A Day To Remember

Finally, today was the day of my competition.

It started bright and early with the demo of the WODs and then, the different heats of the different divisions were up. This competition was very well run and I have to say, I was impressed with the timing of the events. It was down to the minute!

Here were the events for my division: Novice women

Screen Shot 2014-10-05 at 6.49.53 PM

These WODs were long and challenging. WOD #1 was also followed by a surprise event at the end of 1c.

WOD 1a: I went in with a strategy of just simply going up with my weight with 5# every rep. I did 5×3 E2M with the following weights:


I failed my 1st rep at 90#, reset the bar on my shoulders and gave it another try. Surprisingly, it worked! All 3 of my reps were wobbly and I had to fight for it, but I PR’d my Push Press 5×3 E2M by 10#! I was stoked!

Push Press 5x3 @ 85#

Push Press 5×3 @ 85#

WOD 1b: Again, I stuck to my strategy of increasing my weights for every rep and it worked. I did 5×3 E2M with these weights:


Again, I PR’d my 5×3 by 10# for the front squats

Front Squat at 85#

Front Squat at 85#

WOD 1c: I managed to get 13 burpees for these. They were hard and I couldn’t jump sideways on the box so I lost a lot of time turning to face the box and turning again to do my burpees…

Surprise WOD: 500m row for time.

My previous PR for this was 2:07.3 and I managed to do it in 2:06.1 today. Another PR by a hairline, but I’ll take it!

Other events went on after our 1st one and then it was lunch time. I felt good, put a lot of food on my plate and only ended up eating soup. I was stuffed after that and couldn’t eat anymore.

I even got a little brush with fame when I took this picture:

Lucas Parker aka Toque Luc stopped by to cheer us on!

Lucas Parker aka Toque Luc stopped by to cheer us on!


That’s Lucas Parker, who competed in the Crossfit Games multiple times! We talked a little about competitions and how I was doing. I told him my main goal for today was to have fun seeing as it was my 1st competition.

Then, it was time to warm-up again and all I wanted to do was nap. The rush of the adrenaline had worn off and the soreness was settling in. Just before event 2, I rushed to the bathroom to puke. I think it was nerves more than anything else.

WOD 2: This one was actually modified from what’s written above with box push 2 lengths at the end instead of one.This WOD killed me and I misread and misinterpreted it. I was totally parched at the beginning of it and I lost precious seconds at the beginning before I clued in and tried to catch up to the others. It was too late. I DNF’d that one. With the time cap of 12:00, I still had to do my box push 2 lengths. 😦 I really wanted to at least finish all the events today, but you live and learn for next time. I wanted to really push myself in honour of Mamie and I felt like I let her down somehow. I will need to fuel better and eat earlier for the next competition.

I finished in a 3-way tie in 3rd for the Novice Women division out of 5 women. All three of us finished with 18 points.

It was a really well-run competition and I loved that I got to compete with women who share the same passion and enthusiasm for Crossfit as I do!

I also managed to raise another $210 for the Run for the Cure and was truly moved by people’s generosity. A tangent example that Crossfit is a sport, but it’s also a community and I felt surrounded by love today; from my husband and kids who came to see me, to all my friends and family who came to cheer as well as my crossfit family who cheered me on. Your kind words of encouragement gave me strength and determination. I am now sore beyond words and am unsure how I will function at work tomorrow, but I will push through, one rep at a time…