Finally some sun!

Sweet Rina,

The sun finally made an appearance today and although it was a bit windy and on the cold side, I propped you in your stroller and we met up with Jillian to run (more like walk very slowly as Jill is 24 weeks pregnant!) some errands. It felt so nice to finally be out of the house and enjoy the sun. To top it all off, you slept for about 1hr straight in the stroller! Bonus! Although it took us 2hrs to walk a 5km, I really wanted to do it for the Worldwide WP 5k – the 5k blogged around the world.

I’ve also kept up with my yoga and Pilates practice and I’ve finally received Sage Rountree’s The Athlete’s Guide to Yoga DVD. I only did one session so far, therefore, a review will follow once I’ve done it a few more times.

I’ve been feeling good about my vegetarian/vegan eating and although I am a bit hungry, I think it’s also because I’m counting my calories (to lose my goal of 30 lbs!), I feel good overall and therefore, will stick to it for now! Stay tuned through the following week as I plan on attempting making homemade almond milk. I’ve also attempted to make the Croquettes recipe from The Kind Diet book, but that was a total fail as the only food processor I have is one that I have to operate manually like this one. Mmmyeah, not so much! I couldn’t get the consistency of the beans right, but I managed to modify the recipe and eat my black-eyed peas anyway! I’ll see what I can do about a decent food processor once I hear about what the damage will be on my income taxes. We just dropped off our papers this morning with the accountant and she said she would get back to us sometime in the next week!

You are now sleeping and your dad is home so I will go enjoy his company! 🙂

Sweet dreams!,
Mom & Dad Xxo

What have you been up to???

Gorgeous Rina,

Over the past week, you have discovered your tongue. You like to roll it around in your mouth and click it between your cheeks making a “kissing” noise.

Here’s a visual of what you look like when you do it:


Smacking your lips and channeling Elvis at the same time!

And below is an actual video I took of you yesterday doing the smacking:

You’ve also been finding your voice more and more and trying different vocalizations, again playing with your tongue:

As you can see from the above video, you’re also leaning forward more and more and when I put you on your tummy, you are slowly trying to turn to your back. You’re not quite there yet, but I can tell you are trying, even if it’s not super obvious to everyone else.

This morning, we attended a Chartreuse party hosted by our friend Janet and lead by our friend Tannis (she did your baby pics and you can view her blog here). I ordered some natural body wash and lotion for you as well as some other things for the house. When we came home, the sun was shining and I was craving a walk with you. I had read about the Saanich Tap by Tap program so I spoke to our landlord about it and she agreed to let me take in our shower head in order to get a free Energy and Water Saving Kit. These kits are free to Saanich residents and all you need is a copy of your utility bill (not even needed if your hot water is included in your rent, which it is for us), a proof of residency and your old shower head. You show up at city hall and voilà! We have a kit worth $35 and we will be saving on our water consumption! City hall is literally a block away from our house so I extended our walk a bit to enjoy the beautiful weather. The cherry trees are in bloom, the daffodils are out and so were the birds!


Spring daffodil

I decided to read my Runner’s World magazine outside in the sun as you had fallen asleep in your stroller and I took Timmy out with us so he could enjoy the nice weather too. He had such a good time exploring the herb garden and rolling around in the dirt!


Timmy, having fun in the sun!

Exploring the herb garden

I know it might seem cruel to have him on a leash, but you have to remember that Timmy isn’t our cat (we’re cat-sitting for a friend) and I wouldn’t want to lose him or have him involved in a fight with the neighbourhood cats. Also, he’s used to his leash as his owner usually has him on a leash when he’s outside 😉

Here’s what I was looking at while reading my magazine:


Asleep in your stroller with your arms up, just like you do in your bed too!

I have to say, I don’t know what it is I did in order to deserve it, but it’s the days like today that make me appreciate my life. Today was just one of those perfect days and not even your crying fit when you woke up ruined it. I simply bathed you, fed you and you fell asleep right after your bottle. I had a light dinner and did my Pilates. I will now go and relax on the couch in front of the TV with your dad before going to bed.


Mom & Dad Xxo

Mommy group!

Darling Rina,

The nice thing about having so many preggos at work at the same time is that we can all get together with our little ones. Today, we managed to get 4 mommies with their little ones as well as some co-workers who came by for a visit and a cuddles! You also got to hang out with your “soul brother” Myles (who was born 2hrs after you)! Below are a few pictures I took of the whole thing:


Myles' little harem... (From the left: Sophia, Alexis, Myles and Rina)

Myles and Rina, soul babies

You are trying to leave with the bumper pad and looking all innocent

Myles slept through the whole thing

On another note, yesterday we took a super long walk (2hrs, 10Km!) You fell asleep very easily and managed to sleep in this morning until 8:30am, after we moved to the living room futon. I guess the fresh air tired you as much as it tired me! When I was done with putting you down for the night, my hip-flexors were screaming for a good stretch so I did some yoga and felt much better. However, I was still a bit tight in the hip-flexors and the quads area. Nothing a bit of rest won’t cure. Because I had some carrot cake and a smoked meat sandwich for dinner, I HAD to do some Pilates tonight. I ended up choosing Pilates Method: Precision Pilates by Jennifer Kries. It wasn’t fun, but it had to be done and I managed to do most of all the poses. I particularly liked the stretching routine as it is more based on stretches I was familiar with from my days of dancing. I was happy to see I still retain a lot of my leg flexibility! I have also registered for and received a free coupon valid for 1 full-length workout for a month. I’m pretty sure I will pick one by Sage Rountree. I love her yoga style. I’ve been doing her free podcasts and thoroughly enjoy the simplicity of her yoga routines, yet I can feel the benefits from it all. I will get to it once we come back from our little birthday weekend getaway!


Mom & Dad Xxo

We are in sync!

Sweet Rina,

Last night, as I was giving you your nighttime bath, something happened with the landlord’s daughter (they live upstairs) and it got me really upset. When I was done bathing you, I went upstairs to talk to the landlord and her daughter. It ended up being a misunderstanding on my part, but I got all emotional because it had something to do with you and I was all teary when I talked to them. I then noticed that you were giving them your pouty-I’m-about-to-cry face and was whimpering at the same time. I thought you looked so sad and tried to calm you down by saying: “It’s ok, Shhhh!”, but it made me realize how in tune you are to how I feel. I never noticed before because you are usually a happy-go-lucky kind of girl (I guess that means I am too??) unless you need to be changed, fed or are tired! Oh well, what matters is that we have talked things through and things are good again.

In other news, I got you a used Bumbo yesterday with the little tray that goes with it. When I sit you in it, you look so tiny, it makes me laugh! Here’s a visual for you!

Hello from your new (to you) Bumbo!

Look at how tiny you look in there!

Eating your toy...

Yesterday was Weight Day in this household and I’m glad to say I’ve lost another pound! Only 28 to go! I was a bit afraid of stepping on the scale as I can’t run anymore, but I’ve kept up with the yoga and Pilates and I’ve figured that if I walk for 2hrs, I’d lose about the same as if I would jog for 30 mins. So yesterday, we set out on foot for some errands and a walk in the rain that was 1hr-long before you demanded to be fed and went back out for another hour with Jessica and Alexis a bit later on.

You are now napping and later on, we’ll meet with your fairy Godmother (Yennie, who has spoiled you rotten with tons of clothes, gear, books and toys hand-me-downs from her children since you were born) for a birthday lunch for this Babymama!



Our landlord has just brought us a bouquet of daffodils and just wanted to make sure there wasn’t any tension left from last night. I explained to her that I got very emotional because it had to do with you and I understand that having a baby in the house changes a lot of things, for us as well as for them. She reassured me that she loved having a baby in the house, that it put a different kind of vibe in the house and that she likes having you here. I re-stated that we loved living here and that we understand that we are all sharing a house and sometimes, things happen and you have no control over it. She said she felt the same way and wanted us to feel at home and not feel like we have to walk on eggshells. All’s well that ends well!


Mom & Dad Xxo