Never Lie Down!

After some more thinking about why I was in a Crossfit funk recently, I figured out one more reason. I only get to go to Crossfit twice a week now that I am back to work full-time. Since the Open started, one of these workout has been an Open one and therefore, I felt like I wasn’t getting a good workout (since I can never complete a full one. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure I would get my butt handed to me if I could finish one, but I can’t). Because of that, I really am getting only 1 good workout per week and that is simply not enough for me. Not enough to maintain my fitness, not enough to maintain my progress and not enough to motivate me.

This week, however, since I have 6 days off from work (did I tell you how awesome this part of my schedule is?!? Please remind me when I’m complaining about my stretch of only having 4 days off! 😉 ) I am able to squeeze 2 REAL WODs in and I can tell I have lost some of my fitness in the past four weeks of doing the Open. Contradictory isn’t it?!? I am still sore from the lunges on Monday, and today left me panting on all fours with shaky legs and arms.


For the Skill, I paired up with Tracey and although I didn’t manage a full set at 85#, I managed to do 1 rep at 85# and failed the other 2:

65#-70#-75#-80#-85# (2x = no rep), but I still feel good about it since my previous PR was 80#. Not regressing is good in my book!


For the WOD, I teamed up with Kevin and MarkO. They rocked it and even though we finished dead last at 26:09, I was super happy. I kept all my rounds under 2:15 with a resistance of 4. It was hard, but these were my best splits so far (I think).

2:13, 2:10, 2:08, 2:15, 2:08

I was the last rower on my team and everybody was cheering me on with an amazed Tracey being extra cheerful! 🙂 She knows what my splits usually are (between 2:20 and 2:30) and she was impressed with my last effort! Sometimes, being last isn’t so sucky after all!

After every round, I was so tempted to just lie down on the floor to catch my breath, but I didn’t. I was on all fours, head on my hands, heaving and breathing hard, but I didn’t lie down. That stubborn side of me was still very… stubborn! I was glad for such a challenging workout. It left me shaking, sweaty and with a silly grin on my face. I can’t wait to feel like that again after every workout!


Who am I kidding? I absolutely love Crossfit! 🙂


I came home and Ben was making pancakes to the girls. I celebrated with this recipe that was paleo-friendly and it was delicious and filling. It is yet another sunny day outside and I plan to make the most of it with the girls once we get back from Rina’s dance class!

Another Birthday And Another WOD

Last Tuesday, I celebrated my 36th birthday… at work… for 12hrs! It wasn’t so bad though because I had a wonderful pre-birthday weekend with my favourite people in the whole world (Ben and the girls, of course)! On Monday, I had an early dentist appointment and when I walked in, Ben and the girls sang me “Happy Birthday!” and I had cards from all of them waiting to be opened (they all made me cry, I’m a sap!) and a beautiful present from my husband:

A delicate ring with my birth stone (aquamarine)

A delicate ring with my birth stone (aquamarine)

Ben was working later that morning and I took advantage of a little bit of sun to go for a walk with my girls and we went to feed the ducks around Swan Lake. Rina had a blast feeding ducks and geese and I think Béa did too, although all she kept blabbering was: “Quack, quack, quack!” 🙂

Tuesday, I was at work all day, but it was ok because I decided it was going to be a good day no matter what. I was just going to make the best of it and it worked! It was a very busy and very tiring day, but I had fun through it all and it made the day go by fast. I was working another day shift yesterday and I was surprised by a wonderful homemade pumpkin cheesecake by the neonatologist who was working with us. She really took me by surprise by baking it the night before and bringing it to work for me in the morning!

Delicious homemade goodness!

Delicious homemade goodness!

I was in charge and it was another busy day, but the cheesecake made it worth my while and another co-worker brought me some flowers when she came on for the night shift. I felt all kinds of special and it made my day!

This morning was yet another early wake-up call and although I wasn’t really feeling it, I hopped in my car and drove to the Box for this WOD:

I managed the following reps for the Hang Power Cleans:


I was really hoping to hit at least 70#, but Coach Caleb suggested I work on my hook grip (hooking my index fingers on top of my thumbs. over the bar) in order to get a better hold of the bar and my form wasn’t the greatest either, so I chose to stay at 65# and work on these instead of increasing my weights. I also managed to hit myself on the chin with the bar. Awesome!

For the WOD, I was paired up with Jamie and she rocked the rope climbs while I did the FG (lying rope climbs). I managed to do 4 for every rounds for a total of 60pts, and I forgot to keep track of my calories on the Erg. We finished with a total of 394.5 which isn’t amazing, but I gave it my all and I felt exhausted. It made me realize I have been off track with my diet for the past 3 months and I need to get back in the swing of things. My belly is all bloated up again, my face is breaking out and I am very low on energy. I find it hardest when I’m at work as there are always donuts and pastries being brought in. I just need to be stronger and resist the temptations! It’s all good though, I have realized I’m not on the right path and I am correcting the situation. I am a work in progress and it’s ok to make u-turns and chose the better road up ahead!

The Power of Encouragement

3 nights in a row that Béatrice is awake at 0400 and I cannot manage to fall back asleep before my alarms goes off (at an already ungodly hour)! I don’t know how much longer I can do this and since I’m working nights tonight and tomorrow, how much do you want to bet she’ll sleep through the night for Ben???

Crossfit at 0600 this morning looked like this:

I PR’d on the Push Press at 80#, but I think I probably could have gone for 85#. Still, I’ll take the PR! For the WOD, I was not really enthusiastic (not a runner and a short rower. Enough said)! Kevin paired up with me and I started off on the “running” part. I ran all of them (except for #2) and I am pretty impressed with that. On run #2, I took a small walking break  when Ricky came up behind me and just said: “Come on Val, keep it up. Jog if you have to, just keep going.” It was all I needed to pick it up again.

I don’t think it’s any secret for anyone at my Box that I am not a runner. I am slow as heck and get passed every time, but I still go out and do it. I was amazed at how people’s little words of encouragement made me keep going. Whenever I was making my way to the street light (our markers whenever we run), people coming back from the pole kept giving me little encouragements: “Good job, Val”, “You’re doing great, Val” etc. I wanted to let everyone know that I heard every single cheer, I was just too busy sucking air to reply back. I tried my best to smile back or give a thumbs up to show acknowledgement, but I’m not sure I was very proficient at that too! 😉 I never got a break as Kevin was a lot faster than I was at both rowing and running and even though we came in last at 23:17, I was happy. I’m slowly realizing that Crossfit has done a lot for me. It has changed my mentality of “I can’t” and “I suck at this” into “Just give it a try” and “Do one more rep”. I am a lot stronger than I give myself credit for and if I just give it a try, I may surprise myself with the end result! Don’t get me wrong, I had to dig deep today and when the going got tough, I just closed my eyes and kept moving  and working out my highly emotional week on the erg. Who knew Crossfit can be good for the body AND soul?!?

A Breakthrough?!? (Possibly, Maybe…)

Yesterday was a rough day. Both Rina and I suffered from a resurgence in our coughing fit and the poor Monkey didn’t fall asleep until late because I was debating whether to give her some Kids 0-9 or not (I did and I slapped a thick coat of Vicks Vapo-Rub on her as well). I was managed to do just fine hacking away and I think it might have been due to my flu shot on Monday, but I’m slowly feeling better today and keeping my fingers crossed I will pull through this nasty beast cold sometime soon.


I had a look at the WOD last night and it was one I did back in September so I knew I could do it and it was somehow comforting to know and, therefore, I showed up at 0600 for this:


Ahhh Snatches… Anything that has to do with shoulder and arm strength, I never look forward to, but it’s only because that’s where I need to improve so much more. Give me squats any day and I’ll be a happy camper… Snatches are a different story. Although, my husband really likes when I talk about my snatches at Crossfit, but that’s for another day! 😉

I did my reps as follows: 35#-40#-45#-45#-50#

I was speaking with Coach Caleb about how I feel so weak in the arms/shoulders and he said that I was doing progress as I could barely lift the training bar before. I, again, was reminded to focus on my accomplishments and not on what I still can’t achieve. I just need to keep in mind to finish with a narrower landing. I have a tendency to land wide and I need to correct that.

For the WOD, we were 11 this morning, so I was with Jumana and we were the “team of 2”. We finished with a total score of 492.5. There was some math involved since we were only 2 (had to divide our total score by 2 then multiply it by 3 in order to get a similar score to the other teams of 3. I think we did ok considering we’re both short (it hurts us on the erg) and I’m still hacking away like a chain-smoker of 20 years.

On the positive side, I stepped on the scale this morning and I was surprised to see 153.4lbs. I’ve been stuck at 155lbs for well over a month and I had to step twice on the scale to make sure… I’m not counting this as a victory just yet as my weight fluctuates a lot, but I was happy to seed I’d broken through 155lbs for today! 🙂