’s enough and then you’re right back to it. I wish it was different, but such is our reality right now, so I just have to suck it up, buttercup.

The only good thing that came out of today is that I did my pull-ups with the red and blue bands and they were real pull-ups, none of that flying over the bar into a chest-to-bar! 🙂 Little victories!

No Excuses!

Ben is away again and after yesterday’s ordeal, we are nanny-less again. I had resigned myself to miss Crossfit because I had nobody to watch the girls… UNTIL I read the Box’s blog last night! Wait a minute! The WOD doesn’t require a bar or a box and we have a 25#KB at home! Golden! I can just take the girls to the playground, plop them in the sand while I WOD my butt off around them! Yay! 🙂

I obviously couldn’t do the Skill part of today’s class, but I could very well do the WOD! I was determined to get it done this morning even though, when I woke up, it was raining, cold and windy.

I swear, it must have taken me 40 mins to get the girls ready (not an easy feat trying to squeeze all those little body parts in so many layers in order for them to stay warm in the cold rain!) and another 20 mins to walk there, pushing Béa with the Kettlebell in the stroller while Rina held my hand and walked, slowly, beside me…

We finally arrived at the playground and I plopped the girls in the sand and started the MapMyRun App on my phone to have my distances logged in (and timer as well). I probably could have Rx’d the distances and the rounds, but I was cutting it close with Béatrice’s nap time, so I decided to go TG (better than nothing).

Haven't started yet and I already feel miserable...

Haven’t started yet and I’m wet and cold!

I managed to do the 1st 450m run and 1 round of HR push-ups and RKBS before Béatrice had an epic fit. I guess cold and wet sand had lost its appeal and she wanted back in the stroller. I paused my timer and put her back in to the stroller with her toys and blanket. I put the rain cover back on the stroller to protect her from the rain and picked up the KB for my 2nd round. The good thing about doing hand-release push-ups in the park when it’s raining is that you don’t pause for too long on the ground because you get soaked and it’s freezing! Made me get through those push-ups without any pause! The bad thing about doing HR push-ups at the playground is you end up with sand everywhere: on your face, in your hair, in your mouth, on your clothes… Sand everywhere!

Perils of doing HR pushups at the playground when it's raining outside: wet belly and leg and sand everywhere!

Perils of doing HR pushups at the playground when it’s raining outside: wet belly and leg and sand everywhere!

Please, excuse the glow of my pasty legs in the above picture… I don’t fake tan! 😉

I then took off for my 250m run and I could hear Béatrice howling expressing her discontent in the stroller, despite Rina trying to keep her entertained. I did my 2nd rounds of RKBS and HR push-ups and took off quickly for the last 250m run. I just wanted to be done so I could come back home, put Béa down for her nap and warm up a bit.

My crying and cheering squad!

My crying and cheering squad!

I finished with a time of 12:31 and I realized I hadn’t stopped during the running parts! Yay for me! I packed everybody up and amazingly enough, Rina didn’t complain to come back home and she held my hand the whole way back! 🙂 I had to take a celebratory selfie after this little adventure. Unbeknownst to me, my face and nose were full of sand and my glasses were foggy from me sweating it up in the cold rain.

Goofy face, foggy glasses and sand on my nose. What more can a Crossfit Mama want?!?

Goofy face, foggy glasses and sand on my nose. What more can a Crossfit Mama want?!?

Laundry is getting done, Béatrice is napping, I’m all warmed up in my sweat pants after a quick hot bath and I have a nanny lined up for an interview this afternoon. If anybody would like to call me SuperMama, for today only, I will answer to that moniker! 😉

Goals and A** Kicking

I didn’t blog about the WOD yesterday because I have a pretty bad cold and I had absolutely no energy yesterday to blog about it. My day was spent praying for 1900 (the girls’ bedtime) and trying to remain somewhat human through chills, hot flashes, bone aches sore throat, ear ache and no voice. Rina is sick too and although Béa was fine yesterday, she’s starting to have a runny nose and coughing as well… I slept a whole 7hrs last night (that’s a long time for me!) and the girls “slept in” (Rina only woke up at 0630 and Béa, her usual 0730). I still don’t have much of a voice today, but I’m feeling a whole lot better!

I did go to the BOX yesterday for the 0600 class (I wasn’t yet feeling like crap and my rule is, if your illness is above the neck (sore throat, stuffy nose, etc), you’re good to workout. When it goes below the neck (chest cough, upset stomach, etc), stay home). It was a tough one and I did ok considering I was sick. I really wanted to go because we are starting to work on another one of my goals: Pistol Squats! I didn’t know what to expect when it comes to Pistols and I now know I won’t be accomplishing that goal anytime soon, but it’s something else to work on!



I managed well with the Pistol off the 20″ box but didn’t do so well with the help of a band. When it came time for the WOD, I was teamed up with Tracey and Shela and Shela and I were going to try from 5×45# plates stacked up (I would say about 16″) and I couldn’t do them, so I went back to the 20″ box.



Source That always makes me laugh because it’s so true!

We ended up with a score of 649 and we all modified accordingly to our own strength (Tracey is still working on recovery for her knee and Shela and I are still very much newbies!)

Here’s what my personal score looked like:

Screen Shot 2013-10-25 at 8.17.16 AM

The Row part killed me. I was having a hard time breathing and those floor to overhead plates were HEAVY! I kept thinking I was lifting Rina over my head (she’s 27#)! Not too bad though and at least, I go my 3 WODs in this week! 🙂

I have also been nominated for the Liebster Award and I’ve been working on the post since I was nominated, but I probably won’t get it done until tomorrow because Mamie (my mom) arrives today for 2 weeks! I’m so happy I’ll get to spend some time with her! 🙂





Survival Instincts

It’s been a long day in our household today and it ended with Ben leaving for work and me having to entertain the girls by myself (once again!) while finishing up the laundry (once again!). The afternoon was spent with me wishing the girls would be good and Rina having meltdowns after meltdowns. Poor thing has had a low-grade fever all day, either has snots flying out of her like sap out of a maple tree in the spring or is completely stuffed up.

After having had 2 time-outs at dinnertime, I called it quits and got everybody in the tub and ready for bed. A quick FaceTime call with Ben (our routine at bedtime when he’s not home to help out, we call him to say goodnight) and it was time for lights out. I put Béa down in her crib (our girls share a room) and then asked Rina if she wanted to rock with me for a bit in our rocking chair. She did, so we got settled. She ordered asked me to massage her back and I obeyed obliged. After a while, I put her in her bed and she asked nicely for me to scratch her back as she laid on her tummy. I sat down on the floor next to her toddler bed, my head resting on the railing and started gently scratching. Just as I was thinking that I was done for the day and couldn’t wait to get some alone time, she feebly reached out her arm and stroke my cheek with her hand and said: “Love you too mama” (her way of saying I love you). I swear sometimes, kids have a 6th sense and they know when you are at the end of your roll, and they do something really sweet and innocent like that just to make your mommy heart melt all over again. I guess it’s their way to let us know that, as parents,  we’re not doing such a bad job after all. Either that or it’s their survival instincts kicking in! 😉

I made sure she was comfortable for the night (saline solution up her nose after bath time, then doused her in generously applied some Vicks Vaporub). Let’s hope things stay this way as, for now, all is quiet on the baby monitor. For now…

It’s not easy being green!

As typically on Fridays, it was a challenge waking up at 0500 to go to the 0600 Crossfit class, but I made it anyway. I still looked like I had my pillow in my face when I showed up to the box, but to my amazement, we were 14 for the 06000 class! We totally rocked the morning WOD too! 🙂

Actually, it was my 1st shot at Wallup workout and as discussed in this post, I chose to decrease the bands to assist me in my pull-ups. During the Skill section, I 1st tried with a green and red band, but I still felt like my chin was flying over the bar, therefore, I removed the red band and proceeded to do y pull-ups with the green band alone. I managed to do 4 kipping pull-ups in a row so I figured I would stay at that for the WOD.

I was going to do the TG and do 3 rounds of 12 wall balls (10#) and do 8 pull-up, but during after the 3rd round of the WOD, I felt like I still had some gas in me, so I went in for a 4th round! I finished with a time of 6:35 and did all my pull-ups on the green band! I’m so proud! Not to mention that Coach Caleb also noticed I “graduated” to the green band 🙂

After the WOD, Tracey (Coach Caleb’s mom) came to me and said that Mark (her husband and COach Caleb’s dad. They also come to Crossfit at our Box. I guess they keep it in the family! 🙂 ) was impressed at how determined I was. That brought me to tears! Mark and I had been paired off together for the last two team WODs and I felt like I was slowing him down, so it was nice to hear he noticed I’m really pushing myself. I guess I see my time at the box as my one opportunity in the day to better myself so, heck yeah, I’m gonna push myself! Anyway, I left the box sobbing tears of joy at Tracey and Mark’s comments and kindness. Can you tell I don’t interact with adults much? LOL!

It was still a bit dark outside when I came back home and the fog was slightly rolling in from the ocean. I could also hear the fog horn blowing. The street was quiet and I took a selfie to celebrate my “graduation” to the green band!

Wearing my green hoodie to celebrate my green band. Kiddin', that was just coincidence :)

Wearing my green hoodie to celebrate my green band. Kiddin’, that was just coincidence 🙂

Cuddling to snotty stuffy nose

Cuddling to snotty stuffy nose

The house was completely silent when I walked in, but Rina heard me and came to greet me in the bathroom as I was washing my face. Poor thing came back from her 2nd day of pre-school yesterday shivering and with a runny nose. I knew what was coming: snot fest and stuffy nose. She has a low-grade fever today so it will be Acetaminophen, Ibuprofen, fluids for her today. I will also go see if I can get some Kids 0-9 upon a friend’s suggestion. I’m glad Ben will be home until mid-afternoon until he has to leave for a tournament at the squash club. Maybe I’ll be able to run my errands kid-free! 🙂

TC10K, sleeping in, civic duty and tooth extraction…

Sweet Rina!,

This will be an extremely long post as I haven’t blogged in a few days and have some catching up to do!

Yesterday was a gorgeous day for the TC10K! It was extra sunny, the course was one of the easiest 10km we’ve done together and the weather was just perfect. We met up with a few of our mommy-babies friends and kept a good pace for the entire course. Everybody we were with were taller than us (not hard to do, really) and therefore, taking longer strides which meant a faster pace for us! 😉

Below are a few pics I took of the race. Although everyone was ok with me posting the pictures on the blog, I’ve blurred our racing bib numbers to keep a bit of privacy:

Our group, sorry for the blaring sun! 😉

Walking a 10km can be exhausting for a baby...

...which is why the baby naps, while the mama walks!

The view of the snowy peaks and the ocean behind SuperMama and SuperDaddy

Everybody did really well in the race with a finish time of 2:02 or about. If we take away the 5mins we waited in line for our bathroom break, we all came in under 2hrs! Good job everyone!

After we were done with the walk and changing a few diapers in the open air (don’t worry, we picked a secluded spot so as not to expose all of your very cute little bottoms to everyone around us 🙂 )  we went to grab breakfast and headed home after that. You and I napped together and then, it was time to go pick up BabyDaddy at the airport. Although you have been a little angel for me over the 5 days your Dad was away, I was very happy to be reunited with our family. You see, your Dad and I love each other very much and I like being around him as much as I can. I’m pretty sure you do too as you slept in until 0830 this morning, snuggled between us in our bed! I picked you up around 0500 when you fussed a little and you went back to sleep between the 2 of us! 🙂 It was nice of you to sleep in as I had to get ready for my dentist appointment and I have a feeling your dad wanted to get some rest too.

As for my dentist appointment, everything is fine with my teeth, except for my wisdom teeth… Every time I go to the dentist, there’s always the threat of having to remove them (I only have 3 and they never came out, so they are monitored closely). By now, being 33 years old, I thought I was out of the woods, but apparently not. My only lower wisdom tooth has moved a lot over the past 4 years, threatening the alignment of my other teeth and the dentist now thinks we should do something about it. However, it is very close to the nerve and therefore, I now have a consultation with a dental surgeon. Yay me! NOT! I really hope a tooth extraction is covered by my medical insurance as there is no way I can afford that on my maternity leave wages… I’ll find out more once the dental surgeon’s office calls to book an appointment. I am not happy about that at all… I am very conscious of my oral hygiene and floss EVERY NIGHT before going to bed. This should’ve been dealt with a long time ago and not left until now. Seriously, who gets their wisdom teeth pulled out at 33?!? Ugh. And to top it all off, I think my body has finally relaxed now that your Dad is home and given in to the threatening cold that has been looming over me while he was away (I had a scratchy throat, but nothing else). I’m now full-blown stuffed up in one nare and yet, I have the sniffles… Oh well, it’s raining today and a perfect day to feel sicky at home!

Today, a national election is being held for our country. I went in to vote after my dentist appointment. I am hoping this time around, things will change as I feel that our past recent leaders have mainly been focusing on picking on one another instead at looking at ways to better what is already a great country. Here’s to keeping my fingers crossed!

In other news, you keep growing at an alarming rate! You are now pushing through your pyjamas that are 3-6months in size and you’re not even 5 months old yet. Literally!

Ripping through your pyjamas...

Your toes are playing Peekaboo!

You seem very coy about the whole thing! 😉

We love you very much darling Rina!

Mom & Dad Xxo