I’m Out!

I woke up at 0430 this morning and as much as I tried to fall back asleep for 30 minutes, I just couldn’t. I finally got up at 0500 and got ready for the WOD. As I made my way downstairs, I realized we were out of chicken and I had no back-up plan for my pre-workout snack. This morning was just not panning out as I had anticipated.

I made my way to the Box and warmed-up for the WOD. My hamstrings were still tight from the lifting class on Sunday and I was apprehending the front squats.

Skill: Front Squats EMOM x 10

We were supposed to work to 85% of our 1RM (120# for me) and that meant 102# for me. I warmed-up to 105# and although it felt hard, it was only 1 rep with lots of rest in between, so I thought I could pull it off and so did Coach Caleb. We started the first round and I felt ok. On my 2nd rep, I had a pinch in my right quad. I rubbed it off once I was done my rep and was hoping the rubbing would make it go away. On my 3rd rep, the pinching came back stronger and as I finished my rep, I knew I was done for today. I talked it through with Coach Caleb, went to the foam roller, the Lacrosse ball and the Airdyne (very slow and just as a recovery), but even with all that, I still couldn’t squat more than 25º without any pain. We had to split the class in two heats and Coach Caleb asked me if I was in. “I’m out!” was my answer. I went to sit myself down and ice my quad while cheering on the others.

It was frustrating, but there was nothing I could do about it and I’m smarter than to push through the pain. Maybe my quad was just over-compensating for my tight hamstrings. Hopefully, some rest will mean a quick recovery and I will be able to join Kathleen on our planned WOD over the weekend.

I came back home and shared my frustrations with my hubby. He made things better by making me coffee. There’s no word for how such a small gesture in the morning can remind me how much I am loved. It’s not a big thing, but I am always thankful and I never take it for granted. Babe, you are amazing and I love you! Not only did he make me coffee, but he also helped me out with the cleaning and the laundry and went out to get more chicken as well! That meant I was done with my chores early and was able to spend some time with the girls and treat them to a lunch out. They were pretty stoked and making my girls happy makes me happy in return, so even though the day started on a crappy note, it definitely got better. Now, I am looking forward to rubbing my quad with some arnica gel and relax on the couch before going for my nap and heading in for my night at work tonight.

How Do They Do It?

I woke up and made my way to the Box for the 0600 class this morning. I was sore from my little adventures with Kathleen yesterday (Thanks for the torture! 😉 ) and I could definitely feel a very tender spot in my glutes. I looked up the WOD and was sad to see wallballs in the warm-up and squats in the WOD. I wasn’t sure how I was going to handle all that squatting action with such a sore bum. Oh well, better drag that sore bum to the gym anyway.

The warm-up was ok. It was my 1st time doing wallballs in the new space on the rafters and it was an adjustment. I stopped trying after my 7th rep on the 2nd round since everybody was warming up the presses for the skill portion

Skill: Strict press 5×3 E90s

My weights were all screwed up for this as I was looking at my push press numbers. Yeah, not doing 100# strict press anytime soon! I scaled it back down to the appropriate weight and here’s what I did. I was trying to get to 65#, but it didn’t happen:

55#-60#-65# failed my last rep – 65# failed my last rep – 62#. New PR by 2#! Lol!

WOD: Escalator 2

I was thinking of trying to do the FG1+ with 75#, but I reloaded my bar after the 1st round. It was a lot to clean from the ground and there was no way I would be able to squat that weight for 55 reps total. I lost some precious time removing the plates and settled for 65#. My SDBJ were all done at 20″, although I did a few practice jumps at 24″ and managed 3-4 without any problem. I just didn’t think I could do so after squatting and with exertion and I didn’t want to repeat a fall on my shins, so I settled for 20″. My pull-ups were all done with the red band and around round 7, I realized I could easily get back onto the bar without having to use the box or even the clip on the rig. Woot! Woot! Been waiting 2 years to be able to do assisted pull-ups with a band that offered enough resistance to help me do my reps, but without struggling to get onto the rig. Apparently, the red band or thinner is the one! 🙂 Time was called when just as I was making my way to the bar (pretty sure I was the only one left working) for my squats on the round of 9. We were to add 1 second to the 18:00 time cap for each rep missing. I ended up with 18:39 (missed all my reps for the round of 10 + my 9 squats = 39).

I was pretty bummed about my score as I felt I was totally cheating. It would have taken me much longer to finish my reps, but them’s are the rules and I did like everyone else. It’s only now that I entered my score online that I realize I, in fact, did FG1+ because FG1 was only up to 8 reps and I managed to get almost all of the 9 reps done! Yay! Not too bad after all!

I came back home and was not looking forward to the rest of my day. Ben has been leaving early everyday this week as he’s running his camps and that means I’ve been pulling extra weight with the girls. I was already exhausted from 3 WODs in 3 days and my hands have been sore and sensitive ever since I came back home this morning. I have some subcutaneous blisters from all the erg and pull-ups I’ve done this week and it means I have a hard time making a fist with my hands.

Blisters under the skin. They haven't "popped" yet, but they are still painful

Blisters under the skin. They haven’t “popped” yet, but they are still painful

Ben must have felt something was off, he made me a coffee. The man truly knows the way to my heart. I was sad to see him leave for the day!

I managed to muster enough energy to take the girls to the playground on their scooters (that meant me having to carry both scooters and helmets back, since they refused to ride them home, lovely), make them a decent lunch and I was really hoping to be able to nap during their quiet time. I slept for maybe 15 minutes before they started screaming at one another. Nap time was over and I didn’t feel rested at all. I was sore everywhere and über grumpy. It got me thinking: how do athletes do this, day in and day out? Most of them not only train like beasts, they also need to work in order to make a living and they also have families! I had only done 3 little WODs in 3 days and my body was clearly letting me know it was done. I cannot imagine doing this 5-6 days/ week for 4-6hrs everyday! Hats off to the Games athletes!

I managed to cook some more food to prepare my return to work and I made this delicious paleo / Whole30 compliant Butter Chicken from The Primal Desire. The only modification I made was this one: dump everything in the slow cooker uncooked, set for 6hrs on high and voilà! Delicious Butter Chicken for dinner, served on top of cauliflower rice with some bell pepper.


Mandatory picture because it was delicious!

My lunch bag is packed full of Whole30 foods for tomorrow, my scrubs are out and waiting for me in the bathroom, the house is somewhat clean and I’m just waiting for the girls to be asleep before I can totally relax for the evening. Let’s pray I don’t have to wait too long!

Sorry this post is a bit late, I just didn’t have it in me to blog before now! 😉

Sweatin’ It Up!

Two nights ago, Béa played her little game of “I’m gonna cry throughout the night until someone comes to pick me up and I can then join them in bed.” Let’s just say I didn’t have a very good night with having little toes poking my legs (she can really dig in with those) and little fingers stroking my neck and cheeks. Not to mention her wanting to play at 0130. Yeah, no, not having any of that. Last night, as soon as I put her to bed, she started that little crying game again. I went up to see her and was very firm with her:

It’s time for bed, you need to sleep in your bed tonight. You’re tired and Maman is tired too and you need to go to sleep. Good night, I love you.

I was gearing up to let her cry it out. She is old enough now that we can let her do that. She wasn’t in any pain, didn’t need anything, she was just being sneaky about wanting to sleep in our bed again and that’s not something I want to create a habit of. Our bedroom is the only place in the house where toys are not allowed and that’s the only place we can call ours. She cried for about 10 minutes before falling fast asleep for the entire night! Bliss!

I woke up at 0500 and found myself alone in bed. Ben had fallen asleep on the couch, where I found him when I came down for my snack before heading in for my lifting class this morning. I sent him upstairs and left quickly after to go lift some heavy stuff and put it back down! 😉

We were repeating what we did 2 weeks ago, with the aim of finishing at 5-10# heavier than what we had previously done.

Power Snatch + 2 OHS x6

I had previously maxed out at 55#. My goal today was 60 or 65# and considering my current 1RM is 60#, I felt a little nervous, but Coach Caleb felt confident, so I just got to work. Here were my reps:


My last rep was ugly. I have a hard time keeping the bar on my thighs and I pretty much press it overhead. I need to dip more under the bar. I’m pretty sure I know where this stems from too: I keep thinking that since it’s a power snatch,, I should be dipping too much in order not to receive the bar in a full squat, but I need to dip lower than just a measly knee bend. More stuff to work on! 🙂

Squat Clean Thrusters 5X5 E3M

Same goal here! Coach Caleb wanted us to increase weights with the goal of finishing up at 5-10# heavier than 2 weeks ago. I had previously done 55#-60#-65#-65#-65#, so my goal was to finish at 70# or 75#. Again, I was working on keeping the bar on my thighs and securing a better hook grip. Coach Caleb noticed that my grip was pretty much useless and he got me to focus on hooking just my index finger over my thumb. Here were my reps:


My 4th set was sooo bad! I fell on my butt on my 4th rep because I just crumpled in the squat. I think I may have tweaked my left ankle as well, so I’ll make sure to ice it later today when the girls are in their nap/quiet time. I reset for the 5th set and did better, but it was still a struggle! I was dripping sweat after this! The weather has been very mild and we are expected to hit 15°C today. Perfect weather to take the girls on a walk to the playground, but that also means it’s getting hotter in the gym. Soon, I might have to start wearing shorts again!

I came back home to a pretty exciting Facebook message from a friend, but I can’t really share more for now… You’ll have to keep reading to see if anything comes out of it. I would be thrilled if it did though! 😉

I’ll leave you with a shameless selfie of Béa and I. She wanted to share her princess necklace with me!

Displaying her best "Cheese" face!

Displaying her best “Cheese” face!

Getting Better

Tonight I had a bath.

Not just a quick, rub-down, get out because the girls are screaming bath, no siree.

I had a relaxing, candlelit bath. All by my lonesome self. Sure, it wasn’t very long (about 15 mins) compared to my reading sessions in the bathtub pre-kids and the girls were still picking at one another, but they were downstairs with Ben and I managed to relax a bit. I think the last time I took a bath with some candles, I was pregnant with Rina.

The girls are growing up slowly and they are getting more and more independent as the days go by, which means, that sometimes, I get to enjoy 15 mins to myself! It’s not much, but it’s a start.

Then again, I can never stay away from the girls too long. I still go kiss them in their sleep every night. While Rina is a mess of hair all over her face and never usually has her blankets on her, Béatrice just lies in her toddler bed and smiles in her sleep EVERY TIME I kiss her. It warms my heart to know that she is happy, even while sound asleep. The constant inner tug-of-war of this BabyMama: needing time for myself and wanting to be with the girls. It’s all about balancing it all!


Glutton For Punishment

After I had a lay-in (let’s be real: with a 4 year-old and a 2 year-old, there’s no such thing as sleeping in. You can lie in bed, but you sure as heck aren’t sleeping in!) this morning, We had a lovely breakfast of Nutella French toast topped with bananas (it’s Saturday, I’m working night shift tonight, leave me alone) and coffee and then I got to the usual laundry, dusting, cleaning toilets, vacuuming and mopping the floors while  Ben took the girls on the weekend errands (mainly Home Depot and Costco). For some silly reason, I thought I should get a workout in before my afternoon nap in order to be tired and actually sleep on my nap. You see, I,m working 13hrs tonight. My usual shift is 12hrs, but because of the time change, I get to work a whole extra hour! Not looking forward to it. It was too late for the Saturday WOD at CFVC, but I laced up my shoes and decided to go for a short run up to the Smith Hill Reservoir.

I’ll give you a minute to re-read the last sentence and let it sink in.

That’s right! I went running… Of my own free will! Not as part of a WOD or anything, I just took it upon myself to go out and hit the pavement. Sometimes, you have to work on your weaknesses and running is a major weakness of mine. In order to really tackle this one, I thought I’d make it even more challenging by adding elevation to it! It was pretty much uphill from our house until I reached the reservoir, then I galloped around on the trails at the summit and made my way back down home. It was a short one (time: 21:07, distance: 2.63km, average pace: 8:02, total climb: 108m) but I had to stop for a few walking breaks during the climbs at times. And it was better than to stay at home and be tempted by the leftover candies from last night! Pretty proud of myself for actually getting out of my comfort zone and doing something I’m not particularly fond of. Just working on my mental fortitude!

I have to say, I wore an outfit that completely didn’t match, but I didn’t care. I was comfy, my capris stayed in place the whole time and I was warm (it was only 10º outside). Speaking of my capris, I really like them. They are the Camacan Capris from Fabletics. I was also wearing the Ayni Sports Bra from them and it managed to keep all my jiggling parts in place. Just enough compression and support to avoid the dreaded jiggling sensation of having your bits shaking all over the place while you run.Perfect for they BabyMama!

Fun print and fun to wear!

Fun print and fun to wear!

I’m off to go fold the laundry and Ben just texted me a picture of the girls, stuffing their faces with poutine and hot dogs from Costco. Life couldn’t get any better for these two!

Happiness in a meal!

Happiness in a meal!



Overheard in our house last night, as I stepped out of the shower after work:

Ben: Wow! Look at your short hair! When did you get that done? Looks good honey!

Me: … I got it cut on Monday

Ben: … I guess it’s been a while since we’ve seen each other! It’s been a crazy week!


I missed you too my love and I’m glad we get to spend the day together before my night shift! <3!

Crossfit Parenting 101

You know you’re doing it right (or very wrong, depending on whose side you’re on) as a parent when your 3-year-old:

  • Recognizes the logo of your Crossfit Box when you peruse social media and the Box’s website
  • She yells in the car as you drive past the Box: “That’s Mama’s gym/Crossfit”
  • When she plays pretend, she says: “Bye Mama, I gotta go to Crossfit”

These happen on a regular/daily basis in my house and I couldn’t be prouder of my little Rina. Maybe one day, she’ll even join me for a WOD! 🙂

To Béatrice

My sweet BeZU,

Today will be the 1st day of your life I don’t get to see you at all. I will leave for work before you wake up and you will be sleeping by the time I come back home. Don’t worry though, you will be in very good hands as you will get to spend the day with Daddy and Rina. I just can’t believe that it’s already time for me to go back to work. I was lucky enough to be at home for the past 14 months (2 months before you were born and 12 months of maternity leave) and I KNOW that we are lucky enough to get 12 months of maternity leave in Canada, so I really shouldn’t complain, but I also KNOW that I will miss you terribly today, tomorrow and everyday that I won’t get to be with you. I just hope you won’t hold it against me.

Happy birthday BeZU-Love!

Happy birthday BeZU-Love!

You see, you are a very special little girl in the way that you made our family complete. We knew we wanted you from the get go, we thought we lost you early on in the pregnancy, but you stayed with us and when you finally showed up, you made us a family of 4. You will always have a special place in my heart as you will always be my youngest child. Not to forget that you share a birthday with your big sister and that makes December 7 extra special in our household.

You are the silent observer, staring, from under your long dark lashes with your big brown eyes,  but you can be extremely loud when you want something. You have the most serious facial expression, but your smile and Eddie Murphy-esque giggles are out of this world. You are my cuddly girl and I absolutely melt in your arms every time you hug me. I never want to let go when you cradle your head in my neck, against my shoulder.

You make the weirdest monster noises, imitating us and I can see how smart you will be. You are kind and loving to your sister, fearless in wanting to be like her, to do everything she does. You are more like me in many ways than I could ever write down. Don’t ever change, remain fearless in front of new situations, but never be careless. Give people the benefit of the doubt, but don’t let them step over you. The world is at your feet, it’s up to you to seize it and make the best of it.

As for me, I have just a few simple requests: keep hugging me once in a while, wait for me to take your first steps and don’t ever forget that I love you with all my heart, now and forever.

Pretty girl!

Pretty girl!

Have a good day with Daddy and I’ll come kiss you in your sleep…


Maman Xxo

To The Tired Mom

My friend and almost sister-in-law (she’s dating my brother) posted this on Facebook and it brought me to tears. When I get criticized about my weight, my (what I consider) healthy eating habits or my ways of parenting (usually when I’ve been up for 19hrs in a row, for a few days/weeks!), I need to remember this post!

Original post from Finding Joy


Last night my four year old decided to sleep next to me.

He slept amazing.

I didn’t sleep. Sleeping with a four year old is like sleeping next to the hands of a clock. As the night wore on I was inevitably met with feet in my face then hands and then back to feet.

I woke tired. More than tired. I woke wondering why I don’t have my red mini Keurig set up in my room waiting with a mug underneath and all I have to do is hit brew.

He woke up happy.

I love you mommy.

He had no idea how tired I really was or how my back was sore or how I really just wanted to sleep for five more minutes – he just was grateful to see me.

And you?

Are you a tired mom?

Are you waking up wishing for more hours in the day? Are you pushing yourself to limits that you didn’t have? Working? Cleaning? Mothering? Wondering? Dealing with kids that are fighting over whose turn it is to play Club Penguin on the computer? (or maybe that’s just me) Are you wondering whether what you’re doing every day makes a difference? Are you tired of the same routine?

Sometimes being a mom means simply being tired.

Sometimes being a mom means feeling a bit lonely. Like no one else notices what we’re doing. After all, no one would know that I had maybe a solid 42.4 minute chunk of sleep last night except that I wrote about it. Well, the gals at Starbucks might know when I come in and ask for a venti caramel macchiato. (Be ready, my Barista friends.)

Motherhood is so often this giving of self in our homes that no one sees. We work. We make macaroni and cheese and forget to take the noodles off and so they become mushy. We pick up Little Tikes toys in the backyard again and again and wonder why we have so much plastic. We fold frayed towels, match socks, call doctors, wash walls that have handprints on them, wash sticky faces, help with long division (is it ever easy for any child?), clean the kitchen, wipe down the microwave after our nine year old decided to zap something for too long, we go to work, come home from work, we work at home, we mother all day, we do whatever that each of our stories are, and then we go to bed.

Yeah, we could argue that it’s just motherhood. And it’s just what moms have had to do forever.

You know what? We have. Since the beginning of time moms have had to get up, had to deal with kid issues, money issues, teaching issues, health issues, and so on.

But,just because we’ve always had to do something doesn’t mean it doesn’t need to be celebrated and honored. Motherhood, parenthood, they’re amazing things. It’s not just roses and sunshine and skipping though the meadows holding hands. It’s real hard stuff. Stuff that doesn’t seem like it will push us to our limits and yet it does. Stuff that gives us great joy and puts a smile on our face and an hour later has us wondering why in the world the four year old is making us want to pull our hair out.

We go into the world and do our jobs and smile at the other preschool moms and order our lattes and drive down the interstate and get groceries and we smile.

You’re not alone. Do you hear me?

You. are. not. alone.

The other moms in preschool, at the grocery store, at work, at school, at co-op classes, at the doctor’s office, at where ever you may be, well chances are that they might feel tired as well. Wondering about all this motherhood stuff. Yet, still giving of self for those kids that you love.

So today, today, I stand up and salute you the tired, and yet amazing, mom. You the mom with no sleep. You the mom who needs encouragement. You the mom who works and works and works for her family and it feels like no one notices. You the mom with those three kids under five who never gets a break. You the mom with the newborn who never gets sleep. You the mom staying up late waiting for the teen to come home. You the mom. Plain and simple. You, the mom.

Motherhood is a brave journey. It’s always been this brave thing to raise another independent, pushing the limits, melt your heart at night, love them forever even when they drive you crazy, human.

That’s what you’re doing. Even on those tired days.

You. The amazing, brave, empowered, no sleep yet fighting, awesome, cool, mom.  

Who needs sleep anyway, right? (oh yeah, and get that extra shot at Starbucks)

Long day

Crossfit seems like it happened so long ago, yet it was just this morning! Since then, I’ve done 4 loads of laundry, cleaned the bathroom, bedrooms and living room, walked to the grocery store with the girls, fed everyone lunch, they napped while I folded all the laundry, made dinner, stretched, played with the girls, bathed them, and put them to bed. I am POOPED! Time for some R & R on the couch with my knitting needles! That’s if I don’t pass out at 8pm like I did last night… Although, Ben did too, so it wasn’t so bad! Parenting is so glamorous! Lol!