Keep On Pushing

I knew yesterday would be brutal, but I didn’t know how brutal it would be.

Woke up early for the 0600 Crossfit class and I got dressed quickly in the quiet house. Our house! Still feels a bit weird to say out loud! 🙂

I had looked up the WOD the night before and I knew it would be hard:

Skills: My ankle is a whole lot better, but it’s still stiff and swollen, so I took it cautiously yesterday. To top it off, we did some side shuffles around the gym and it is still pailful for me to do lateral motion (pushing off my foot sideways hurts still) so I was already being cautious after that. I started at 20″ for the box jumps (easy) and managed to do 4 rounds of 3 at 24″. I think I probably could have done 25″ or even 26″, but given my ankle, I chose not to. Also, I got my foot caught on the box once. No shin skinning happened, but it was enough for me! 24″ = 39% of my height! Yay me!

WOD: That was brutal. Period. Airdyne sprints (or crawls in my case) are not my cup of tea. I was paired with two beasts Bo and Krysha, so I elected to go for last on each rounds, meaning I would have to be on the dreadful thing for 16 calories for the 1st round, 14 cals for the 2nd round, 12 cals, for the 3rd round and 10 cals for the last round. Not surprisingly, I was the last one of all the teams to finish, but I didn’t really care. I had too much on my mind. I’ve been stressed out of my brains lately with some family stuff, the move and everything else in my day-to-day life and I just wanted to get this thing done because I could feel tears bubbling up and I didn’t want to cry with every one watching. I don’t know what it is, but when I get emotionally stressed and follow-up with an intense physical workout, it’s like opening the flood gates to everything I have been suppressing and then I’m treated to the worst involuntary ugly cry show. So yeah, didn’t want that happening again. I plowed through my 4th round, got off the devil incarnated and went to the wall to catch my breath and let some tears flow free. I managed to not go into the ugly cry fest and with some deep breathing, I remained somewhat presentable before quickly leaving the premises. I hate when that happens. I hate not being in control of my emotions when I’m at Crossfit. This is supposed to be my time to myself, my escape, my little haven, the one place where I can stop thinking about everything happening in my life and just lift heavy things, move them and burn some energy. Oh well. Next time will be better, I’m sure!

My thoughts, exactly!

My thoughts, exactly!

I knew the rest of the day wasn’t gonna be any easier as I was already feeling super stiff and sore in my deltoids and trapezius muscles. That’s what happens when I get stressed out. Everything in my neck and upper back bunches up and gets into a big ball of knots. After finishing to unpack the upstairs, I sorted and folded/hung all of the girls’ clothes and did the same to our clothes too. the only thing left to unpack upstairs is our makeshift desk/office station on the landing.

Today, we got up early again and I made up a list of things to get at Walmart (food, clothes for Rina and organizers for our cutlery drawer), I then sprayed some baking soda on our carpets upstairs and in the staircase and let it sit for a long hour in order to try to get rid of the intense cat urine smell that overtook the house last night. We are not sure if the smell was coming off the carpet in the suite or the carpet in our place, but we got on it quick! After I fed the girls their lunch, I got going on the vacuuming of the previously spread baking soda (smells much better!) and started to clean the upstairs bathroom (ceiling, walls, shower, toilet, tub, floors, EVERYTHING was scrubbed and is now sparkling) while Ben added shelvings for storage in the basement and ripped up the carpet in our rental suite. Once I was done scrubbing, I went to help him out with removing the under-padding and am now sitting down for the 1st time today, frizzed and disheveled and surrounded by boxes. I am hoping to tackle the boxes in the living room tomorrow while doing laundry and getting ready for another set at work. Only 2 more sets of work before I’m on vacation for a month! But first, we will enjoy our traditional Sunday breakfast out with aunt Sandy who kindly noticed that I have a few grey strands of hair showing. I believe her subdued statement went something like this: “Holy sh** you have a lot of grey hair!” Good thing I like her! 😉

I finally decided to sit down around 1500 to take  a little quiet break while the girls were still napping and wanted to write up this post, but our internet was wonky and I’m just finally able to finish this off.

Not impressed with my grey hair or the unpacking left, but I am impressed with my trapezius! Check out my little bulge! :)

Not impressed with my grey frizzy hair, the wonky internet connection or the unpacking left, but I am impressed with my trapezius! Check out my little bulge! 🙂

Now, I will indulge in a hot water bottle on my back, some knitting and mindless TV watching! ‘Night!


We are in sync!

Sweet Rina,

Last night, as I was giving you your nighttime bath, something happened with the landlord’s daughter (they live upstairs) and it got me really upset. When I was done bathing you, I went upstairs to talk to the landlord and her daughter. It ended up being a misunderstanding on my part, but I got all emotional because it had something to do with you and I was all teary when I talked to them. I then noticed that you were giving them your pouty-I’m-about-to-cry face and was whimpering at the same time. I thought you looked so sad and tried to calm you down by saying: “It’s ok, Shhhh!”, but it made me realize how in tune you are to how I feel. I never noticed before because you are usually a happy-go-lucky kind of girl (I guess that means I am too??) unless you need to be changed, fed or are tired! Oh well, what matters is that we have talked things through and things are good again.

In other news, I got you a used Bumbo yesterday with the little tray that goes with it. When I sit you in it, you look so tiny, it makes me laugh! Here’s a visual for you!

Hello from your new (to you) Bumbo!

Look at how tiny you look in there!

Eating your toy...

Yesterday was Weight Day in this household and I’m glad to say I’ve lost another pound! Only 28 to go! I was a bit afraid of stepping on the scale as I can’t run anymore, but I’ve kept up with the yoga and Pilates and I’ve figured that if I walk for 2hrs, I’d lose about the same as if I would jog for 30 mins. So yesterday, we set out on foot for some errands and a walk in the rain that was 1hr-long before you demanded to be fed and went back out for another hour with Jessica and Alexis a bit later on.

You are now napping and later on, we’ll meet with your fairy Godmother (Yennie, who has spoiled you rotten with tons of clothes, gear, books and toys hand-me-downs from her children since you were born) for a birthday lunch for this Babymama!



Our landlord has just brought us a bouquet of daffodils and just wanted to make sure there wasn’t any tension left from last night. I explained to her that I got very emotional because it had to do with you and I understand that having a baby in the house changes a lot of things, for us as well as for them. She reassured me that she loved having a baby in the house, that it put a different kind of vibe in the house and that she likes having you here. I re-stated that we loved living here and that we understand that we are all sharing a house and sometimes, things happen and you have no control over it. She said she felt the same way and wanted us to feel at home and not feel like we have to walk on eggshells. All’s well that ends well!


Mom & Dad Xxo