So Slow

After being under the weather for 2 days (nausea, vomiting and upset stomach) (NO, I’M NOT PREGNANT!) I decided to drag my butt to Crossfit this morning since, you know, it’s “just a lifting class”! Ha!

Today was a repeat of what we did on August 2nd and I was hoping to do a little better.

Photo 2015-04-30, 5 56 24 AM

Squat Snatch 3-3-2-2-1-1 E2M 

My 70% of the last testing we did on the snatch is 42#, therefore, I started my reps at 40.

  • 40#x3: felt good and I felt like I was able to drop into the squat easily
  • 45#x3: felt good as well
  • 50#x2: was a little trickier. I didn’t have the big bumpers on and starting from the shins, I was struggling to keep my shoulders in front of the bar on my starting position.
  • 55#x2: I failed both reps (one falling on my butt and the other, I couldn’t drop into the squat), even though I tried for a third rep as per Coach Caleb’s instructions.
  • 55#x1: I managed to do it! Yay!
  • 60#x1: Boy that was an ugly rep! Very slow in dropping into the squat. I need to trust more and just drop into it! It was a successful rep, but it was ugly as heck! That’s ok, 60# has been my 5×1 in the test weeks as well, so I guess I’m slowly getting there!

Split Jerk from rack 6×2 E3M

I had 1 testing score of 80# for the C&J so I used that weight to go from. I was aiming to end at 75#, but it didn’t happen today. I started at 50# and worked my way up by 5# each rounds. On the 5th set (70#), I was struggling to get my the bar behind my head on the landing, so I stayed there for my last set and managed a lot better. It’s still a 5# improvement from 3 weeks ago! 🙂

I am now looking forward to a chill day at home with the girls. Although, I think the girls have other plans. Here’s what the living room looked like at 0830 this morning:

Princess train in the living room!

Princess train in the living room!

and a massage at lunch time. Hopefully, the massage will work out the left-over toxins out of my system and I’ll feel more energetic tomorrow.

Meanwhile, here’s another shot of the girls while Béa is going around asking for coffee #idontthinkso!

Photo 2015-04-30, 9 10 28 AM (1)