Seeing Stars

I really didn’t want to go to Crossfit last night when I went to bed and even though I really wasn’t in the mood, I took my clothes out and put them at the ready in the bathroom for this morning. I’ve had a cold all week and had a crappy sleep last night with my night ending at 0400. I was more than ready to come out of bed at 0500.

Here’s what I was anticipating:



Skill: Back Squats 5×5 E90S

I was actually looking forward to these last night and I kept it with a minimal PR goal of 5#. My previous attempt at theses ended up at 100# and I was planning to end at 105#. I secretly wished I could have done 110#, but my energy level was too low today. On the 4th rep of the last round (my round at 100#), when I came out of the squat, I was seeing stars and black spots in front of my eyes and said so outloud. Coach Caleb came by and spotted me on the last rep and I really had to fight for it, but I managed to do it without being rescued out of it. Yeah, glad I stuck to 105# today!

WOD: Blower

We had to have 3 heats for this one since there were so many of us and only 6 ergs. I was lucky enough to be in the first heat. I knew I would struggle through this one with my lungs not being 100% from my cold, but at the same time, my goal was just to get moving today. I finished with a score of 695 (3 full rounds + 65m rowed into the 4th round) and even though it’s a low score, I’m glad I managed to even get that much! I was happy and out of breath when it was all said and done and I went on to cheer my peers in the other heats.

I came back home, walked the dog up to the reservoir and tried to jog back down with him on his leash. I’m slowly trying to teach him to run on his leash as all he wants to do when we’re jogging is jump and bite my hands. It’s a slow process and the entire thing probably lasted less than 10 minutes (don’t worry, I know I’m not supposed to be running a puppy, I’m just trying to slowly bring him to good manners on his leash) and we managed to shave about 5 minutes to our walk time. Next time, maybe I’ll try to “run” up the reservoir as well (he’ll do just fine walking next to me as I slowly and painfully huff and puff my way uphill 😉 ).

I came back home, made a delicious breakfast of gluten-free toast layered with hummus, salsa and a sunny-side-up egg, a side of sausages and cherry tomatoes and a nice coffee. Don’t diss the toast until you try it, it is absolutely delicious and my favourite breakfast at home! Ben took both girls with him when he drove Rina to school and extended his outing by getting a haircut, which meant I had an empty house to myself to clean. I can stay focused on the task way better when the girls are not calling out for me every 5 minutes and that meant that I had dusted, vacuumed, mopped the upstairs, cleaned the downstairs bathroom and finished off 3 loads of laundry (folded and put away too!) by 1115! I had a few minutes to play with Béa before heading out to pick up Rina at preschool. We came back home, had lunch, they watched a bit of TV and they are now down for nap/quiet time while I finish this post and will then relax with some knitting. Nanny will show up later so I can also nap before my night at work. The glamorous life of a full-time working mom/RN!

Back In The Saddle And Saving Grace

After a (very long to me) break of 13 days, I finally made my comeback to the Box this morning. I’m still snuffly and coughing, but I couldn’t face another day without a workout, so I dragged my butt out of bed at 0500 and got ready for the 0600 class. It felt good to be back. I warmed-up a little on my own, worked on my (still elusive) DUs (I managed 3 in a row) and I was happy to see the familiar faces I know so well and some new ones as well.  I had looked at the WOD last night and I knew I would be looking for my lung capacity on that one, with still being sick and all, but I was ready to tackle it.


Skill: Front Squat 7×2 EMOM @ 85% 1RM

For me, that meant 100#. I was already feeling tired, but I stuck to that weight for all reps. I really need to work on keeping my chest up on the “up” and engage my glutes instead of leading up with my butt. Yeah, that was tiresome. I tried as best I could to correct my form, but just couldn’t do it today. 😦


WOD: Mullback Mile

I did FG1 for this one with the following modifications:

4 rounds of

  • 400m run (ha!)
  • 6x power clean @65#
  • 12 SD box jumps

I knew 65# would be hard after all those squats and combined with the box jumps and the runs, but I was determined to do it at this weight. We set off and I quickly fell off the pack. Running is not my strong suit, running when sick, even less so. I still managed to “run” all my rounds without stopping, even though it felt like I was crawling at times, I just kept moving. Upon returning from my last run, I needed to get out of my head in order to forget the work left to accomplish once I got inside. I chose to focus on the majestic sunrise I was privy to watch on the downhill part of our running course:

My saving grace this morning

My saving grace this morning

Don’t worry, I didn’t take this pic while I was running, I went back outside once I was finished to immortalize that gorgeous sunrise. 😉

I finished the WOD second-to-last at 18:14. Kris was still working and Mark was his usual gentleman and accompanied him (while he cheered me on) for his last run. It’s people like that who make all the difference when you are struggling during a WOD. I heard every encouragement and cheer coming my way. I may be too out of breath to answer back, but I hope “my people” know how much this means to me and how appreciated it is. I try to reciprocate whenever I catch my breath as well!

I came back home and Rina was complaining of having goobers in her eyes as well. Oh yeah, I ended back up in the walk-in clinic yesterday for Béatrice this time. She has pink eye and green crap was oozing out of both her eyes. She is now on antibiotics. That’s a total of 4 visits to the walk-in clinic in 2 weeks. Maybe I should cancel my Crossfit membership and take one at the walk-in clinic instead… On second thought, maybe not! I’d rather work out and be healthy than spending my days in a waiting room to see a doctor. I do enough sitting and doctors at work! 😉

Enough Already

So, this household has been quarantined since last week. It all started with Rina getting an ear infection with fever galore. We then had to stop her antibiotics because she was developing a rash and was getting itchy all over. Ben then got a nasty cold, which I caught as well, but it turned into a sinus infection coupled with a laryngitis for me. Antibiotics for me and no work this week as I could kill the wee babies I work with if I spread that stuff around. Now, the girls both have diarrhea to different degrees which means, laundry to no end and cleaning toilets multiple times a day. Seriously. Enough already. I’m going stir crazy from doing nothing but sitting on the couch and knitting all day and today is the first day I have a faint tone to my voice back. I miss going to work out and I have booked myself a massage for later today, hoping to work some of the toxins out.

Thank goodness I have this little cutie to brighten up my days! I gave her pig tails for the first time earlier this week and she has now been asking for them everyday since! Today, she was wearing her pink shirt and she reminded me of Boo from Monsters Inc. If you have young children, you’ll get it, otherwise, here’s a comparison pic!

BeZU aka Boo!

BeZU aka Boo!

24 Hours

I finished work yesterday morning and had to drop my car off to the garage in order to get my bumper fixed (from the time I got rear-ended 2 weeks ago). I had to wait for a good 30mins for the rental company to come pick me up, drive me to the rental place and sign all the paperwork before driving home in my rental car. I finally get home, have a quick bath and head off to slumberland.

A measly 4hrs later, I wake up. I feel drunk and hungover all at once at 2pm. Add to that my burning sore throat and I know I’m already praying for the girls to go to bed early. I go downstairs to meet up with Nanny. She has agreed to stay until 5pm, to help me out with the girls. ❤ her! She then proceeds to tell me Rina has been complaining of an earache and still has a fever. I wait until she wakes up from her nap and we head on out to the walk-in clinic. We get there at 4:15pm, and the receptionist tells me the doctor won’t be in until 5pm. We sit down and wait. Rina seems to have a burst of energy and I find myself questioning if this is at all necessary. I decide to suck it up and get her ears checked anyway. Good thing too, she has a blaring ear infection. We walk out with a prescription for antibiotics and go get it filled at the nearby drugstore.

Upon arriving back home, Nanny opens with this:

Weird thing. When Béa woke up from her nap, she was bottom naked and I couldn’t find her diaper anywhere. I’ve turned her room upside-down and cannot find it anywhere.

I go upstairs, check her entire room and cannot locate the mysteriously vanished diaper. I do find out that BeZU has wet her bed, so I proceed to change her bedding and put everything in the wash. Nanny helps out with dinner and then takes off for the night. I clean up, wolf down dinner for myself and we all head on upstairs for our communal shower. As I get the girls undressed, here’s what I find:

Photo 2015-02-04, 6 13 41 PM

Case of the mysterious disappearing diaper solved! Béa was wearing it around her waist, under another diaper AND a pair of undies. A girl can never be too safe! We shower, then relax on the couch before I put the girls down for what I hope will be  along night of peaceful sleep.

I come back downstairs, plop myself on the couch and watch The Bachelor while I knit for a little bit. I finally head upstairs to bed at 9:30pm after fighting to keep my eyes open for a good 30 mins. I fall asleep almost instantly. Such a glamorous life! Husband walks in sometime later, kisses me goodnight and we talk a little while before I fall back asleep.

1am, I get woken up by Rina walking in our room: “I can’t sleep Mommy!” Alright, climb in and go back to sleep. She keeps moving around, sniffling and couching… for the next 2 hrs before I’ve reached my limit and send her back to her own bed. I was planning on getting up at 5am to go to my Oly class, but I’m just too darn tired and sick. Ugh. Another Oly class missed. 😦

6:30am, Béa walks in, crying. I pull her into bed where she sits next to my head. After about 30mins, I feel something wet on my pillowcase and on my hand. It’s also on my shoulder. As any mom would do, I smell my hand: it smells like sh**. Literally.

I wake up at once, check Béa’s diaper and she has poop coming out of her back. Great. I pick her up, she’s crying, plop her into the bathtub where I strip her down and hose her down. We both head into the shower for a thorough rub down while Ben strips the bed for the second morning in a row. I forgot to mention BeZU puked mucus in our bed yesterday morning. I had poop on my shoulder. Yuk!

Ben puts everything in the washing machine and we head downstairs for breakfast. It’s still raining and I’m slowly getting angrier. Once breakfast is done, I head back upstairs, clean the bathtub and Ben and I fix our bed. I then do our budget for the month and tally Nanny’s pay cheque. All before 10am. I sure hope this day brightens up. At least, I have Crossfit to look up to tomorrow! The girls are now sitting quietly next to me.


I did my night shift at work and came home yesterday morning to a more relaxed routine. Rina is still on break from pre-school which meant we didn’t have to rush to get everybody ready and out the door. I helped Ben out with breakfast, showered and came downstairs to boil water for my hot water bottle. Sometimes, I wonder what I’d do without my hot water bottle. I usually shove it at the foot of the bed to keep my feet warm so I can get a few decent hours of sleep. Without it, I’d probably be up many times, having to run to the washroom because of cold feet (yes, cold feet make me pee, go figure). As I was waiting for the kettle to be done, Rina came downstairs and announced she had a surprise for me. I filled up my bottle and went upstairs with her. She had gotten everything ready for me to get into be: turned down the blankets, got my earplugs and eye mask ready on my night stand. She truly is the mothering kind of 4-year old! Lol! Ben and both the girls tucked me in and I slept for 4 hrs before getting up again and continue with our day. I had a bit of a runny nose all night last night, but nothing too crazy

After a more solid 7hrs of sleep, I woke up this morning, made a hearty breakfast and headed into the Box for a fun WOD.

Skill: Hang Power Snatch 5×3 E90s

Coach Cam was coaching us this morning and he got me to demonstrate the skill for everyone. Talk about pressure to perform! 😉 I warmed up by doing the demo with an empty bar and then with 40# (where I wanted to start. Coach Cam said we could do 1 OHS at the end of every set. I managed to do everything at 60#, a new PR for me! I did my reps like this:


I guess those Oly lifting classes are started to pay up!

WOD: Jackita

I got paired up with Chris and Kirsten for this one and I started up with the strict pull-ups. I did all mine with the blue and purple band and managed to do 12 in the 1st round before moving to the thrusters, where I was consistent through all rounds and managed 8 reps on each rounds. The Erg was probably my demise in this WOD, but 1 min went by fast and then, it was back to the pull-ups. I only managed 6 reps before going back for 8 more thrusters and the Erg again. I was getting ready to gear up for something longer when Coach Cam screamed that we were on to the last round. I felt like I should have been going for another 2 rounds or something. I managed 8 pull-ups, 8 more thrusters and the Erg one last time. We totalled 116 cals on the erg and with the other reps combined, managed a total score of 297. Not too bad!

I honestly think the Skills Plus class are starting to make a difference. I felt good during the thrusters and was really using my hips on the drive up.

I came home, showered and made my food menu for the week as well as the grocery list to go with it. I had a quick lunch and went to get groceries by myself! What a luxury!

The girls napped, I prepped some food for my cooking day tomorrow and Monday and folded some laundry before sitting and knitting on the couch, while bingeing on Gilmore Girls! Ben made a ton of homemade doughnuts (we gave some to our tenant and 2 neighbours, that’s how much he made!) and now the house smells like fried oil and I’m nauseous. I’m not really hungry and I’m not sure if it’s because of the smell or if I’m getting sick, but I’ll stick with soup for dinner tonight and will take it easy for the rest of the evening. I’m drinking lots of water and hoping to drown whatever is putting me under the weather. Keeping my fingers crossed it works!

A Week Off

It was a little bit harder than usual getting up this morning to go to Skills class. I’m not sure if it’s because I haven’t done anything Crossfit related in the past week (Ben was away and I was at work with already paying a lot for childcare so I didn’t go workout for an entire week) or the fact that Rina is sick again and she was up every hour last night. At one point, I just cuddled in her bed with her and fell asleep next to her. When she woke up again, we then moved to our bed and had more room to all sleep together.

All this to say that I was really tired after only sleeping for 3 hrs after my night shift and a very broken up night. Here’s what we did this morning:

Power Clean and Jerk 5×2 @85%

Well, since my weight isn’t really heavy on these, there was no such thing as @85% for me. I actually went to 109% today and that’s yet another PR for me @60#. The cleans felt good. I can finally pull the bar along my legs without my shins screaming in pain (from my landing on the box a month ago) and the hook grip felt somewhat good. I have really small hands and fingers and that makes it hard to get the proper hook grip around the bar. I also need to remember to release the hook grip in the Jerk portion. More to work on! 🙂

Bear Complex 5×3, rest 90s between each sets

We weren’t allowed to drop the bar between reps on these, but we were allowed to rest it on our legs. I used the same weight (55#) as I had 2 weeks ago. My 4th and 5th sets were silly. I either forgot to go into the squat after the clean or to do the thruster coming out of it. I then started from the beginning which meant I added reps to my work and I was pooped! 😦

The rest of today will be spent with my two lovelies, hanging around the house. I went for a little walk to the drugstore with Béa already to get more Tylenol for Rina and I was thinking about taking her to the medical clinic, but she actually drank a smoothie this morning. I’m glad she’s at least hydrating herself! Hopefully, she’ll be on the mend soon!


I’m a Master!

So… This just happened:

Screen Shot 2014-09-24 at 7.21.49 PM

That’s right! I registered for yet another Crossfit competition and I haven’t even done my 1st one yet! 😉

The competition is actually very low stress as you enter as an individual, but your score goes towards the region in which you enrol (Canada West for me). There are 8 WODs to do over 10 days (from October 16-26) and you just need to make sure to have a judge there to submit your score. I have registered in the “scaled” category and you can choose to do as many (or as little) of the 8 WODs over the 10 days. The cost for the competition is very low ($25) and we have a little team of Masters from the box getting together to try and cheer/help judge each other out.

You can find out more info by clicking on the image below:


Oh yes! Did I forget to mention? This is a Master competition. Not as in “I will kill this and therefore am a master at this”, but more like “I’m over 35 years old and am therefore a Master athlete”! So there you have it. 2 Crossfit competitions in one month! That should be it for me until the Open 2015. But before all this, I will be doing my very 1st Crossfit competition next Sunday and I’m raising funds for the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation at the same time. Please go to my fundraising page and give a little something to cheer me on. Even if it’s just a few dollars. I will be sure to bring pledging forms with me to the Box on the day of the competition as well, if you’d rather give it to me in person! Visit my page here and donate generously!

I’ve been meaning to write this post a few days ago, but I was busy with a little sick kitten at home. Béa has hand/foot/mouth disease and she hasn’t eaten anything since 5 days ago. She’s slightly better tonight and had e few bites of solid foods throughout the day, but she’s still weak and dizzy. To top it all off, she also has thrush in her mouth, earning us yet another visit to the walk-in clinic this morning. In grand total, I’ve spent 4hrs in clinics and 2 hrs in the ER over the past 3 days. I’m over it. I just want her to get better and have my little BeZU back.


10 Days…

10 Days is all it took to break me down. I have been sick for 10 days while going to/missing work, going to/missing Crossfit and taking care of 2 sick toddlers who have also been sick for 10 days. 10 days of coughing until my ribs hurt, 10 days of sore throat, 10 days of wiping off snotty noses, 10 days of dealing with short tempers from the little ones.

10 days of house hunting, 10 days of trying to maintain the apartment somewhat decent, 10 days of not resting, 10 days of waking up at 0430 EVERY MORNING just because sleep eludes me.

10 days…

10 days is all it took for me to try to clean up yet another mess made by the little ones this morning when I finally broke down in tears. I am beyond exhausted, I need to sleep and get healthier, I desperately need some “me time”. I have a lovely gift certificate for 1h30 in a sensory deprivation floating tank and I don’t even know when I’ll be able to escape and go do nothing for 1h30.

For now, I will get Béa up from a short time out/nap and take the girls to the playground with the hope that they burn enough energy to be less animals and more little humans. Tomorrow is our 4th wedding anniversary (and also celebrating 7 years of being a couple) and I will be back to work. I don’t even have a card for my husband because I forgot to buy one and I just cannot fathom going to get one. Hopefully, we can skip the presents this year and make an approved offer on a house we like instead! 😉

I’ll keep you posted…

Ugh... Seriously!

Ugh… Seriously!

Off my Game / Problems of a Big(ger) Crossfitter

*This post will speak bluntly of underwear and tank tops… Please avoid reading if you get offended by any of the previous topics!*

1st things first, let’s talk about the WOD:


Nothing was going my way today. I woke up bright and early and for once, felt sort of rested after an uninterrupted 7 hours of sleep. However, I started to feel bloated and had mild abdominal cramps shortly before leaving the house. I figured it would go away and left for the Box.

As I was warming up, I felt exhausted and I knew it wasn’t going to bode well for today. I didn’t do well for the skill section. I couldn’t even manage to get up to 70# (I felt like I could have increased this weight last time I did it) and screwed up my last set when I lowered my weights on the bar and ended up with 50# instead of 65#. Oh well, at least I put on the big girl plates on the bar this time around. Somewhat of a victory!

Then, it was time for the WOD. I decided to go TG with these modifications:

  • 500m row
  • 10 hand release knee push-ups
  • 10 step up and step down box form the 20″ box

I warmed up on the erg with a 200m row and already, I felt like I was going to puke… The WOD hadn’t even started yet 😦

I managed to get through all 3 rounds, but I felt horrid afterwards. Coach Caleb came by and said I did good today. It sure didn’t feel good. It was the first time I felt like my body was giving up on me. Usually, I have to push through my own mind games and my body keeps up. Today was the opposite. I felt great mentally, but my body didn’t want to do it. Weird! I don’t like set backs, but I just have to pay attention to my body I guess and hope for a better WOD on Wednesday!

I came with some pretty intense abdominal cramping and I had a little hugging session with the ceramic throne, only to end up dry heaving. I hate that. I’d much rather puke my guts out and feel better afterwards than just dry heaving and still feeling nauseous. Bleh! 😦 The important thing is that I feel much better now and I even had breakfast and coffee! 🙂

OK. Back to the disclaimer at the top of this post

As I’ve mentioned before, I haven’t yet taken my measurements (waiting for my 60 days of Crossfit to do so), but as I step on the scale, I see that I actually have put ON weight. Ugh. I’ll see when I take my measurements and take it from there I guess, but right now, I’m slightly discouraged. I know that muscle weighs more than fat so I’m hoping to have lost a few inches here and there and maybe I’ll stop focusing on the scale. I’m thinking that I might also be suffering from side effects of my Mirena. Weight gain is one of them and I have a few more as well. I have made an appointment with my doctor later this month to discuss those and will post about it then as I’m not ready to tackle the whole birth control issue on the blog just yet…

Anyway, as an overweight person and Crossfitter, I’ve come across some annoying little problems. They are nothing major and total 1st world problems, but they are quite annoying to me.

  1. Underwear for big(ger) bums: I’ve always had a bit of bubble bum or junk in my trunk if you’d like. Finding underwear that will stay on my bum (and not ride up it) is quite challenging. I’m not a fan of thongs, so let’s eliminate those. So far, the best underwear I’ve found are some that are hipster or boy cut. That seems to have lessen the “riding up” factor. Any suggestions?
  2. Tank Tops: being overweight and bottom heavy, I have a lovely muffin top (not)! When I’m on the erg and rowing away for my life, if I don’t tuck my tank in my shorts, it ALWAYS ride up and I end up with a my belly exposed to everyone. Not something anybody needs to see. In the meantime, I do my best Steve Urkel impersonation and I tuck my tank in my shorts. Not pretty, but effective!
Hawt dang! That's how I feel when tucking in my tank top!

Hawt dang! That’s how I feel when tucking in my tank top!


Thank goodness “Strong is the new sexy”! There is nothing sexy about the way I dress for Crossfit, but I am working on getting stronger, therefore sexier !?!

Fear not! I have a plan. If I have lost a decent amount of inches by the end of my 90 days of Crossfit, I think I will treat myself to some new workout clothes. Suggestions welcome! I’m also looking at acquiring these puppies down the road:

Reebok Nano 3.0

Reebok Nano 3.0


If you have any suggestions as to what gear I could treat myself to, send them my way! This post was way longer than I intended it to be and now, I have to go clean the bathroom! 🙂

Will you finally catch a break?

Sweet Rina,

Just as I thought you were on the mend, you woke up this morning with a red rash all over your trunk, neck and back. I waited to see if it would subside, but after waking up from yet another nap (you went from napping once a day to 3x/day!!!) and not eating well, I called Mamie for advice and decided to take you to the walk-in clinic close to our place. It turns out, the doctor thinks it’s either roseola or scarlet fever. Although you don’t have a fever anymore, your energy level is still low and you’re not the laughing, silly baby I’m used to. I really hope you get over this quickly and we can move on with our lives! In the meantime, I make sure to offer you more bottles than usual so you keep nice and hydrated since you don’t eat as well. I’m just a bit sad because we are supposed to meet with our doctor in 2 weeks to weigh you (yet again) and I’m sure you won’t have gained as much as she will want you to have. Oh well, she can shove it as far as I know and you can be sure we are not going again next month. I’ve had enough of wasting my time in her office to plop you on a scale.

I really hope you get better soon.

As for me, your Dad was kind enough to watch over you as I went out for my second “run” of the week. It went well again and my shins are still fine. Keeping my fingers crossed! There are no words to explain how healing and energizing those 30mins to myself are. It allows me to think about things, sort my thoughts, clear my head and mainly… breathe. I’m lucky enough to be able to run on trails surrounding a nature sanctuary and with the fall colours out, it is also MY sanctuary. When I,m out there, it’s just me and the birds and the mud and the smell of wet leaves. It puts me in a calm place and helps me deal with the rest of my day. Simply put, I love it!

Sleep well little angel and get the rest you more than deserve,

Mom & Dad Xxo