How Low Can You Go!

Its 2230, I’m dozing off on the couch after a day at work and decide to go to bed. My husband tries to get me to stick around and watch some Star Wars Clone crap. Let it be known that I have an aversion to anything Star Wars, Star Trek, space sci-fi related, almost as big as my hatred of tea:



I pretty much get up and tell him it’s even more of an incentive to go to bed. He then taunts me by saying: Even if I give you a foot rub?

I’m a nurse, on my feet a lot and am a HUGE sucker for foot rubs. The husband rarely offers them. I pause and say: Do I have to actually watch?

He says: yes, there will be a quiz at the end.

I tell him: I’m too tired to stay awake for that crap tonight, I would surely fall asleep on it, but maybe tomorrow.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I feel slightly dirty at entertaining the thought of stooping so low for a foot rub and I need to shower before bed…