Last night, my wonderful husband let me indulge in a recent guilty pleasure: I recently started watching all the season of Gilmore Girls on Netflix.

We were watching the episode where Lorelai gets engaged to Max and her mom finds out from Sookie. I then asked Ben if he was prepared to have a boy, one day, ask for Rina’s hand in marriage. Below was his response:

Well, the first one will get shot, so, she better not like him too much!

That made me laugh. I guess Daddy will have some issues to deal with as the girls get older! 😉

Another guilty pleasure I finally caved into this morning is this podcast:

Serial podcast

Serial podcast

I’m currently on episode 3 and it gets more and more intriguing. I always like murder/mystery type shows (Dateline, Law & Order: SVU, etc) and this is a good one to add to my list. I had heard a lot about the podcast lately and finally gave in… I think it will be hard to choose between Gilmore Girls and Serial when the girls go for nap this afternoon to accompany my knitting!

In other news, Rina had been hit with her second bout of coxsackie virus (Hand, foot and mouth disease) over the past few days and we went out for our usual Sunday morning breakfast. She asked for pancakes, her first solid meal in 4 days and she has been up and playing with Béatrice since we got back. I may have been involved in a little Princess role-play, but I will deny it if pressed for it! 🙂

Also, Béatrice has been asking to use the potty and the toilet on a regular basis, without being prompted by us! Looks like potty-training will be a breeze for this little smarty-pants! Look at how cute she was yesterday, all snuggled-up with her dad:

Sleepy browned-eyed girl

Sleepy browned-eyed girl

Double Unders And Weak Bladders

I am off work until December 13 and I plan on making the most of my time at the Box until I get back to work! I started off this morning with this:


It was cold this morning. So cold that the lock of my car door was frozen in the “open” position and I had to hold my car door closed while I was driving. Good thing I didn’t have to drive too far in order to get my workout in! It was cold when I got in the Box and I hopped on the death bike Airdyne for a few minutes in order to warm-up. It worked well and then, I went to stretch for the WOD. To be honest with you, the warm-up kind of felt like a WOD in itself, but it helped with getting warm!


WOD: Spealler Virtuosity

That was a short one, but we had to split the class in two heats since there was so many of us. I really wanted to try the FG2, but I warmed up my squats with 85# and I could barely do 2 in a row before having to re-rack the bar. I decided to go down to FG1 and use 75# instead.  I was in the 1st heat and I managed to do the first set of 10 front squats without having to rack my bar. I then moved on to the burpees. I did my first set geriatric-style and managed to jump the 6″ to touch the pull-up bar for each rep. That was the 1st time we ever did burpees with the mandatory 6″ jump. It went better than I originally thought. I then got onto the rig for my pull-ups. I had the red and blue band and got so much momentum that I ended up doing C2B for all my reps.

The second round was harder. I had to rack my bar after 5 front squats, did 3 more before I racked it again and finished up my last 2 reps. I moved onto the burps and forced myself to do them the proper way before getting onto the rig for the C2B. I finished with a time of 6:09. At first, I was kind of disappointed in myself for my time and the weight I used. I really wanted to do 95#. I know I have to be patient with myself and my progress. I’m really trying to focus on nutrition lately and am doing the 40-30-30 Formula / Zone with hopes of losing some fat without losing muscle mass. Thinking back on it, I did end up squatting 1500lbs in just a little over 6 mins so it’s not too bad in itself, but I want to be faster and stronger. Baby steps, Val, baby steps!

After I was done and while the 2nd heat was giving it a go, I decided to work on my double unders for a bit. I wanted to practice until I did a total of 20 DUs. Now, I’ve never talked about it on the blog before, but I’ve had 2 kids in 2 years so my bladder isn’t as strong as it used to be. No matter how much I make sure to empty it before doing any heavy lift (Squats, mainly) or jumping (burpees, DUs), there is always a small amount of leakage happening. This morning was particularly brutal in that department. I was afraid during my DUs that I’d have to mop the floor once I was done. It didn’t get to that point, but let’s just say I was a tad uncomfortable. 😦

I found out the ever-cheerful M. at Crossfit is expecting a girl and that sparked all kinds of knitting tingles and thinking about girly projects I could cast-on. I’ll have to have a look at my Revelry library and pick a few projects to get going on! 😉

A Quick One

After deciding to switch from a crochet pattern to a knit one, I’ve finally finished Rina’s Frozen hat. She seems to like it so that’s always a bonus too!

Roomy enough for a ponytail!

Roomy enough for a pony tail!

Of course, it is purple!

Of course, it is purple!

It was my first time doing two colours at once and stranding yarn as well. This project is ideal to teach yourself Fair Isle knitting and I’m super happy of the way it turned out. Not too shabby if you ask me. You can see all the details of how I modified this pattern  on my Ravelry page for this project here and the original free pattern  (Norwegian Star Earflap) can be found here. I probably could have finished it even faster, but work got in the way! 🙂

I didn’t do the earflaps as Rina didn’t want any on this hat. The fit looks a little weird on the pictures, but it’s because Rina had a pony tail underneath it. I’m glad it is roomy enough for pony tails though! That means it will fit her for the winter, I hope!

Smart WODing

After a rest day of R-I-C-E  (Rest-Ice-Compression-Elevation) for my ankle yesterday, I woke up and went to the 0700 class this morning, knowing I would have to modify the WOD.

Warm-up: I used a 26# KB for this one, testing out the ankle. I’m pretty sure I would have been alright with the 35# KB, but I was skittish!

Mobility: I was able to do all but the couch stretch (too much of an extension on the ankle and I have a bad hematoma (bruise) on my left knee making it impossible to kneel on that knee and a bad scrape on the right knee resulting in the same inability to kneel on that one as well. Instead, I did a standing quad stretch. Not the same depth in the stretch, but better than nothing.

Skill: I wasn’t able to do the Bulgarian split squat either for the same reasons stated above, so instead, I did Romanian deadlifts. I started at 45# and finished at 60#. It felt like I could have kept increasing the weights for a while though.

WOD: Again, because of my sprained ankle, I modified with skipping the row and replacing it with the devil’s spawn Airdyne. That’s right! That means I did 9 mins of Airdyne today and I did not die! I think I averaged about 13-14cals for each 90s on the ‘dyne! As for the push-ups, I had to do them from my knees because coach Caleb didn’t want us to have our knees touching the ground if we were doing them on our toes and I just couldn’t manage that today. I did 10 push-ups each rounds. For the ring rows, I managed to do them with my heels right under the rings (getting better at those 🙂 ) and kept my hands in a pull-ups orientation instead of parallel to my body after Coach Caleb prompted us to do it the proper way / this way.

Once we were done, I had to rush home since Rina was going to Willows Beach with her pre-school and I had decided to go with her group and take Béa with us as well. We had a potluck picnic while there and the girls had a blast. We came home after lunch and the girls fell asleep quickly for nap while I caught up on some knitting. I’m still working on my Two-at-a-Time Twilight socks. I just finished the gussets on each sock and am now about to turn the heels. I had to unravel quite a bit because of a mistake I had made by not understanding the pattern properly in the first attempt, but it all comes with learning! Now, I’m on the right track and cannot wait to see what they’ll look like when done! Here’s a sneak peek!

Photo 2014-06-17, 7 56 06 PM

I forgot to write down the information on the yarn I bought and now that we are moving, packing and cleaning, I can’t find the label for it anymore and I don’t have it on revelry either. I’m pretty sure they are from Patons Kroy Socks FX in the Cameo Colours colorway though.

After their nap, the girls wanted to go to the playground to play some more and therefore, we ended up spending most of today outside! I didn’t do much packing today, but tomorrow is another day and I got some phone calls done while they napped, so there’s always that! Back to knitting I go before going to bed early for another early WOD tomorrow! 🙂

Finally A Post About Something Other Than Crossfit! ;)

I’m done!

I have finally bound off my Onward and Upward! The original design is Onward by Shannon Cook. It has taken me a good 2 months to finish this project. Way too long if you ask me for such a small project, but what can you do? Such is life when you are working shift work full-time, a wife, mother of 2 toddlers and an avid Crossfitter! (Ok, I lied in the title, of course I’ll talk about Crossfit! 🙂 )

My upstairs neighbour was kind enough to model the shawl for me this afternoon and I just finished editing the pictures.

140419-001 140419-002

Close-up of the pattern

Close-up of the pattern

I am now currently working on 2 different patterns (let’s be real, I just casted on for both, so you might not get to see some finished products for at least six months at the rate I’m knitting at)! I am teaching myself to knit socks two-at-a-time (knocking off 2 items off my “knitting bucket list”: knitting socks and learning the two-at-a-time method) and after having done my swatch for the Shepherd back in February, I’m finally ready to tackle cables!


Copyrights Kate Davies Design

Like I said, I’m hoping to be done knitting the hoodie by next fall, when it will be cold enough to actually wear it! In the meantime, I’m getting ready for a fun Easter Sunday:

  • a Road WOD in the park (since Ben isn’t home, I plan on taking the girls to the playground so I can get my WOD in while they play. My upstairs neighbour said she might join us with her son). Hopefully it won’t be raining, otherwise, I don’t know what I’ll be doing with the girls. I guess I could still do the WOD in the living room (without the running part obviously). I’ve decided on Road WOD #6 from myWOD App which consists of 6 rounds for time:

1. 10 push-ups (mine will be hand release)

2. 10 air squats

3. 10 sit-ups

Finish it off with a 400m run

  • Grocery shopping for the upcoming week at work (some of us still have to work through the Easter Holiday 😦 )
  • Easter egg hunt for the girls when they get up from their nap in the afternoon!

I was also very much looking forward to reuniting with my hubby, but I just found out he will be landing back on the west coast way past my bedtime. 😦 I guess our reunion will have to wait until I come home from work on Monday… I’ve missed him very much and 5 days is a long time to be without him, even though we haven’t seen much of each other lately. We are like ships passing in the night, but I’d take a few minutes here and there any day over not getting to see him at all…

A New Sunny Day!

Even though I was awaken extra early by Béa (good morning 0300!) and never really managed to fall back asleep, I showed up for the 0600 class this morning.


My pecs, armpits and shoulders were so very sore from all my failed attempts at TTB yesterday, so I stuck with a very light weight for the Thrusters and that was enough for me: 45#.

Then it was time for the WOD. I wasn’t fully in the mood, but I thought it would go fast so I just got to it and finished with the following score: 140 reps total RX

  • Burpees: 13-11-9
  • Russian KBS (35#): 25-20-15
  • Lunges: 22-15-10

Those KBS were TOUGH! Nevermind the shoulder stiffness, I’ve only done a handful of WODs at 35# so I’m still struggling with that weight. Even though my reps were a bit low, I was happy to get that much Rx! No more moping around about my results on the Open, I’m trying to refocus on the positive and find my happy Crossfit place again!

I was thinking about it all in the early hours after I put Béatrice back to bed, and I came to this conclusion. THere’s 1 workout left to the OPEN. Suck it up and do it and then you can move on to your regular workouts. If you’re not happy anymore doing Crossfit, why is that? Nobody forces you to go and if you keep going, why? Here are the conclusions I have come to:

  • I do Crossfit for myself. Stop comparing your scores with others and refocus on yourself and your achievements.
  • I’m not happy with my results and my performances lately, but I also know that I haven’t been focused on the fuel I put in my body. Stop complaining and get back to your happy place.
  • I love Crossfit. I’ve been at it for 8 months now and I like that I am still sore / sweaty / exhausted after every workout. It has been my therapist, my friend and has put me back on track both physically and mentally on more than one occasion.

So there, 1 more week of Open and I can then go back to being happy at Crossfit. In the meantime, I’ll enjoy the sunny day with the girls when they awake from nap. We walked to the grocery store this morning and we stopped at the Dollar Store on the way to get Rina some little toys for outside (a watering can shaped like a duck, some windmills shaped like flowers) and we have big plans of using them when they wake up! For now, I’ll go fold some laundry and knit for a bit! 🙂


That moment when the girls are finally quiet in their bed and I can exhale and release all the tension of having to care for them. My feet are up on the coffee table, I have my knitting, but I may not even click my needles. I have been to Crossfit two days in a row and I am absolutely spent. Soreness has been settling in deeper since about 11am and I need to roll. I’m just praying for a good night of sleep and recovery as Ben is away for a tournament.

Letting Go And Slowing Down

It’s 0630 and I find myself awake in bed after reading my blogs and other such things. I’m thinking about my 1st post of the year and the direction I want it to take. I don’t do New Year’s resolutions or yearly recap very well.

Last night, I went to bed around 2130 and set an alarm to wake up again at 2330 so I could kiss my lover at midnight. We curled up on the couch, snuggled and held hands while we watched a NYE show on TV and we kissed to ring in the New Year. It was quiet, but it was perfect. I’m happy to say goodbye to 2013. It hasn’t been our finest year as a couple and that’s all I will say about it on the blog. I feel like there are some things I need to keep away from the blog and this is one of them. I’ll just say this: We are together and we are staying together. Nothing to worry about here. Every marriage has its ups and downs. We are no different. We have gone through a few ups and many downs in 2013 and I’m glad to be able to put this year behind us. Letting go of all the crap, focusing on the positive side of life, keeping a positive attitude and my head up through it all.

We are looking forward to a new year, hopefully a new place to call home by next summer (we’ve outgrown our 2-bedroom apartment with the girls!), already thinking about making plans for our vacation next summer (that is, if we have any money left depending if we buy a house or simply move to a different rental).

2013 began with the two of us absolutely sleep-deprived from caring for Béatrice. She wasn’t a difficult baby, quite the contrary, but it was a different dynamic having two children under 2. We weren’t able to rest as much as we did after having Rina and it took me 4 months to finally feel like a human being again and regain my basic “health” back. I say “health” as I wasn’t healthy in the whole sense of the term. We were on survival mode and as much as I enjoyed breastfeeding and still find myself missing it at times, I’m glad it is over and Béatrice is now completely done with formula. She is sleeping through the night (most times) and Rina will sometimes sleep in until 0600, so that’s great! (Can you feel the sarcasm here?!?) As for my health, I’m working on it. Trying to eat Paleo most of the time and not giving myself a hard time when I’m not 100%. I try to eat paleo 80% of the time and allow myself some cheat meals.

I used to call myself a crocheter, but since July, I have become an avid knitter. I haven’t produced nearly as many knitting projects as I did when I crocheted, but that’s what I like about knitting. Like anything else in my life, whether it’s our marriage, our girls, Crossfit or going Paleo, it’s a labour of love. It takes dedication, attention to details and time to make the finished project look amazing. I have gone from a “solo project knitter” to someone who has multiple projects going on at once.

Currently, I’m working on these:

  • Super Easy Blanket for my mother-in-law. It was supposed to be a Christmas present and because I’m a slow knitter, she will get it whenever I’m done with it! 😉
  • Leg Warmers for someone special. I can’t say just yet as I think she might be reading the blog and I’d like to keep it a surprise so I won’t even link to my Ravelry project page…

As soon as I’m done with one or the other of these projects, I want to cast on for The Shepherd.

Kate Davies Designs

Copyright Kate Davies Designs

My Mother-in-law gave me some money for Christmas and I have decided I was keeping it to treat myself. We have been saving every penny we have been given over the past 3 years for a down payment for a house and I just wanted to treat myself for once. I usually don’t buy “fancy” yarn from the LYS (local yarn shops) and just settle for anything I can find at Michael’s, but not this time around. If there’s one thing I have decided for this year, it’s to let go of the guilt of buying nice yarn for my projects. It may mean I will have less projects I’ll be able to afford, but I will be nice to my knitting projects. I also bought some very nice Alpaca and Silk Mohair for the leg warmers. They will be fluffy, luxurious, soft and warm.

As for The Shepherd, it will be a slight plum colour made of 100% wool. I have purchased the skeins of Cascade 220 and cannot wait to cast this project on. It will probably take me all year to finish it, but I don’t mind. Knitting passes time and it keeps me calm so I will just plot along and it will get done eventually. Yesterday, I was on the hunt for a ball winder (ended up buying one off Amazon) and saw a stash of 10 skeins of Sirdar Escape in Fury. I couldn’t resist the price and took it home with me.

Copyright YowlYY

Copyright YowlYY

It’s a DK  wool/acrylic blend. I’m not sure what I will do with it, but I’m sure I’ll find some project for it.

I also have my eye on a few of Stephen West‘s projects (his Dustland Hat for the hubby, to name just one).


Crossfit-wise, my goals have remained the same:

  • Do an unassisted pull-up
  • Squat my body weight
  • perform a pistol squat on each leg

I’ve also added the following:

  • String 5 Double Unders in a row.

Right now, getting 1 is pretty much a miracle so getting 5 in a row would be awesome! I’m still mourning the fact that I’m returning to work on Friday and, therefore, won’t be able to be consistently going to Crossfit 3 days/week. One day at a time and keep focusing on the positive. At leas, I’ll still be able to go about twice a week!

Ok, the kids are up which means I have to go be a mom and help Ben out with breakfast. Happy New Year everyone and thanks for reading!




Just Another Day In My BabyMama Life!

Rina woke up at 0500 this morning. I was pooped and stayed in bed while she went to the washroom and I didn’t think about it until 0530. It was too quiet in the house and Rina wasn’t in bed with us…

I got up and found her in the washroom, at the sink, with the faucet running and trying to wash her hands. Upon taking a closer look, I discovered that her hands and fingers were covered in a multitude of shades of nail polish. The sink was also painted with those same colors as was the countertop and a bit had gone onto one of Ben’s sweaters that he had left in the washroom the night before… Great! I spent the next 20 mins trying to was her hands, the sink and countertop with nail polish remover. When I was done, the entire house smelt like nail polish remover. Bleh! I took her to bed with us and slept for about 30 mins before getting up for the day.

After my morning shower, I was looking for my glasses. They weren’t where I usually leave them. Weird… I asked Rina if she had taken them and she pointed to the glasses case that I keep on the countertop and said:

I put them in the box, Mama!

Huh! She has never touched or played with my glasses before so I was suspicious. I unzipped the case and found my glasses, covered with nail polish! AWE-SOME!

I managed to remove all of it with nail polish remover, but now, the lenses are a bit cloudy… I guess the remover must have altered some of the anti-reflection treatment on the lenses…

After breakfast, I was trying to send an email to my mom when the Mac Spinning Ball of Death kept appearing on my computer screen. The more I tried to do things on my computer, the more the ball would spin and the applications would crash. I panicked. I have all of the girls pictures since their births on my computer and have NEVER. BACKED. THEM. UP! A few days ago, I realized we didn’t have ANY pictures of Beatrice’s birth. That’s because Ben had them on his previous computer (whose hard drive also died on him) and we lost them when the computer went kaput! Thank goodness my mom had copies of them and shared them back with us through Dropbox! I had just gotten the pictures back, I wasn’t gonna lose them so quickly! Time to bring out my external hard drive and get to work before my hard drive died on me. I managed to rescue everything and Ben left for work with my computer with hopes of being able to fix it without me having to buy a new one. I wouldn’t mind a new MacBook, but I can’t afford one right now.

You don’t realize how much you use your laptop until you don’t have it anymore. Looking up a recipe, printing out a knitting pattern, sending emails, blogging. Thank goodness I still have my iPad and the wireless keyboard!

The rest of the day was spent dealing with mega tantrums (Rina) and feeling defeated by my knitting. It seems every project I’ve started lately doesn’t go my way and now that I have well over a foot of my Easy Blanket done, I have to start over from scratch as I’ve made a mistake somewhere and I’ve spent the last 3 days trying to fix it without success. I’ll just start over and hopefully, it will go seamlessly! To add to my distress, I know I will have to miss Crossfit tomorrow as Ben is flying out for the weekend on an early flight. Anyone reading willing to volunteer to come watch the girls at 0530 so I can go to my beloved 0600 class?!?

On the bright side of things, we have hired a new nanny and she has been coming in a few days a week to figure out the ropes of our house and the girls. She is doing a good job and I’m quite pleased with her! She came in tonight to do the evening routine (dinner, bath and bedtime), which means this Mama was able to bathe by herself! The luxury I tell you! It also means that I’m sitting in the livingroom, typing away while the girls are being bathed. Double treat for me!

On My Needles

As promised (but a bit late), here’s a post about what’s on my needles right now:

My version of Tristan by Drops Design for the hubster. It looks like I’m done on the pic below, but I’m only about 50% done. I just have a small head and managed to take a picture so it would give the illusion of the hat being complete. It’s supposed to be in Merino Superwash, but being limited in my finances lately, I went with Loops & Thread Elegance in Leopard. It is acrylic and washable, very soft and very stretchy. I doubt it will keep the hubby’s noggin’ warm as it is a bit on the thin side, but he will look stylish!

Excuse the fresh, non-made-up face, it's late and I've washed up for the night! :)

Excuse the fresh, non-made-up face, it’s late and I’ve washed up for the night! 🙂

I also have a Super Easy Blanket (I’ve chosen to do the blanket size) casted on and I’m also making good progress on this one too! I am making this one in Lion Brand Hometown USA (in Cleveland Brown) and I scored a major deal on the yarn paying just a little above $45 CAN for 14 skeins of it! If you’re used to making blankets, you know they add up pretty quickly. Although this yarn was cheap, it is surprisingly soft and both machine wash and dry! All bonuses in my book! I’d say I,m about 20% done on the blanket. The pattern is easy enough with a mix of knit and purl stitches, but I love how the combination of the stitches gives such a nice texture to the blanket.

Surprisingly soft!

Surprisingly soft!

I love the different textures in this blanket

I love the different textures in this blanket

There you have it! I have now become one of those knitters who works multiple projects at once and I have to say, it keeps things interesting. I work on one project in the afternoon when the girls are napping and switch to the other one in the evening when they are in bed for the night. After having worked solely on the Froth Mobius since July, it is nice to be plodding through these smaller projects. I know I should be trying to salvage the Mobius, but I just cannot stand to even look at it for now, so the break of the new projects is more than welcomed! 🙂