Body Weight, I’m Coming For You!

Béatrice is finally on the mend which means, I have had a solid, uninterrupted night of sleep until 0600, when Rina came to ask me if she was still grounded… She had been without iPad privileges yesterday for not listening and giving me attitude and she was anxious for the sanctions to be lifted. I told her it was too early to discuss that and that she needed to go back to bed. I half expected her to stay in her room for a short while and then go downstairs, but she fell back asleep until I woke up at 0715! Last night, I was debating going to the 0600 class, but I kind of wanted to sleep in this morning since Rina has a Pr0-D day. That meant attempting to sleep in was something fathomable and I chose to do just that! Hurray for sneaking in extra rest!

I got up, made the girls pancakes while I made myself an egg, 1/3 sweet potato, with salsa and 1/4 avocado! Yum! Topped it off with a coffee and got ready for Crossfit.

Skill: Back Squats 5×3 E90S

I’ve been chasing my goal of squatting my body weight on the back squat and I was wanting to try to get up to 135# today. I’m usually cautious with any squat and deadlift since my sciatic has a tendency to get angry with them, so I wasn’t feeling too hot for these this morning. I remembered the last time I had tried 130#, I was seeing stars and had to back out of a lift, so I wasn’t hopeful that I could get to 135# today, but I made it my goal.

I warmed up to 115# and we got going. At 125#, Coach AJ came over to tell me I was “stripping” my lift (not keeping my shoulders up on the up of the squat and leading with my butt instead of my shoulder). She reminded me to keep the shoulders back and the core tights, all the while, pressing my shoulders into the bar.

I loaded up my bar with 130# and tried as best I could to do everything Coach AJ had just told me. Yes! 3 reps done! One set to go.

I loaded up my bar with 135# and shared my plates with Marika. We had a nice system going and it worked out well. I managed 2 reps with some effort, but I think I managed to keep my form proper. The 3rd rep was a little stripper-ish, but I dug deep, pulling the bar into my shoulders and managed to get back up for my 3rd rep! OH YEAH! Heaviest squat I’ve ever done in my life! That means I am officially 10# away from back squatting my body weight! Gainz and weights going up! Woot! Woot!


WOD: Hung Up

After celebrating the high of my back squat, I had shaky legs and was very apprehensive about the WOD. Coach AJ had said we should aim for a time of 10:00 try to break our snatches into two for each rounds. Ha! Here I was aiming for 3 reps before putting the bar down! I scaled down the weight to 40# and was planning to do all the reps. For my pull-ups, I scaled it with the red and blue bands. I tried with the red and purple, but I was struggling way too much.

3-2-1-Go! The snatches were hard, but then again, they are my weakest lift I feel. I’m still not able to snatch a decent weight (in my opinion) and I struggle with these. I made sure to have perfect form on most of my reps though and I think I managed to do so. I broke the pull-ups into sets of 3s, then 2s. 21 was a lot and I was drained.

I got to the bar for my set of 15s and I wanted to quit sooooo bad! I was really trying to break them into 8-7, but I had to do 4-4-5-2. My forearms were done and the thought of 15 pull-ups was crushing my spirit, let alone another full round of 9s. I broke all the pull-ups into sets of 2 and made my way back to the bar.

I managed to break the last snatches into 5-4, then onto the rig for my last pull-ups where I broke them up into 2, except for the last 3 that I somehow managed in-a-row.

That WOD looked all innocent and cute, but it was a monster in disguise. I’m so proud of myself for not quitting on the round of 15, though because, once again, it means I am stronger than I think I am physically and I just need to keep pushing through the mental barrier in order to succeed.

That was me today, and pretty much everyday at the gym!

That was me today, and pretty much everyday at the gym!

It gives me hope for my upcoming 5k that I plan to run on October 5th. I’ll talk more about that in a separate post… That run will be all mental and I’m going to need to dig deep into my mental fortitude in order to finish, I just know it! I left the Box with shaky legs from the squats and shaky arms and hands from all the grip of the snatch and pull-ups!

On my way home, I saw a biker that had been hit by a car, so I stopped and asked if he was ok. He was bloody and couldn’t move one of his shoulders, but I didn’t have to intervene since the ambulance and cops arrived just shortly after I did.

I am now planning to take the girls to Hotel Transylvania 2 this afternoon. It will be their very first time watching a movie on a big screen! I’m not sure that Béatrice will tolerate the noise and length of the movie, but I plan on going with my sister-in-law, who would then say with Rina at the theatre while I take Béatrice home if she’s too bored. Keeping my fingers crossed it will be a successful outing! Who knows, maybe I’ll even be able to sneak in a nap in the dark! 😉


New achievements Friday!

TGIF! Oh wait, I’m a mom on maternity leave! LoL!

Today was full of 1st  for me in many ways:

I had to pick my new line for work. I’m a nurse who does shift work (12hrs shifts, day and nights) and the province of BC recently came up with a new collective agreement for nurses, increasing our workweek from 35hrs/week to 37.5hrs/week. The whole master rotation had to be changed to reflect those changes and now it was time to pick our lines according to seniority. I think I picked the best one for me (most conducive to having somewhat of a family life), but really, all the choices were a bit crappy if you ask me. We always finish our sets with a night shift which means your 1st day off isn’t really a day off as you have to sleep at least half of it… Oh well, I keep buying lottery tickets with the hopes that one day…

Ok, back to Crossfit. I don’t like talking about work as I don’t have to go back until January!

1st time I went to the box at 0930: Ben is away and I was lucky enough that my wonderful sister-in-law wanted to spend some quality time with the girls while I went and sweated my butt off to the box. There were a lot of unfamiliar faces there, but I was ok with meeting new people!


I managed to do a few Ring Supports on my knees with the red band for support and I was happy with that. (Another 1st)

Wall Walks: I had never done these before  and they were quite challenging for this arm-muscles-challenged mama, but I made it through all 3 rounds. I wasn’t moving away much from the wall, but it’s a beginning!

For the WOD itself, I was paired of with 3 other women and we finished with a combined average of 241. I guess I ended up doing TG because I did all 3 rounds, but here are my modifications:

  • Box jumps: I managed to actually do 9 box jumps RX! Yay me! Then I went on to do step-up and down ones for the rest.
  • I did my OH lunges with a 10# plate for the 1st round and air-ed the other rounds
  • I did the 1st round of push press with a 35# bar and then lowered to 25# (15+10)

That was a sweaty one! Pfew! I’m glad I went though!

Came back home to a quick shower and a cranky Béa (I guess she missed her mama) and we were off to go buy Rina a little ballet outfit. $90 later, she has a bodysuit with skirt, tights and shoes. I have to say, she is adorable in it though and now I won’t feel so bad that she was the only one in her class without all the bells and whistles (even though they were not required).

Laundry is getting done and the girls are napping (well Béa is and Rina keeps calling out for her ballet outfit 🙂 ) I’m folding laundry while watching The Company You Keep. So far, so good!