This morning, I was really set and ready to go and do the Hero WOD for Remembrance day, but my life had other plans. My husband couldn’t take the girls to their gymnastics class this morning as we had previously agreed upon, so I sacrificed my workout in order to see the girls blossom at theirs! Béatrice is finally able to jump up with both feet leaving the ground (she wasn’t able to do that a few weeks back) and she ran the whole trampoline track to jump into the arms of her coach in the foam pit (She’s always afraid of the foam pit for some reason!) and I was able to see Rina catch some decent airtime on the trampoline today. Sure, I skipped on my “me time”, but sometimes, it can’t all be about me. It will all pay off though…

Last night, my husband texted me,  asking me what I had planned with the girls for the weekend. I told him not much, the usual and maybe try to find something fun to do with the girls (he will be away for the weekend). He asked again this morning. I asked him why he wanted to know so badly. Turns out, he was planning a surprise for me while he was away, but needed to know my agenda.  I asked him what he had in mind and he finally spilled the beans. He will book the nanny for the girls on Saturday so I will at least get to Crossfit once this week (my work schedule doesn’t allow for me to go more than that this set 😦 ) and then, he will book me a pedicure somewhere. He truly is the best hubby I could ever have. So considerate and loving. A few of the many reasons I married him! <3!

Hero In The Making

Today, I did something a little crazy. I went into the Box for Hero Saturday. I figured it could be good practice for the Open (which is coming on February 27) and it would challenge myself. I like a good challenge, once in a while, it keeps the rut from settling in.

My very 1st Hero!

My very 1st Hero!

Coach Caleb had somehow convinced me to try a Hero WOD and he said I should come out today to gain experience. The Hero was from the 2011 Open Games (week 4). I felt nervous when I left the house and I was shaking in my shorts when I walked through the door at the Box. Talk about intimidation! People were warming up everywhere. And those were people who I look up to because, to me, they are such accomplished athletes / crossfitters. What was I thinking coming in and TRYING to even do this WOD??? I’ve only been doing this for 6 months and I still scale everything down? The more I thought about it, the less I felt good about myself. People were doing muscle-ups for warm-ups and I can’t even do 1 for real! Oh well, as my brother said it best: “Don’t forget that you compete against yourself”. True that bro!

I was allowed to scale the WOD and I was glad to be in the 2nd heap. I think I must have went to pee about 6 times in the 30mins before it was my turn. My hands were shaking, my heart wanted to beat out of my ribcage, but soon enough, my heap was called.

3-2-1-GO! I started attacking the burpees. Holy mother of God! 60 burpees is a lot! What was I thinking? I honestly think it took me over 8mins to finish them all, but I did them all, true to form. This, in itself, was huge for me, considering I couldn’t do a single “real” burpee when I first started Crossfit, 6 months ago.

I did my OHS with an empty 35# bar. They were HARD. I was tired, out of breath, but I kept chipping at them. Time was called and I managed to do 23 OHS. I was a little disappointed as my secret goal was to finish the OHS. I knew there was no way I could even complete 1 rep of the WOD, but I set myself an internal goal and fell slightly off. It doesn’t matter though, I ploughed through and I challenged myself, giving my best effort and that’s all I could ask of myself.

I’m not a Hero girl just yet, but I’m a Hero girl in the making! One day, I’ll finish a Hero WOD.

Mark. My. Words!