Feb.16, 2011: Meeting the Frenchies!

Little Rina,

Today, you got to meet some of my relative. The French ones. You know, the loud ones who speak with their hands? That’s right, just like your Mama! You weren’t too impressed and after giving them a few smiles, you let them know you weren’t interested (by crying at EVERY single new face that came within your sight!). Once they understood that, you settled nicely in my arms and slept through the rest of their visit!

You napped pretty well this morning and had a longer nap in my arms while the family was here. You also gave me a really nice night last night, sleeping 11h30 and only waking up twice! Hopefully, you can repeat the same thing tonight πŸ™‚

Tonight, I decided to hop in the tub with you while I was giving you a quick wash, as the tub here is very deep and it’s been killing my back to bathe you in there. You didn’t seem to mind the company too much and it was a lot easier for me to bathe you that way. πŸ™‚ After I put you to bed, I had dinner with my parents and did my Challenges workouts. Β Tomorrow, the weather is supposed to be really warm here and if we don’t get any visitors, I really want to go for a walk with you. I’ve been suffering from a bit of cabin fever ever since arriving on the east coast (with being used to going for a walk/hike on an almost daily basis at home) and I need to get a move on!

Below are a few pictures I took of you in your cute little outfit to meet the Frenchies! πŸ˜‰


I didn’t get to talk to your dad a lot today as he’s been really busy with work and the time difference is a bit hard to work into a decent phone conversation. I’ll maybe try to call him when you wake up for your midnight feed. Hopefully, he’ll have time to talk a bit as I really miss him 😦

Sleep well little angel!

Mom & Dad Xxo

Feb.15, 2011: Rina, meet the real Canadian winter!

Hello gorgeous girl!,

Today was a quiet day spent at home. We even managed to go outside for a walk in the snow! It was a beautiful sunny winter day and after I bundled you like a multi-layered improvised Michelin-man (and by improvised, I mean you were wearing socks as mittens inside your snow-suit!), we headed outside for a short walk (about 20mins). You were in the Ergo and I pulled out the rain shield and used it as a windshield on top of all your layers. I was determined to keep you warm! I’d forgotten the sound footsteps make in the crisp snow! I took a video in order to remember πŸ™‚

and a few pictures of this beautiful cold sunny day!

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Later in the afternoon, you got to meet your uncle and your cousin. I think she was pretty excited to see you until you started howling… They got here in your witching hour and you were being a bit fussy. However, she was pretty glad to help out with your bath and reading you a story. I have an english storybook with me and had to translate to French to her as I was reading to you πŸ˜‰

We had dinner together with my parents and we’ll see them again on Saturday as they will be back for another family dinner! After dinner tonight, my dad (your Grand-papa) gave me a very nice compliment about my way of mothering you. He said that he admired me for the way I was dealing with you when you get to your daily crying period (every day, between 4-6pm). He said he was impressed with how calm I remained when you were crying at the top of your lungs. It made me feel like I was doing something right with you! πŸ™‚

You are now sleeping and I am watching No Ordinary Family on TV before unwinding for the night.

Goodnight my love!

Mom & Dad Xxo

Feb.12, 2011: Hallelujah!

Lovely Rina!

I can’t get over how good you are being to me! Last night, after putting you down for the night, we had your Grand-papa and your Nonno keeping an ear out for you while me, your Grandma and your Mamie went out in the hot tub! I needed that so badly! It totally did me in to the point where I was so tired, I skipped my Challenges workout… Bad mommy! πŸ™‚

Once I went down for the night, you only woke me up at 12:15am when you guzzled 8oz over an hour. You then went on to sleep until 6:45am! So far, this has been the best night of your life! Mama is so proud of you! You then got some serious photo sessions taken with your Nonno, your Aunt Sandy, your Great Oma and more relatives!

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I’m off to another lovely relaxing session in the hot tub before calling your dad!


Mom & Dad Xxo