Making A House A Home Part 3

The painting of the bedrooms is finally done (which also means we don’t have to move our King size bed and mattress every day)! It also means I have been moving my dressers back in our bedroom all by myself, as well as split up the girls in their own rooms (and I’ve also moved their furniture around too, all by myself (Thank you crossfit!) while Ben was turning his blackberry harvest into 6 L of blackberry jam and making banana bread with the help of Aunt Sandy!

Once I was done vacuuming and organizing furniture upstairs, I tackled cleaning the ceilings, walls and mouldings of the entire upstairs, staircase and I did the kitchen and half-bath on the main floor as well as the ceilings in the dining room, but I needed a break after that because my neck was killing me from looking up all the time! All I have left to clean are the walls in the dining room and the walls and ceiling in the living room and I will be done with the major cleaning of the house and will just have to maintain my usual weekly cleaning.

I had originally planned on putting Béatrice in her little toddler bed in her room tonight, but since Rina won’t have a proper bed until we receive her new furniture (6-8 weeks), I didn’t want her to sleep on the floor, so we kept her in the toddler bed and Béatrice in her crib until then. I sure hope the transition to separating the girls’ bedroom goes smoothly! I will take pictures tomorrow and post them as I didn’t have time today.

This all means we might be able to have an open house next weekend! So very excited to show our friends our new home! 🙂

In the meantime, I will leave you with a video of Rina playing a pretty awesome game after dinner. Notice she’s jumping on her new bed sheets! 😉


Making A House A Home Part 2

Papou has generously offered to help us out financially to get the bedrooms painted since it’s almost impossible to get anything done with 2 toddlers around the house. We have hired a painter to help paint the bedrooms and he started earlier this week. I’m glad we decided to go that route and that we were offered help to do so. It has been a very good decision and the painter is quick and efficient.

We have also put in an order for Rina’s bedroom furniture, but we will only be receiving it early October. In the meantime, I plan on separating the girls from sharing a bedroom as soon as the painting is done. Béatrice has been acting up at bedtime and it keeps Rina awake for no reason whatsoever. When the painting will be done, Béatrice will come out of her crib and go into Rina’s toddler bed. For her part, Rina will sleep on her toddler mattress on the floor of her bedroom until we receive her furniture. I’m hoping to do this transition this week since I’m still on vacation (and will be ok with the sleep deprivation that I’m almost certain will ensue from the process of splitting up the girls).

Today, we are also signing a contract to change the 11 windows that need to be upgraded in the house. Our house was built in 1918 and the windows are original windows wood frame and warped glass included! We will upgrade for vinyl windows but keep with the same style of windows we currently have, except for the one in the staircase leading upstairs. I will make sure to ask if they can keep the stained glass intact on the frame so I will be able to hang it back up on top of the new window in the living room and I think I will keep one of the windowpane from the living room and re-purpose it using the frame of the window and installing a mirror instead of the window pane and use that as mirror for the half-bath on the main floor. Although we are signing the contract for the windows today, it won’t get done until the 1st week of October, so just in time for the cooler weather and hopefully, that will help with our heating cost over the winter! 🙂

Here’s the progress below!

Don't mind the mess during the renos!

Don’t mind the mess during the renos!

Our Home

It’s been a very long day and I’m absolutely exhausted after a 0500 start for the 0600 Crossfit class this morning. Rina woke up just as I was leaving and was begging to come along. I had looked up the WOD for today and I knew it would be a “safe one” to have her around i.e. no throwing of barbells around or running (which might end up in a collision with her if she inadvertently got in the way). Being the mom that I am, I took her with me in her pi’s, crazy hair and all! 😉

Here’s what we did:

Skill: I had to sub these for the Romanian deadlift as my ankle is still bothering me too much to do the Russian squats. I got up to 70# today.

WOD: I did my push-ups from my toes, but did them hand-released. I also did my pull-ups with the red and green bands, all strict. I can’t seem to progress much from these… Maybe I’ll just have to build myself a pull-up bar in my new yard and practice them at home! 😉

Rina was really well behaved and stayed out of the way for the most part, except to join me when I was doing my push-ups! 🙂 She’s an amazing partner to have and she cracks me up during the WOD!

We came back home and hurried to get the girls ready for a fun (ahem!) trip to Home Depot. I have a feeling we’ll be living there for the next few months. We wanted to buy some paint colour samples as well as new deadbolts for the house. 2 hours later, we came back home to finish packing and I now have to live out of my back pack for the next 72hrs… We took advantage of the girls’ nap to pack all their toys and books away. When they got up, we made a quick trip to the bank, picked up some food for our picnic dinner at the new house and headed on over to what is now officially our home. Our real estate agent was waiting for us with the previous owner watering our garden and she handed us the keys to our place. She also had a few presents for us (which I thought was amazing on her part): a beer for Ben (he doesn’t like wine), a small bottle of champagne for me, a retractable garden hose, a small propane fire pit for our patio and bubbles for the girls. 🙂 I still can’t believe this house is ours. It needs to be cleaned top to bottom, but it’s ours!

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We then tried some swatches of paint on the walls and I think the choices I’ve come up with are pretty good. We will go buy the paint on Monday so we can enjoy a mail-in rebate that is only on until Wednesday. Trying to save as much as we can. Ben also said that he saw the leftover paint for the outside of the house as well as some of the inside of the house in the shed. Score!

It turns out the previous owner of the house is also our next door neighbour. He was renting out our house to tenants and lives in the house next door. He said we could go over and ask him questions anytime!

We then camped out in our dining room and had dinner on the floor (literally) while the girls ate and ran around us. It was hot and we were trying to open the old windows on the main floor. Some of them are stuck in pain and while Ben banged one to try to pry it open, he broke the window. Just a crack in the corner, but it will have to be replaced. Welcome home! 🙂

We came back to the apartment to put the girls to bed and I am now officially exhausted. I’m back to work tomorrow and Ben will start moving some boxes from our current place to our new house with some helpers and his sister will come and help out as well as the Nanny. I hope the day goes well for him. We have movers coming around on Sunday to move the heavier things while I’m at work (still). Happy moving weekend!