When Crushing Your Goal Is Disappointing

I had my last Pelvic floor physic appointment yesterday and I’m also all done with my regular physio, with only my “homework to work on at home and at the gym. Although rehab from sciatica is far from over, it’s a work in progress and I’m slowly moving forward with it.

I looked at the WOD last night and I set myself some mental goals:

  • do the rowing intervals unbroken.
  • attempt the thrusters @ 65#
  • Finish sub 30′

It was a whole different ball game when I started to warm-up for it. I had talked with Heather before the WOD and she had suggested to drop down to 55# for the thrusters. In my stubborn set-up mind, I told her I would still try at 65#. YEAH. RIGHT! I warmed up and because I’m still figuring out a safe depth for me to drop to in a squat (not as deep as I CAN go, but still below parallel. Goldilocks I tell you!) I quickly figured out that staying at 55# would be safer and smarter for me.

It was my 1st time back on the erg since my sciatica flare-up and I was very apprehensive. My splits were horrible and I only managed my 4th round unbroken. That’s right! I stopped, sometimes more than once, rowing during the row intervals. Talk about wasting time. I even got into the ugly, bawling cry on my last interval. Breathing through that was fun… Not!

So, although I did manage to finish sub 30′ (my time was 18:49) I still wasn’t super impressed with how I did today. Maybe next time, I need to cut myself more slack. Although I was glad I was done, I wasn’t proud of how I managed to get it done, if that makes any sense. I guess, WODs aren’t always all roses and unicorns and sometimes, they are ugly, even when you get through them!

Anyway, I got through it and I survived so I came back home for a well-needed shower.

"Do Crossfit" they said, "it'll be fun!"  I don't know if I had fun, but it sure gave me funny hair! ;)

“Do Crossfit” they said, “it’ll be fun!” I don’t know if I had fun, but it sure gave me funny hair! 😉

Now, I’m back to being a mommy and looking forward to some knitting when Béa goes for her nap/quiet time!


Sweet Rina,

As you lay sleeping, the future of our country is slowly taking shape as the ballots are counted. Although the results are unofficial at this time, it looks like the Conservative party and its leader, Stephen Harper, are going to win the election, once again. I won’t say which party I voted for, but I will say that my vote wasn’t for Harper. In my mind, the man is the Canadian equivalent to W.Bush and it just goes against every single one of my values to vote for this man as my leader. As a nation, we’ve been to the voting polls 4 times in the past 7 years. I would view this as a somewhat unstable and disgruntled country when it comes to its leadership, but for some reason, the country keeps electing the same government (Conservative, led by Harper, since 2006). I can honestly say that I am a proud Canadian, but tonight, I just don’t understand or agree with my fellow citizens. I somehow feel let down by the rest of the country. For me, it’s the cherry on top of a bad day (not looking forward to a tooth extraction, I finally caught a cold and other worrisome news that I am not willing to discuss on the blog just yet).

Here’s to hoping some light yoga will help me feel better. I just want the best for you, my darling Rina, and in my opinion, Harper and his Conservatives aren’t it.

Much love,

Mom & Dad Xxo