One Last Time

I got up yesterday morning, rolled over to turn my alarm off and considering that everything was hurting on my little body, I chose to just roll over and “sleep in”. I could barely walk from all the wallballs on Wednesday, let alone pick-up the girls (thanks rope climb practice), so I chose to rest. I did make it in this morning though because it was a special one.

Since our Box is moving to a new, yet undisclosed, location, it was the last time I would WOD with my 0600 crew at the location that has seen me go from couch potato to semi-fit. I have to admit, I was a bit sad when I drove in this morning, reflecting on all the achievements I had accomplished in the past 22 months.

Most of the rubber mats have been taken away

Most of the rubber mats have been taken away

The PR wall has been taken down

The PR wall has been taken down

Where our logo used to hang

Where our logo used to hang

There were only 8 of us for the 0600 class this morning since some of our crew is in Seattle for the Regionals. Coach Brendan was filling in and he led us through this:

Skill: DUs practice

I was hoping to finally reach into the double-digits for those today and my goal was to get 10 in a row. I was super stoked when I achieved this:

New DUs PR! 16 in a row!

New DUs PR! 16 in a row!

We then paired up into teams of 4 and got ready for the WOD

WOD: Team 8K

Each partner had to row a minimum of 1km, but we decided to all do 2km and split the intervals in 4x500m. I was teamed up with David, Bo and Linda and fate would have it that I would be the last member of my team to go on the erg. That meant I had to bring us to the finish. Eww! I tried my best to keep consistent throughout, but I know I faltered. I can only remember my last round, where I managed to keep it around 2:15, then drifted off around 2:27, only to finish the last 100m at around 2:02, which brought us to a finish time of 31:26 for the entire thing. I was glad it was over. I was a sweaty mess when I was done!

Photo 2015-05-29, 7 17 23 AM

I rushed home to get the girls ready in order to drop Rina off to school. Since Ben had a work thing early today, that meant I was on driving duty as well as groceries, laundry and cooking. It was a whirlwind morning and now, I’m watching the Regionals Team Events I missed this morning, with my feet comfortably up on the couch!

Tonight, I get to dress up and be proud of my man as he receives an award for viaSPORT British Columbia Regional/Provincial Coach of the Year Award! Pretty proud of my man and to see all his hard work pay off! Can’t wait to celebrate him (and have a pretend date-night)!

PR Day And A Date Night

I had a hard time falling asleep last night after I saw which WOD was awaiting for us in the morning. I was wondering how I should tackle it and was anxious to see if I had gotten any stronger at it. I woke up before my alarm went off and it’s a good thing too because I had forgotten to turn it on!

During my own warm-up, I tried to do TTB on my own, but they still elude me. I really wanted to try them on the rings, but I couldn’t reach any of the rings and it would have taken me too long to set them up for my height. Better luck next time! Here’s what we did:

Skill: Back Squat 5×5 E2M

If you remember, we have done these just last week, but the interval was E90S. I don’t know if it was the longer rest period, but I felt much better doing them today. I even managed a new PR at 110#. I was pacing myself better and even though the last set was hard, I didn’t feel like I was going to pass out like I did last week!  Below are my reps:


WOD: Jackie

The last time I tackled this one was back in February 2014 and I had finished in 13:10 with the following scaling:

  • 1000m row
  • 50 thrusters at 35#
  • 30 pull-ups with red and blue bands

Here’s what I did today:

  • 1000m row
  • 50 thrusters at 45#
  • 30 pull-ups with red and purple bands

We had to have 3 heats for this one because we are limited to 6 ergs and I chose to go in the 3rd heat since I’m so fast on the erg (NOT!)

I was actually impressed with my time on the erg. I finished the 1000m in 4:49 which is pretty good for me considering my very recent 1000m PR was 4:29.0 just earlier this week. I was just trying to keep my pace between 2:25-2:30/500m. Not surprisingly, I was the last one to get off the erg and move onto the thrusters. I felt good doing these and I tried my best to break them into sets of 5, rest the bar on my hips or on my back, then go for 5 more, but more often than not, my second set of 5 had to be broken down into 3 & 2 and then I would drop the bar on the floor.

Then it was on to the rig for the pull-ups. When I first got on the rig, I did 5, then 4 and then kept my sets at 3 reps. It took me a while, but I finished in 14:31 and even though I took longer, it’s a new PR for me since I increased the bar weight to Rx and decreased the resistance in the bands I used. Karen was a huge motivator and she was even holding the block of chalk up for me so I wouldn’t have to get off my box to chalk up (Thanks so much Karen, it saved me some precious seconds!) and Linda was cheering me on. When I was done, Linda said I looked really strong on the pull-ups and I probably could have gone even lower with the bands. I guess I’ll have to try next time! 😉

Now, I’m off to get my hair cut and then, the hubster and I have a date tonight! It feels like it’s been months since we’ve spent some alone time together and I’m very much looking forward to a nice, hot, uninterrupted meal with my love followed by some strolling around downtown! 🙂

Now, That Was Insane!

I looked at the WOD last night and I was happy to see we would be doing some lifts (which meant I could try on my new lifting shoes! 🙂 ), but I also saw we would be doing pull-ups and push presses which meant I had to do something about the calluses on my hands. They have been bugging me for the past week and I took my Angel Feet Mini Pro II and filed the crap out of those calluses! It still feels like I have a blister under the right callous, but it was much better at the Box today.

BTW, I love the shoes, they are extremely comfortable, support the midsole very well, have a very roomy toe box and are very supple on top. I kept them on for the WOD and they were fine throughout and offered good toe grip for the burpee part of the WOD. Perfect for me!

My lovely oly lifter shoes!

My lovely oly lifter shoes!

I started warming up like I usually do and other people were showing up as well… at a steady flow… not seeming to stop! We ended up being 22 at the 0600 class this morning! It was INSANE, but in a good way! The Box was buzzing and the vibe gave me a different kind of energy I had never felt before! It was truly awesome! 🙂 We took a picture of the group after the class was done and I’ll ask the Box if I can post it on here.

Because we were so many, we had to team up in teams of 3 for the skill and the WOD as well.

We started our push presses with 55# and I did the following reps:


I was the only one of my group to go up to 70#. It felt strong and I think I could have gone higher by a little more. Next time!

For the WOD, I chose to go for the FG1 group and here’s what I did:

5 rounds:

  • 5 power cleans at 55# (that was hard, but I managed to get through all 5 sets better than I thought I would)
  • 7 burpess
  • 9 chest-to-bar with red and green band (I really need to decrease those bands, maybe green alone or red and blue together. I was aiming at pull-ups and kept flying over the bar into chest-to-bar)
  • 42 single skip

My average time of my fastest and slowest combined was 3:40 (1:45, 1:55, 1:50, 1:51, 1:54). I really wish I could have done a 6th round, but at the beginning of my 3rd round, I felt a pinch in my left shoulder that lingered all through my 4th round as well, so I chose not to push it. I rolled my shoulder on a Lacrosse ball after we were done and I will apply some heat to it and keep rolling it out today.

It was so great to have all these people to work out with, everybody was sweaty and smiling at the end, it was really neat!

I came back home a little later than usual and Ben was still in bed. He was complaining of not having a good night (I already knew that as he was tossing and turning for most of it). He got up, thought he had a fever (nothing on the thermometer) and said he felt like he would pass out. I told him to go back to bed and I hope some rest is all he needs in order to feel better. We had planned a “date night sans kiddos” tonight and have booked a sitter so we could go out to dinner. Heaven knows we need a little time as a couple since it’s just been crazy the past week. With me being back to work and Ben traveling again next weekend, we won’t have the chance to do that again soon 😦 Keeping my fingers crossed!

Surprise, Surprise!

It was nice to be back at the Box this morning. I know I only missed one day, but I can certainly feel it in my mood when I don’t get my usual dose of torture endorphins. It just goes to show that making Crossfit a priority is good not only for me, but for everyone around me; I’m just more patient with the girls when I get to blow off some steam at the box! 😉


For the skill section, I stuck with the TG (35#) because I still can’t do the whole Squat Snatch. I did Power Squats and I felt better towards the last sets. It was tiring though and I was wondering how I was supposed to go through the WOD after that. I just had to be reminded to do everything 1 set at a time and 1 minute at a time (Thanks Tracey!) 🙂

We were all surprised to see Burpee Box Jumps in the WOD as we had all misread that the WOD was just burpees. (Ha! Just burpees! I can’t believe I just wrote that! 😉 )

I also looked like the smartie-pants at the Box this morning as I got to bring out my latin to explain that the title of the WOD was a play on the latin expression Vox Populi (meaning the people’s voice). That’s what you get for going to an all-girls catholic high school and having to take 2 years of mandatory Latin classes! I may sound smart, but sometimes, I sure don’t feel it! More power to the Mommy-Brain!

I also did the TG version for the WOD and I scaled my AKBS to 18# as it was my 1st time doing them. I probably should have stuck to the 26# though or done the Rx number of reps. I finished this one in 6:24, but felt like I should have kept going for some reason. I never know if I should take these WODs as a sign that I didn’t work out hard enough or as a sign that I am getting slightly fitter… Probably the former!

I came back home and had to let Ben in on the surprise I have for him. I needed to tell him to hurry after his 5pm lesson and shower quickly as I am kidnapping him for the evening. I have arranged it with the other squash pro from the club so that I can take Ben out for his Christmas present. He wanted to know what we are going to do so I told him: we’re going to see Stuart McLean! He’s a great story-teller and he has a radio show on the CBC. Ben made me discover him when we first started dating and we used to listen to him on Sunday mornings while slowly sipping coffee and having quiet breakfasts (pre-kiddos days, obviously)! We always talked about how it would be nice to go see him and I know he is usually in town around the holidays. I looked him up online and planned it a little over a month ago. It took a bit of logistics: making sure I could kidnap Ben, making sure the other pro could fill-in for him, securing a sitter for the evening and actually purchasing the tickets. It all fell into place and, for once, I think Ben is genuinely happy about his present! Not only do we get to go see Stuart McLean, but we also get a date night out of it! Double Yay for me!

I can’t wait for tonight. Hopefully, I’ll be able to stay awake for the show. I didn’t think about that last little bit when I booked the tickets. A late night on a day I go to Crossfit… That should be a challenge in itself! 😉

Babysitters and sitting in the sun

My darling Rina,

The sun decided to finally make a long overdue appearance today and since your dad wanted us to visit him at the squash club, I decided to walk there. I took the “hilly” roads to get there, but made a few shortcuts and ended up walking along the golf course. It was so much more peaceful than having to walk along the busy roads and I still managed to get a good workout out of it. I’ve realized that since having you in your stroller with me on my walks, I have to stop a lot more often as people often strike conversations about you! 🙂

As soon as we stepped inside the squash club, we were greeted by the Squashies (the usual crew that Mama used to play squash with!) and it was really nice to see them. The were all ooh-ing and ahh-ing over you. You should’ve seen your dad. He was so proud to show you around and you were all smiles to all those new people. It warmed my heart to see you dad walking around the club with you in his arms and you could just tell how happy he was to be able to show you to all the people at the club who get to interact with your dad on a daily basis and see tons of pictures of you, but rarely get to actually SEE you! You were so tired from all the attention, you fell asleep as soon as I got the stroller moving on the way back home! When you awoke from your nap, I fed you and then, we took some pictures in the sun 🙂

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I put you to bed and then got ready for my date night with your dad (and your 1st with a babysitter). I was a bit nervous about leaving you, but I was hoping you would just be sleeping and nothing would happen. I got a nice glass of wine to help me relax and enjoy my evening and managed to text the babysitter only once, to make sure everything was going well (it was, you were sleeping!) I had a great evening, but by 2300, I was more than ready to come back home to you!

The dinner was good and I managed to stick to my vegetarian (no vegan options) diet. However, the pasta was white flour pasta and I indulged in a piece of cake (probably full of refined sugar) and came back home to a bloated, rumbling stomach… I was not feeling well, but still managed to sleep. I’m still a bit bloated this morning and am hoping to feel 100% by tonight. It just goes to show that I’ve been able to “cure” myself from refined sugars and white flour without too many incidents, but going back on them is not really agreeing with me 😦