When A PR Disappoints

We had a busy weekend, spent family-style and running around. Saturday, we got up early and did our errands. We had intended to go to the Quadra Village Community Celebrations, but we had so much running around to do that we ended up missing the festivities. That’s ok, we ended up planting our herb garden and I was reminded that gardening, sometimes, feel like a workout:

Photo 2015-05-09, 1 11 04 PM

Burpee… Why you gotta haunt me so?


However, after Friday’s WOD, my sciatic was brutally letting me know that it was angry with me and things didn’t improve much over the weekend. 😦

We went out for breakfast for Mother’s Day. Who am I kidding, we went out for breakfast because it was Sunday! LoL! Afterwards, we decided to bike downtown and Ben hooked up the stroller to his bike. The girls traveled in style with the Jambox speaker in the stroller with them and music playing while poor Ben had to pull them through town. We parked the bikes and stroller while we strolled around. Rina got a blister on her toe from her plastic sandals and took them off. Béatrice didn’t want to be left behind so she copied her big sister. Their feet were filthy when we came back home! I thought the bike ride would help with the sciatic pain, but it didn’t. It didn’t make it worst either. It was just a constant throbbing, burning pain in my left buttock. We came back home to a late lunch and I took the girls to bed with me. Nobody slept, but it was nice to get some cuddles and relaxing time together. Ben also made me a stand for my iPad Mini and, although it wasn’t the costliest of Mother’s Day presents, I was really thankful for it. He had made one for himself a few months ago and I kept hogging borrowing it when he wasn’t using it. Now, I have my very own and don’t have to steal his! 😉

I was excited to see the WOD last night. Funny enough, I had been thinking about Baseline lately because it was my 1st WOD ever and I was curious to see where I stood compared to my humble beginnings. Well, here it goes:

Skill: Back squat 5×5 with HSPU 5-7reps E60s

Since I could feel EVERY butt giggle (not in a fun way, but in a “my sciatic is painful” way) on the warm-up run, I decided to avoid the squats today. Coach Caleb suggested I try some deadlifts instead. I chose a low weight to not irritate my sciatic even more, but even at the low 85#, I had to stop on the 3rd round. It was burning and pulling and hurting, so Coach Caleb said to just rest during the squats and keep working on the HSPU. I managed those with 1 yoga block and 3×5# plates. I did them strict and they were hard. During the back squats, I stretched and tried to do some active release in my glutes and hip flexors.

WOD: Baseline

I was ready for this one. Tracey and I paired up in order to score one another. I had a strategy and was ready to tackle it. I really wanted to get the most of my row and I extended back and reached forward as much as I could which resulted in me keeping my average stroke per 500m around the 2:10. Unheard of for me. I went above that towards the end as I fatigued, but I was able to bring it back for the last 50 metres. So far so good.

For the air squats, I wasn’t overly fast, but I only stopped twice if I remember properly and for only a few short seconds.

Then, it was onto the sit-ups. Again, I wasn’t overly fast, but I only took 2 short breaks before completing the 30 reps.I also no-repped myself for a rep because my hands didn’t touch the ground behind me on one rep. I was honest and corrected Tracey on her count! Accountability, people, accountability! If you cheat on a rep, you only cheat yourself! 😉

The push-ups were hard. I had a hard time stringing them along at the beginning, but managed to do 5 in-a-row towards the end. I did them all RX though and didn’t need to drop to my knees. Onto the pull-ups we go!

I had set-up with the red band and only managed a max of 2 in-a-row. They were mostly done singles and I think that’s where I lost most of my time. I never looked at the clock during the WOD (and waste precious seconds turning my head around?!? No siree!, Not me!) and I was expecting to finish around the 8:00 mark. I was incredibly disappointed when Tracey called out 8:37. Yep, even though it was a PR, I was angry. Yes, I had done the push-ups RX and my band for the pull-ups was the smallest I’d ever used for Baseline, but I was still mad that I wasn’t closer to my goal. Below is my progression for my multiple attempts at this WOD (The most recent on top):

Baseline progress

Baseline progress

I tried to shake it off, came back home showered and did my hair. I was still upset:

Not a happy camper

Not a happy camper

Then I thought: You have your lovely cozy yellow hoodie on and your freckles make you look good and you’re wearing funky leggings that show off your hamstrings and quads. Turn that frown upside-down and celebrate the fact that you can pull off wearing a banana-yellow hoodie and rock the rest of your day, even if it’s grey and chilly outside!

Burpee... Why you gotta haunt me so?

Mindset is everything! Focus on the positive, let go of the negative!

I took my own thought to heart and decided that even though I wasn’t close to my goal, my score is still progress and I can only achieve progress with some failures thrown into the mix. Failure is growth and growth is progress!

Photo 2014-12-23, 7 57 19 PM

Now, if I could just get rid of my sciatic pain, life would be just peachy, cuddling on the couch with my little Béa! 🙂

Mother’s Day And Barracks

Friday night, I was working my regular shift when a nagging, burning pain started to irradiate from my neck, to my shoulder and the front of my chest as well. By the end of the night, I took my next night shift off and I couldn’t wait to get out of work and go to the 24hrs drugstore to get me some muscle relaxant. I popped one before going to bed and another one when I got up and took it easy for the rest of the night. By Sunday morning, I was still a bit stiff, but I was feeling much better.

I honestly think I had the best Mother’s Day so far since becoming a mother 3 years ago. It all began with breakfast at a restaurant from the east coast, which reminded me of home. We then headed back home only to pack and get our bikes ready and headed out for downtown. Ben pulled the girls in the Chariot (love that thing for biking as a family with the wee ones!) and we stopped on the way to pick up Aunt Sandy, who joined us on our ride downtown. Once there, we locked up the bikes, put the stroller wheels back on the stroller and headed out for some window shopping and grabbed a quick lunch, before heading back home so the girls could nap. Ben had hooked the GoPro to the back of his seat and we have some pretty funny shots of the girls 🙂

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Béatrice looks scared on all of them and Rina is just hilarious, whether she looks super stoked, unsure or tired. I think the sun and fresh air did everybody some good as both Ben and myself were falling asleep on the couch by 2100!

This morning, after a refreshing good night of sleep, I woke up early to attend the 0600 class. I wasn’t expecting Coach Caleb to show up as he competed in the Canada West Regionals over the weekend. Coach Sarah showed up bright and bubbly and it made for a fun early WOD.

Skill: I managed to repeat my previous PR at 90# doing the Tempo 3-2-1 Back Squats (3 seconds to get down, stop for 2 seconds at the bottom, get back up in 1 second). My reps were 70#-75#-80#-85-90#. I just need to remember to keep my hips aligned in order to prevent tipping the bar forward when I push up.

WOD: I tried to do the decline push ups from the 20″ box, but it was too hard. Thinking back, I should have set-up some plate lower than 20″, but I didn’t think about it until just now. I ended up doing regular push-ups from my toes. For the strict pull-ups, I used the red and green bands and for the box jumps, I used 20″. I finished with a total of 148 reps (7 full rounds + 1 strict pull-up).

I cam back home and, as usual, Rina greeted me with her: “So Mama… How was Crossfit?” I told her it was fun and she then went on to show me her KB Deadlift at 83% of her body weight, 1 RM 😉


I love that she gets inspired by her Mama and she knows what Crossfit is all about! Hope you have a fabulous day!

Mother’s Day recap and more food for you!

Sweet Rina!,

Yesterday was my 1st Mother’s Day ever! We ended up doing some shopping for my present from your dad and my parents. I finally decided to get these:

My Mother's Day present from my husband and parents (they are your birthstone!) 🙂

When you were born, your dad had given me a ring with my birthstone on it. However, what he really wanted to get me was a ring with YOUR birthstone on it, but he couldn’t find one that he liked.

Once we got back home from our little shopping spree, we were all tired and ended up cuddling on the couch and watched movies. It wasn’t anything crazy and yet, it was the perfect Mother’s Day!

Today, I decided to feed you rice cereal. It was a much better experience than the sweet potatoes! You were smearing it all over, grabbing the spoon and shoving it in your mouth! You seemed to have a good time and I sure did too! You made me laugh so much!

Rina, eating rice cereal for the 1st time

Not sure how much actually ended up in her mouth, but she loved taking charge of the spoon! 😉

You are just the cutest little girl there is and both Daddy and I are totally head over heels for you!


Mom & Dad Xxo

1st Mother’s Day!

Sweet Rina

Today is Mother’s Day. I should correct and say that today is my 1st Mother’s Day. It doesn’t really feel any different than any other day. I got up with you and fed you and you are now napping and your Dad is still asleep. He left a card with really beautiful things written in it for me to open up today. I’m glad we’ll get to spend the day doing family things together as those days are sometimes rare since Daddy works so hard. However, today isn’t really different to me. You see, my real Mother’s Day was December 7 2010. The day you were born. That’s when I became a mom. That’s when my life was changed forever and I wouldn’t go back for anything in the world. You can read all about that day here.

Our 1st family pic!

Being a mom has changed me in so many way. I’ve lost friends and made some new ones, it’s made me more emotional (didn’t think that could ever be possible!), stronger. It’s made me view life in a different way and has changed my priorities overnight. It made me want to be my best so you can benefit from it. It also made me appreciate my life and my mom in a whole new light. I now understand the struggles and the little inner wars we, mothers, fight on a daily basis.

Mother’s Day has a whole new meaning to me. Not necessarily a new meaning to me, but a new meaning for how I view my own mom, your Mamie. I have a newfound respect for everything she has done for me and your uncle, sacrifices and shift of priorities and all. She has given selflessly to us throughout our lives, often putting her needs on the back burner in order to make sure our needs were fulfilled. She put her dream on hold until she was sure that we were independent enough before focusing on them again. I love that about her. As much as she loves us, she managed to find the balance between being a mom and not forgetting she was a person before being a mom. She truly is someone I look up to, whether it’s aspiring to become just like her as a person, or have the kind of marriage she has with Grand-papa or the kind of mother she was and still is to me. You see, being a mother doesn’t have to define you as a person, it’s just another added facet of womanhood, another string to your guitar.

Yesterday, you turned 5 months old. You are already showing your personality and the kind of bubbly, laughing, goofy person you’ll become. I didn’t think it was possible, but my love for you grows by the tenfold every minute. Even though I am still exhausted when the evening rolls by and I’m glad to put you down for the night, I truly enjoy spending all my time with you. You crack me up with all the funny things you do and it’s easy to see why your Dad has such a soft spot for you!

Mother & Daughter (5 months old)

You loved the flower delivery from Grandma and Nonno!

On this Mother’s Day, I can simply pay hommage to my mom and hope to be as good a mom to you as she is to me. She truly is an amazing woman and even though there is 5000km of country between us, we think about her and we love her very much, even more so on this special day.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the special moms in my life!


Mom & Dad Xxo