When You PR Your Bad Day!

Got woken up by Rina slapping me in the face at 0500! Slept in until 0600, feeling exhausted after two challenging days at work. I am currently transitioning into a new position and assuming my new role has proven to be testing. I think I’m doing ok though, it’s just different to step from bedside nursing after 10 years to assume a more managerial position.

Got the little ones ready for school and got ready for the Box. On my way downstairs with the empty laundry baskets, I was telling Béa to be careful in the staircase and missed the last step myself. Baskets went flying, I caught myself just in time and only have a small bruise on my wrist. Seriously universe? I also got a speeding ticket on the way in to Crossfit so that was awesome… NOT. The officer was a bit of a douche so I stopped talking when he told me I wasn’t driving safely after I told him I had seen my speedometer at 60km/h. Seriously, Dude…

I didn’t have time to warm up as well as I wanted to, but I figured the anger from the speeding ticket and adrenaline rushing through my body would do the rest. Plus, Rob was there, so I felt obliged to work on my TTB. I got 2! New PR!

Skill: 1 Hang Clean + 2 front squats x 5 E90s

I was thinking of going up to 90# on those. I know I can squat that weight, but the hang clean would be challenging. Here’s what my reps looked like:


That’s right! I thought, screw it! Get all the anger out and try at 95#. I knew I could do 90#, but I wanted to try to push myself. The hang clean wasn’t pretty at all, but I managed to catch it and then, it was all a matter of doing my 2 squats. Heck yeah! I felt good after that.

WOD: Helen

I had done this one back in April and had used the blue and purple bands for the pull-ups, but the 26#KB. I was a little confused today. I thought we had to do 4 rounds so I used the 35#KB, but the red and blue bands for the pull-ups. My runs felt really slow and I couldn’t believe it when I came back in from my 3rd run and everyone was done. I thought I still had one more round to do. Coach AJ was cheering me on and I mentioned I still had another round to go. She corrected me and confirmed it was only 3 rounds, not 4, and apparently, my face lit up like Christmas had come early!

I finished in 16:38 with a new PR (to me). Looking back, I should have used the blue and purple bands today as well because I was doing C2B. Oh well! I did increase the KB and I really wanted to break them into 11-10 for all sets, but  I just didn’t have it in me on the second round. I did 11-5-5  and on my 3rd round I did 11-6-4.

That’s it for me, I have to go cuddle with Béa before I head in to work for the night!


PR Or Not?

I made sure I could get to the Box today seeing as my hubby is away until Sunday (which means this mama won’t get any down time until he returns). We are very lucky to have Aunt Sandy to help out while I will be working my night shifts as well as the Nanny, but I’d prefer having my husband home. 😦 It’s his last tournament of the season, so at least there’s that to look forward to! Also, when Ben comes back, we have some exciting changes for our family in the works. I will let you know more when it is official! 🙂


Skill: I had never done split jerks before today and I was excited to try something new. These were fun to work up to. I made sure to work on the footwork instead of focusing on the weight increase. I did the following reps:



WOD: I had done Helen back in October with a time of 13:54, but was only using 18# KB and the green band for pull-ups. Today, I finished last (surprise, surprise), but I had 26# KB for the American swing (KB swings all the way overhead) instead of Russian (KB swing up to about eye level) and I used the blue and purple bands for the pull-ups. Not sure which should be considered my PR, but I’ll think of today’s attempt as my PR. It was my 1st time doing pull-ups with those bands and they were HARD! I couldn’t string more than three at a time and on my last set, I did 3-3-2-2-1-1. I was glad to be done with this one! It was a lot of work and I don’t know i fit’s because I was at the Box later than usual or because the weather is warming up outside, but I had a hard time keeping my grip on both the KB and the bar during pull-ups. My hands were sweating up like never before and I kept losing my grip. I’ve never really done Crossfit in the warmer weather (I started at the end of July last year) and I guess I’ll have to adapt to the warmer weather. When I was out on my 2nd run of the WOD, I heard a car honk on the street I was running (I was alone running, everybody else were already done with their second run). I don’t know if it was because of traffic or if it was a shout out, but I’d like to think it was a shout out! 😉 Thanks to whomever was trying to cheer me on!

I guess I will have to try to create a WOD for myself to do on Saturday at the playground with the girls. I’m sure I could do some park bench jumps, some TTB attempts on the monkey bars, some air squats, push-ups and some running. We also have a 25# KB that I could drag along for some swings. I’ll try to plan something accordingly and hopefully, get an extra workout under my belt!