14.2 And Things To Work On

14.2 was announced yesterday and as I watched the live announcement, I felt deflated without even having tried it. I can’t do C2B unassisted and the max I’ve ever done on OHS is 45#. The Rx is 65# for women which means I needed to get at least 1 OHS Rx in order to submit my score for 14.2. See the details below:

Regulations for 14.2

I showed up at the Box for the 0600 class this morning and I was gonna give it my all. I had set a personal goal of 5 for this WOD. It is incredibly low, but then again, I knew it would be hard for me for the reasons stated above.

I loaded up my bar and it took a lot of strength to clean the bar, lift it over my head to place it on my back, re-adjust my hand position and then lift it again in a stable position overhead since there was no way I was gonna snatch it. By then, my wrists were in pain from the weight and I think I managed to do 1 wobbly rep and get back up. I’m not sure when I got my 2nd rep, but I know I went on to falling on my butt 2-3x, dropping the bar behind me 2-3x and dropping it in front of me numerous more times as well. My official Games score is a measly 2. Because this was such a short WOD for certain people (ahem, me!), if we didn’t make the first three-minute, we restarted at ohs for the second three-minute period. I managed to get another 4 reps of the OHS for this WOD and never made it to the C2B (not that I ever was going to complete one anyway).

I don’t know how to feel about this. Officially, I didn’t make it to my personal goal of 5 and I feel like it’s a pretty crummy score. Unofficially, I managed to do 6 OHS at 65#, which is a PR in itself for me. Somehow, I can’t celebrate this PR. Maybe I’m too hard on myself, but I felt like I was going to do better.

I guess it just goes to show I have plenty to work on still. OHS are one, so are C2B, but also giving myself credit where credit is due. I never gave up, I kept picking that bar up and putting it over my head, I kept trying for reps at 65#… 20# heavier than I have ever done in my short Crossfitter’s life. Baby steps, Val, baby steps. Progress is progress and I should be happy about it. I just need to get out of my funk and get back to being proud of myself. For now, I will enjoy the weekend with my girls and my hubby. Miraculously, we are both off work this weekend and I plan to make the best out of it, crummy score or not! šŸ™‚